KuCoin AMA With DMail Network (DMAIL) — Beyond the Envelope: The AI-powered Decentralized Mail

2024/02/01 01:29:57

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: January 30, 2024, 12:00 PM- 1:27 PM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the Head of Marketing of the DMail Network, Lucas, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: https://dmail.ai/

Whitepaper: https://dmailnetwork.gitbook.io/dmail-network/

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Q&A from KuCoin to DMail Network

Q: Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Lucas: Hello everyone! I'm Lucas, CMO of Dmail, and also one of the co-founders of Dmail. I'm excited to be here in the KuCoin community today. After three years, I've seen Dmail go from an idea to a super DApp serving millions of users today, and I think our idea of building a killer app was initially released. Before joining Dmail, I spent many years at one of the world's largest smartphone companies and helped them develop several markets, such as Africa and India. Then I joined Tron, one of the largest public chain ecosystems, and ran the developer community there. After that, I worked with my partners to take Dmail from an idea to a real product.

Our vision now is that Dmail is your inbox, your data, your AI assistant. You can stay informed and connected with intelligent and secure messaging services. Dmail Network is building a decentralized infrastructure powered by artificial intelligence to provide a unified anonymous messaging and notification service across multiple chains and applications. Our mission is to keep users informed and connected in the digital environment, enabling easy and seamless access to data and messages.

Q: Dmail Network has a huge user base and is a top Social-Fi project in terms of UAW and transaction volume. How was Dmail able to build such an influence?

Lucas: As the CMO of Dmail Network, I'm incredibly proud of the substantial influence we've cultivated within the blockchain space. Our platform's success, marked by over 6 million users and a leading position in Social-Fi in terms of User Active Wallets (UAW) and transaction volume, is a testament to our commitment and strategic execution.

Our journey to building this influence is multifaceted:

Dedicated Product Development: From its inception, our core mission was to craft a groundbreaking blockchain DApp. This relentless focus on product development has resulted in a platform robust enough to serve millions, a fact our user base's growth and satisfaction clearly demonstrate.

Strong Partnership Relationships and Network Effects: Over three years, we've forged over 300 collaborations, including top-tier projects and public chains, bolstered by grant support from industry-leading chains. The rapid adoption of our B-side product, SubHub, by over 200 projects in less than three months, exemplifies our strong market presence and the industry's trust in Dmail.

Market-Adaptive Strategies: In an ever-evolving market, Dmail has continually adapted, transitioning from a fully decentralized email product to a diversified offering. Our strategies are always in flux to better serve and expand our user base, as seen with our upcoming airdrop and the eagerly anticipated Mail2Earn program.

Quality Investor Support: The backing from our esteemed investors and the community has been pivotal. Their support has provided not just resources, but the operational stability necessary for our large-scale team to flourish and continuously innovate.

User-Oriented Service System: Our commitment to our users has been unwavering. From the outset, we've emphasized direct communication and feedback mechanisms, ensuring our users' voices directly inform our product evolution and market strategies.

Building such influence in the blockchain domain is a marathon, not a sprint. It's the outcome of sustained dedication, strategic agility, and an unyielding commitment to our community. As we move forward, we remain steadfast on this path, striving to further solidify our position as a frontrunner in the blockchain and Web3 communications arena.

Q: We have noticed that Dmail announced the launch of an airdrop and TGE will launch on OKX on 30th of January. Can you provide additional details on this?

Lucas: I believe that very many users care about this issue, Dmail has been established for nearly three years now, and has gained a large number of supporters, without these supporters there is no Dmail today, next, I'd like to answer some of this question, which contains a few latitude, please refer to, respectively:


The $DMAIL token contract has been successfully deployed on both Ethereum ERC-20 and BNB Chain BSC-20.

Airdrop Season 1 is set to encompass a variety of categories, including Paid NFT Domain Holders, Transactions Over Time, Community Contributors, 3D Crystal NFT Holders, Dmail DApp Active Users and Gitcoin Donors.

Note that the first round DOES include points, Dmail DApp active users means those who have accumulated points.

