KuCoin AMA With Mantle Network (MNT) — The Mass Adoption of Token-Governed Technologies

2023/12/04 02:46:12

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: December 01, 2023, 11:00 AM- 12:12 PM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the Operations Manager of Mantle Network, Alvin Yang in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: https://www.mantle.xyz/

Whitepaper: https://docs.mantle.xyz/network/introduction/overview

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Q&A from KuCoin to the Mantle Network

Q: Why did you decide to list MNT on KuCoin?

Alvin: The decision to list MNT on KuCoin was a strategic move to expand our reach and accessibility. KuCoin's diverse and dynamic trading platform aligns perfectly with our vision of making Mantle Network's offerings more available to a global audience. This listing marks a significant milestone for us and paves the way for future growth and collaborations.

Q: What are the benefits of this listing for Mantle Network and its users?

Alvin: Listing MNT on KuCoin offers manifold benefits. For Mantle Network, it means enhanced visibility and credibility in the global market. For our users, it's about more than just expanded trading options. It represents increased liquidity, better price discovery, and the opportunity to be part of a larger, vibrant crypto community. This step is fundamental in our continuous efforts to provide value and enrich the user experience.

Q: What benefits are you going to bring to the KuCoin Community?

Alvin: We're genuinely excited about what this collaboration means for the KuCoin community. By introducing MNT to KuCoin, we're not just offering a new asset to trade. We're inviting users to explore the unique features and innovative solutions that the Mantle Network offers. This is about building bridges within the crypto space and offering tangible benefits that resonate with seasoned traders and new entrants in the market.

Q: Can you briefly explain the MNT listing on KuCoin and the ongoing listing campaign?

Alvin: The Campaign link is here, and we are providing $59,000 in MNT to Giveaway. Not only including the trading rewards but also providing the MNT Deposit Competition, new users exclusive rewards; more details can be found on the link we have provided above.

Q: Why was Mantle Journey created, and how is it different from typical ecosystem activities?

Alvin: Mantle Journey represents the next step following the launch of the Mantle Network Mainnet Alpha. It's a new endeavor towards developing our ecosystem and community-building methods. We award 'miles' based on user contributions, ultimately leading to various rewards. Unlike typical ecosystem activities, Mantle Journey encourages users to explore and interact with the entire ecosystem, earning Mantle Journey Miles (MJ Miles). More details can be found here.

Q: How to participate in the Mantle Journey?

Alvin: Visit the Mantle Journey platform. And then Connect your wallet. And mint your Mantle Journey identity Soulbound Token (MJSBT). You can verify up to four (4) available social media accounts, including Discord, X/Twitter, Steam and GitHub, And you can also customize your profile. And then you can start to play more MJ Miles. That’s it!

Q: How are the miles designed? Are the rewards for each season fixed?

Alvin: MJ Miles is designed based on the various interactive activities completed by users. Every interaction, big or small, contributes a certain number of miles to MJ Miles. However, different interactions may yield varying miles, especially contributions to TVL and the accumulating miles daily. The rules for calculating miles and rewards are dynamic and may vary each season. And we are exploring more possibilities.

Q: Apart from the current tasks and rewards, what else can be expected?

Alvin: This season, we will also introduce Citizens of Mantle NFT with an NFT upgrade plan and joint activities with various project partners to help users explore the Mantle ecosystem. Here is the website for more info. It is in collaboration with internationally renowned visual artist Chen Man. In future seasons, based on community feedback from this season and analysis of previous seasons, we might adjust and optimize the overall activities and rewards and continuously improve the overall user experience.

Q: What can users earn from Mantle Journey?

Alvin: In season alpha, we prepared 25M in MNT for users and protocols, 15M will be directly shared by users, and 10M will be won by protocols; 50% of them will return to users via quests in the next season. It is a huge prize pool for both users and protocols.

Q: Any ongoing events from Mantle?

Alvin: We are thrilled to announce Mantle Moonshot, which was just launched yesterday. Users can participate in 4 week-long missions with Moonshot Protocols and stand a chance to win mystery boxes with access to 19,000 Citizens of Mantle NFT add-on traits and 8 exciting protocol token reward pools. It would be a good opportunity for Mantle Journey participants and web3 enthusiasts keen on discovering and exploring innovative dApps on Mantle Network. And here is the website, you can find more information here.

Free-Ask from the KuCoin Community to Mantle Network

Q: Currently, most projects and platforms are in English. How will your project reach non-English local communities? Make it easy for people around the world to use your service. Do you have any plans to develop projects in different languages?

Alvin: Apart from translations of our website and MJ platforms in several regional languages, we also have regional channels in our Discord server and Telegram group. Several channels (CN, RU, JA) are managed by Mantle team members from these regions. If you haven’t, please join us on Discord or Telegram.

Q: Is there a plan to start a staking program for the project? And if so, when is it expected to begin?

Alvin: We will launch a new product with yield, which will be released soon. Stay tuned and follow our official channel to get notified.

Q: The Mantle Journey is an interesting initiative. How do you envision it contributing to the overall growth of the Mantle ecosystem, and what role does community participation play in its success?

Alvin: The community is the most important to us; we are listening to the community's voice; based on the feedback, we have released many features to improve the user experience, such as a miles tracker, leaderboard, referral program, etc. We will consider them for next season and prepare more exciting rewards and games. The guide can be found here.

Q: Can token holders exercise their governance rights in the project? What types of project decisions are eligible for token holder voting?

Alvin: Yes, Mantle has a DAO-managed treasury, one of the largest treasuries in space. Holders of the $MNT token can propose and discuss proposals within our governance forum at https://forum.mantle.xyz. If a proposal gains the interest of the MNT community, it will be posted to Snapshot for a vote. MNT holders can vote on proposals based on the number of MNT tokens they have delegated. You can check out live proposals on our Snapshot space.

Q: How does Mantle DA, powered by EigenLayer's technology, achieve cost savings in data availability compared to traditional on-chain L1 solutions?

Alvin: Mantle DA, powered by EigenLayer's technology, achieves cost savings in data availability compared to traditional on-chain L1 solutions through off-chain data availability. By leveraging off-chain storage and retrieval mechanisms, Mantle DA reduces the amount of on-chain data storage and processing required, resulting in lower costs for data availability. This approach allows for more efficient and scalable data management and significant cost savings.

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