KuCoin Labs Launches Incubation Program to Accelerate Builders

2023/01/04 06:52:59

KuCoin Labs, the incubation and research arm of KuCoin, has announced to launch the long-term incubation program, to accelerate builders and enable a sustainable growth and success in the blockchain space. The first season-- Astro Selection will be an eight-week journey focusing specifically on Gamefi, NFT and Metaverse, with the best selected projects participating. The builders who are interested in the incubation program could apply online here, to get diversified supports from KuCoin Labs and the mentors. The application portal will be open till the December 31, 2022.

To foster industry-changing development and support early-stage innovation projects, the KuCoin labs Incubation Program will bring together a group of crypto and blockchain experts accelerating builders to achieve short-term growth and metamorphosis in the blockchain space. There are five main components of the incubation program:

1. A Dedicated Eight-Week Journey

KuCoin Labs' Incubation Program will last for eight weeks. During the program, there will be mentors’ lecture, workshops and tutoring sessions.

2. All-Round Guidance

The Incubation Program will provide all-round guidance including business development, technical framework, marketing and community and business strategy.

3. A Strong Mentor Line-Up

There will be a strong mentor line-up, e.g., experienced developers and product managers, outstanding security experts, entrepreneurs of blue-chip projects etc.

4. Additional Investment

All projects participating in the Incubation Program will have the unique privilege to receive additional investment from KuCoin Labs for growing the startups.

5. Abundant Networking Resources

Participants have the opportunity to access our diverse industry networking resources directly for funding, partnerships, professional services and more.

KuCoin Labs identifies, empowers, and incubates various blockchain entrepreneurs, projects, and global communities, providing financing to industry projects with an aim to grow the wider blockchain ecosystem. KuCoin Labs is committed to supporting fast-executing, technical teams that have a positive impact on the overall blockchain space and the building of the decentralized world. There are 3 co-incubators, including DoraHacks, Republic Crypto and Odaily.

DoraHacks is a leading global hacker community, that has excelled in organizing crypto hackathons and building blockchain developer networks. DoraHacks’ seed money accelerator, DoraHacks Ventures, also provides investment and incubation for open-source projects.

Republic Crypto has been a major influencer in crypto advisory. Since 2017, Republic Crypto has assisted more than 40 projects in token economics, fund raising, partnerships and more. They have also extended their services into smart contract development, public token offerings, staking infrastructure and more. Republic Crypto is aiming at building the world’s most ambitious web3 ventures.

Odaily is a leading web3.0 and blockchain-focused media platform in the greater-Asia area since 2018. Odaily has the largest and most professional crypto-focused original content editing team with articles having more than 6 billion views. Odaily also helps 800+ clients build brand awareness in greater-Asia market with its 50 million reader bases.

KuCoin Labs Incubation Program also receives supports from MoonRock Capital, Vertu, CDH Investment, IOBC Capital, Matrix Partners and other leading institutions.

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Note: KuCoin reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.