Please note, the snapshot for 3D Crystal NFT Holders is scheduled for 00:00 AM UTC on January 27. Any purchases made after this time will not be eligible for inclusion in Airdrop Season 1. We are currently in the process of compiling and verifying the airdrop data to preempt any potential sybil attacks. Further details will be disclosed in the upcoming days.

If you happen to miss out on Airdrop Season 1, there's no need for concern. We have planned multiple airdrop phases, including Season 1 & 2, as well as a community-specific round. Please note that Airdrop Season 2 will be exclusively available to holders of Dmail Points.

Dmail will have more incentives in the future such as our points can be exchanged for Token, as well as after the Mail2Eran, you can look forward to it, and participate in getting more rewards.

Q: The community's expectations and discussions about the Dmail Network's airdrop are increasing. They hope for substantial returns, but early circulation of a large number of tokens can disrupt price stability. Do you have any plans to ensure the stability or increase of token price post-TGE?

Lucas: This is a very good question, but I need to emphasize that this is unlikely to happen, and here are a few core reasons, which I will explain to you separately:

Acknowledge that no-cost airdrop tokens will impact the price, but it will be temporary.

Emphasize the strength of the Dmail community, which has been growing with Dmail for two and a half years, a group with faith and energy.

It's fully considered. We are prepared with relevant product suites and token application scenarios, such as Staking, paying for Presale to purchase NFT domains, etc. More details will be disclosed along with the release of tokenomics.

Many in the current Dmail team come from top Web3 projects and CEXs. They have rich experience and ideas, and I'm also continuously learning. At least for the current plan, I'm very excited and not concerned about the mentioned issue, it’s all part of the plan.

Dmail's initial circulation is very low, based on this circulation data, the team is fully capable of guaranteeing the coin price to give the community greater confidence, at the same time, we will continue to increase the use of Dmail Token scenarios, and on-line pledge service, so that the user's Token in which can get greater value.

Q: For those who haven't tried Dmail yet, what differences in user experience can they expect in comparison to Gmail, for example?

Lucas: Dmail and Gmail serve different needs and audiences, much like how CEFI and DEFI complement each other in the financial world. Here’s a straightforward breakdown of why you might choose Dmail over Gmail:

Privacy and Control: With Dmail, you're in the driver's seat regarding your data. It's a decentralized system, meaning your emails and files aren't stored on a single server controlled by one company. This setup not only boosts your privacy but also shields you from the risk of censorship.

Security: Dmail is built with a strong focus on privacy and encryption. We believe your inbox shouldn't be anyone else's business. Unlike platforms that use your data for targeted advertising, Dmail ensures that your communications stay private.

You're Not the Product: In the traditional model used by companies like Google, the services are often free because they make money by using your data for targeted ads. Dmail flips this model on its head. We don’t make you the product; instead, we provide a service where your privacy is the priority.

Tokenized Rewards: While Gmail's profits don't trickle down to its users, Dmail takes a different approach. Being a Web3 application, Dmail rewards its users with tokens for their engagement and contributions. It's a win-win; you enjoy secure and private email services while also having the opportunity to earn from your interaction with the platform.

Blockchain Benefits: Beyond just sending and receiving emails, Dmail offers a suite of blockchain-based services. Whether it's minting tokens/NFTs or transferring them, Dmail integrates these services seamlessly into your emailing experience, making it a one-stop shop for blockchain enthusiasts.

In essence, if you’re looking for an email service that respects your privacy, rewards your engagement, and offers a suite of blockchain services, Dmail is your go-to platform. It’s about taking back control of your data and possibly even monetizing it. Who wouldn’t appreciate the benefits of staying informed and connected while also earning from it?

Q: You recently launched the Dmail Subscription Hub to further expand your product suite. This connects web3 projects with Dmail’s millions of users. Can you tell us more about the vision of the Subhub and the problems it is solving?

Lucas: SubHub by Dmail Network is a pioneering B-end product designed to bridge web3 businesses and users across multiple chains. Launched less than three months ago, it has quickly gained traction, with over 200 quality projects onboarded and millions of subscribers. Its key features include:

Decentralized Subscription Management: Users can control their subscriptions within Dmail's ecosystem, emphasizing data privacy and ownership.

