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2021/12/10 03:23:57

Imagine a game created around the interest of the players. A game based on the play-to-earn ethos provides a familiar and enjoyable gaming experience without the blockchain jargon. That, my friends, is Chumbi Valley!

Chumbi Valley is an enchanting blockchain role-playing game built on BSC and Polygon. Chumbi are charming NFT creatures who live in a lush, mysterious forest valley. All in-game items and creatures are blockchain-based tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Chumbi Valley's graphics and gameplay are entirely unique, drawing inspiration from classics such as Pokemon, Zelda, Stardew Valley, and Studio Ghibli films.

This game will be open to everyone. You will be paired with a Chumbi ancestor to start your adventure. Chumbi's Ancestor can assist you with basic tasks but cannot be sold or traded. As the protagonist, you can breed and collect Chumbi, explore the world with them, and battle for cryptocurrency rewards.

Additional rewards can be earned by assisting your Chumbi in maintaining a farm and growing crops. You can use in-game resources to develop NFT items and even earn while offline using Chumbi automation spells. Besides that, you can purchase NFT land plots in the Chumbi Village, which allows the user to interact with other players and form a community.

What is the CHMB and What is Used For?

There will be a CHMB (Chumbi Token) as the game's principal token. CHMB will eventually become deflationary, and players/holders will be urged to hold, resulting in a natural price increase.

In the future, CHMB holders will be able to directly influence the development of the game. An initial "chaperoned" structure will gradually transition to an entirely decentralized online game. Holders of CHMB tokens will be able to vote on future governance decisions as part of a DAO/DAC, giving them a say in how Chumbi Valley develops.

CHMB's Shrine of Giving will eventually reward its holders with various benefits. By locking their CHMB, holders reduce the circulating supply and are rewarded with additional CHMB based on the happiness level of their Chumbi.

CHMB will be required as the basic means of in-game currency. Players will need CHMB to pay for new Chumbi, MarketPlace purchases, sage fees, breeding fees, Wandering Trader items, land plots, and more. The "Chumbi Treasury" will eventually buy and burn CHMB, making it deflationary as the ecosystem evolves.

What is LSTS and What is it Used For?

A secondary token called LUCKY stars (LSTS) has been designed to power Chumbi Valley’s "play to earn" player reward system. Because of this, LSTS had to rely on the four core Chumbi mechanics of breeding, leveling up, spell casting, and happiness as a way to keep up. This makes LSTS a valuable resource because it is required to create new Chumbi and improve existing ones.

It is possible for players to earn LSTs by fighting wild cursed Chumbi. The stronger the foe is, the more LSTS is rewarded (PvE). Additionally, players can compete against other players globally and earn LSTS for their wins (PvP).

It's also possible for players to gain LSTS by exploring or completing in-game tasks such as farming crops or gathering resources, as well as by selling in-game assets and items to the Wandering Trader.

LSTS are generated when players complete "play to earn" tasks, and they will also be burnt as the player's Chumbi gets better and better through breeding. Inflation will be closely monitored by the Chumbi Valley Team, which will work to maintain a healthy equilibrium between supply and demand.

NFT, Token, and Land Sales

Chumbi NFT presale

The first Chumbi 4,096 Chumbi NFTs will become the rarest Chumbi ever created. These limited edition "seed chumbi" will have unique body parts, low ID numbers, and a ‘seed' meta tag, among other features. Additionally, Seed Chumbi NFT owners will receive additional airdrop gifts and will be invited to VIP activities such as pre-launch breeding and beta gameplay.

Chumbi Token Airdrop

Chumbi valley will not hold an IDO, but will instead charge 4,800,000 CHMB tokens as a gift. CHMB tokens will be listed on DEX shortly after the airdrop.

Chumbi village Presale

Early-bird community members will be able to purchase land plots in Chumbi Village. These NFT properties will be placed in desirable Chumbi Village locations and will contain exclusive land items and other bonuses.

What Makes Chumbi Valley Token Unique?

The "Chumbi Treasury" feature will be unveiled soon in Chumbi Valley's game. Decentralization will be guaranteed by obtaining up to 75% of all game crypto contributions as a "safe" and "insurance" for the project.

For stability purposes, the treasury will buy CHMB & LSTS tokens in the secondary market and burn them for the purpose of planting real trees, donating to charity, rewarding players in-game, and more.

Multiple successful crypto projects and protocols share one critical characteristic: they create their own revenue. Chumbi Valley intends to accomplish this in a variety of ways, including: Chumbi Valley Merch, Chumbi Breeding Fees, Marketplace Fees, Chumbi sage Fees, Chumbi Village Land Sales, Wandering Trader sales and Seed Chumbi NFT sale.

Who Created Chumbi Valley?

Aisha Venables, who also founded Strange Planet studio and Strange pocket games, founded Chumbi. Chumbi Valley's crew hails from diverse experiences and has achieved numerous significant development milestones.

Chumbi valley has formed relationships, some with industrial titans. Chumbi Valley's partners will assist the company in fulfilling its aim of rewarding players for their contributions to the gaming industry.

What is Nano?

Nano is a form of electronic money (cryptocurrency) that has no tangible form, but is successfully used to make payments for real goods and services, and to keep records. Otherwise, it is a simple means of payment that has not a simple security system that should prevent information leakage, alteration, integrity, affiliation.

This electronic coin previously appeared under the name RaiBlocks. In the course of the transposition, the blockchain software is primarily oriented towards completing speedy transactions in currency settlements. For the creators, it was important to design a project in which all transactions were as fast as possible and had the highest degree of security. The operating programme is built on a blockchain-based grid. Here, each nano-purse holder becomes the owner of a blockchain system, which is updated independently as transactions take place, which in no way depends on, or can influence, other users.

Colin Le Maheur, as head of the creative team, had to rebuild the decentralised operations project already in operation to meet the demands of as many users as possible. The question of how to mine Nano has a short answer - there is no way, all the coins have already been released. Consensus is formed by voting for a representative who will verify the transactions. Representatives are not paid for their services.

Closing Thoughts

The Chumbi Valley is a gamechanger in the gaming world. Gamers will enjoy a seamless gaming experience while also earning from their gaming experience. Indeed it is the best time to live as a gamer. With everything simplified in Chumbi Valley, get ready to play to earn.

Last but not least, KuCoin will list Chumbi Valley (CHMB) as a KuCoin 17th spotlight on December 14. On December 17th, Chumbi will be published on Kucoin, with the trading pair CHMB / USDT. Let's wait and see it.

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