Solana Flips Ethereum in Daily Active Addresses in June: CMC H1 2024 Report
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2024-07-03 11:40

The rising popularity of the Solana ecosystem, especially its memecoins, looks set to challenge Ethereum’s dominance in the crypto market, according to Coinmarket’s H1 2024 report. Solana has already overtaken Ethereum in terms of daily active addresses in June 2024. Discover how the shift towards high-risk assets in Solana contrasts with Ethereum's focus on Real World Assets (RWA) and AI, and what it means in the Solana vs. Ethereum dynamics in the overall crypto market. 


Quick Take

  • Solana’s daily active addresses crossed 1.6 million in June 2024, overtaking Ethereum, which saw around 450,000 daily active addresses. 

  • Solana's ecosystem, driven by memecoins, has gained significant attention and popularity since October 2023, indicating a growing prominence in the crypto space.

  • Despite Solana’s lower gas fees, Ethereum leads in daily revenue and DeFi total value locked, while Solana focuses on meme-related transactions.

In Q2 2024, Solana captured more attention than Ethereum, marking a significant trend shift. Since October 2023, Solana (SOL) and its memecoin ecosystem (valued at around $7 billion) have seen impressive gains in both price and popularity. While Solana hasn't overtaken Ethereum, the surge in interest highlights its growing influence in the crypto space.


Solana ecosystem sees faster growth than Ethereum | Source: Coinmarketcap 


At the beginning of the year, Ethereum had a higher count of new token listings at 138 against Solana’s 119 listings. However, the Solana ecosystem has seen 147 new token listings since the beginning of 2024, while Ethereum has seen only 89 new token listings during this period. 


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Solana Leads with Over 1.6 Million Daily Active Addresses

Solana leads in daily active addresses, boasting over 1.6 million, followed by BNB with 1 million. Both SUI and TON ecosystems have seen increased activity due to recent grants and popular projects.


Memecoins Dominate on Solana

Memecoins are the driving force in Solana's ecosystem. Retail investors are prioritizing quick gains over traditional projects, reflecting an anti-establishment sentiment. The rapid liquidity influx into memecoins creates a casino-like atmosphere, where high-risk assets are preferred over value-oriented, traditional projects. Some of the best-performing memecoins on Solana include dogwifhat (WIF) with a market cap of over $543 million, Bonk ($374 million), and BOME ($159 million). 


At the time of writing, Solana memecoins enjoy a market cap of under $7 billion as per data on CoinGecko. The overall memecoin sector is now valued at $48 billion, and is dominated by Ethereum-based tokens like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Pepe. The sector includes celebrity-based tokens, but has often been marred by controversy and potential regulatory scrutiny. Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin criticized the celebrity memecoin culture, urging creators to focus on projects offering public good.


Notwithstanding its challenges, new meme-based crypto projects are gaining momentum at unprecedented speeds. Even AI-themed tokens like Turbo are popular, marking a shift from traditional finance versus crypto to a new split between the establishment and anti-establishment forces within the crypto market.


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Memecoins dominate the Solana ecosystem | Source: Coinmarketcap, a memecoin generator on Solana and Blast blockchains, recently surpassed Ethereum in daily revenue for the first time, grossing $1.99 million compared to Ethereum’s $1.91 million. Despite a $2 million hack in May, has generated over $51.3 million in revenue since January, highlighting the booming memecoin trading frenzy on Solana.


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Most memecoins are available for spot trading, but MarginFi plans to introduce mrgnswap for leveraged trading on Solana, potentially changing the memecoin trading landscape and offering more options for investors.


Ethereum Ecosystem Gains From RWA and AI Sectors 

In contrast, Ethereum is focusing on Real World Assets (RWA) and AI distributed computing. This move aims to bridge traditional finance with blockchain technology. The DeFi sector is returning to its roots, with stablecoins now dominating interest. Previously, decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and derivatives were the focal points, driving innovation and excitement. Now, stability and reliability are the focus, with stablecoins providing a secure medium for transactions, savings, and lending.


Ethereum Dominates L1 with 62% Market Share 

Market cap of leading Layer-1 coins | Source: Coinmarketcap 


The total market cap for Layer-1 Smart Contracts stands at $695.58 billion, with Ethereum holding a 62.11% dominance. The SEC’s approval of Ethereum Spot ETFs was a significant catalyst. BNB and Solana have been gaining momentum, adding $42 billion and $18 billion year-to-date, respectively.


Ethereum (+45.33%) ranks as the third-best-performing smart contract platform, behind Toncoin (+221.5%) and BNB (+83.6%). In contrast, Solana posted a moderate 17.4% gain year-to-date.


Ethereum Accounts for 70% of Daily Revenue Among Public Chains 

Ethereum has seen record low gas fees in Q2, thanks to the adoption of Layer-2 solutions and the recent Dencun upgrade. Despite this, Ethereum accounts for 70% of daily revenue among major Layer-1s, at $2.7 million. Solana ranks second with around $900k daily revenue.


In DeFi, Ethereum holds a dominant 84.3% of the total value locked (TVL) market share with a TVL of over $57 billion against Solana’s TVL of $4.5 billion, driven by DEX trading and staking. Solana's transactions are mainly meme-related.


Ethereum vs. Solana: Institutional Investors’ Outlook

Recent outflows from Ethereum investment products reflect growing investor concerns and profit-taking behaviors. Ethereum faces scalability issues and high transaction fees, prompting accelerated upgrades towards Ethereum 2.0. Meanwhile, Solana attracted $1.6 million in inflows, showcasing investor confidence in its high throughput and low transaction costs.


Solana's innovative Proof-of-History (PoH) mechanism and ultra-low transaction costs make it a preferred platform for high-speed transactions and complex tasks. The platform's proactive approach to scalability and strong community support have contributed to its appeal in decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


However, Ethereum could get a boost when the spot Ethereum ETFs get approved. As perthe latest news reports on Cointelegraph, this is widely expected to occur by July 8. 



The contrasting trends between Ethereum and Solana underscore shifting investor preferences and strategic considerations within the cryptocurrency market. While Ethereum maintains its lead in market capitalization and ecosystem maturity, Solana's rapid growth and technological advancements, such as the introduction of Firedancer, a second validator client that enhances network resilience and performance, make it a formidable competitor. Solana's focus on memecoins and innovative Proof-of-History mechanism is attracting a new wave of investors seeking high-speed transactions and low costs.


Regulatory developments and the introduction of cryptocurrency ETFs could further influence market dynamics. The SEC's approval of Ethereum Spot ETFs has already marked a significant milestone, potentially paving the way for similar products for Solana. However, the regulatory landscape remains unpredictable and could impact both platforms differently.


Investors should remain cautious and aware of the inherent risks in the volatile cryptocurrency market. The rapid growth of memecoins, while offering high returns, also comes with significant risks.


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