Notcoin Gains Supported by Bullish Sentiment and Futures Frenzy
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2024-06-07 11:26

Notcoin, a new cryptocurrency, is making waves in the crypto market. Within a week, its price has skyrocketed by over 80%. This surge follows the excitement from a recent Notcoin airdrop. The frenzy shows no signs of slowing down.


Quick Take 

  • Notcoin price surged over 80% in a week, driven by high demand and potential real-world partnerships.

  • Notcoin's technical indicators show strong bullish signals, despite being in the overbought zone.

  • Positive market sentiment and significant liquidity inflows highlight investor confidence in Notcoin's future.

  • Notcoin's futures open interest hits new highs, indicating strong market participation.

Why is Notcoin so hot right now? Several factors contribute to this buying spree. A major announcement hinted at a partnership with a large payment system. This could make Notcoin a widely used currency. There’s also talk of its integration into a new decentralized social media network. These developments are fueling investor excitement.


NOT/USDT Technical Indicators

NOT/USDT price chart | Source: KuCoin 


According to analysis by AMBCrypto, Notcoin's technical indicators support its bullish trend. The token's Relative Strength Index (RSI) is at 76.73, signaling it’s overbought. However, this hasn't stopped the bulls. The Money Flow Index (MFI) is also high at 77, indicating strong buying activity.


Despite a slight risk of price correction, the bulls remain in control. The Elder-Ray Index shows positive bull power. The positive directional index at 45.96 further confirms the strong uptrend.


Market Sentiment

Market sentiment around Notcoin is highly positive. The Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) is at 0.20, showing significant liquidity inflows. This indicates strong market strength and demand for Notcoin.


Futures Market Activity

Notcoin's futures market is buzzing with activity. Open interest has reached new highs, indicating more participants are entering the market. At press time, open interest stands at $284 million. This high level of market participation is a bullish sign for Notcoin.



Notcoin's rapid rise and strong market indicators make it a cryptocurrency to watch. With potential real-world partnerships and integration into new platforms, its future looks promising.


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