Multi-Chain Support: It facilitates notifications and messages from various blockchains, eliminating the need for platform switching.

Real-Time Notifications: Critical for the volatile web3 environment, it offers timely updates on significant information and asset changes.

Token Incentivization: Users earn rewards for engaging with marketing communications, creating mutual benefits for them and the projects.

API and Developer Platform: Simplifies direct communication between projects and their user base.

Seamless Web2 and Web3 Integration: Users can transition smoothly between traditional and web3 services.

Plans for expanded functionality include:

AI Personal Assistant: Enhances user efficiency in managing web3 interactions.

Benefits for Projects include expanded user growth, streamlined marketing, enhanced user engagement, and targeted outreach. For Users, it assures data ownership, timely information, engagement rewards, cross-platform interaction, and efficiency tools.

User Profiling and Targeted Messaging: These will be managed through decentralized data ownership, subscription preferences, interactive feedback, token-based incentives, smart contract triggers, API integration, behavioral analytics, AI, privacy-preserving techniques, cross-chain data aggregation, and customizable dashboards.

Points System: Users earn points for platform engagement, redeemable for token rewards. Projects can customize this system to align with their specific goals and incentivize desired user behaviors.

Message Delivery Channels include email notifications, web3 wallets, mobile push notifications, browser extensions, SMS messages, social media platforms, API integration, on-chain transactions, decentralized applications (dApps), RSS feeds, and desktop applications.

Vision for 3-5 Years: SubHub aims to become a web3 communication standard, expand its user base, integrate with multiple blockchains, enhance AI integration, and develop sophisticated user profiling. Long-term goals include global adoption, ecosystem maturity, decentralized governance, diverse monetization models, data sovereignty, innovative features, and a sustainable business model. It aspires to be a leader in decentralized communication, emphasizing user-centric information flow and community connectivity.

Q: Dmail has recently unveiled its roadmap, outlining its objectives for almost two years. For those who may not be acquainted with your forthcoming endeavors, could you please elaborate on your plans?

Lucas: Dmail Network's roadmap from late 2023 to Q3 2025 outlines an ambitious and strategic plan to revolutionize Web3 communications, focusing on enhancing user experience, expanding functionality, and solidifying a commitment to decentralization. Here's a summarized view of the roadmap:

Q4 2023 – Q1 2024: Laying the Foundations

Cross-Chain Messaging & Subscription Hub: Established robust cross-chain messaging services, enriching communication across blockchain networks. The Subscription Hub has successfully onboarded over 200 projects, witnessing millions of subscriptions.

Web2 & Layer 2 (L2) Integration: Bridging Web2 users into Web3 through Web2 login and Layer 2 chains integration, and advancing decentralized identity services with DaaS 2.0.

Q2 2024 – Q3 2024: Expanding the Ecosystem

Dmail Ecosystem Expansion: Developing applications, plugins, a marketing hub for campaigns and analytics, and launching enterprise and multi-chain mailbox services.

Depin Communication Process: Integrating application and transport layers for secure message transmission, employing endpoints, relayers, and routers for efficient message routing and retrieval.

Q4 2024 – Q1 2025: Maturing the Platform

Mainnet Launch & MAILtoEARN Initiative: Transitioning to a live blockchain environment and introducing MAILtoEARN to reward user engagement, potentially attracting millions of new users.

NFT Marketplace & Asset Cross-Chain Bridge: Venturing into the digital asset space with an NFT marketplace and enabling asset transfers across different blockchains.

Q2 2025 – Q3 2025: Innovating and Securing the Future

Asset Dashboard & Integrated Functionalities: Introducing an asset dashboard for tracking digital assets, integrating functionalities within mailboxes for asset transfers, information subscriptions, airdrops, and IMO participation.

Decentralized Storage Solutions & Anonymous Messaging Protocol: Offering multiple decentralized storage solutions and an anonymous messaging protocol for enhanced privacy and security.

Conclusion: Vision for a Web3 Communications Paradigm

The roadmap articulates Dmail Network's vision to transform email and communication services in the blockchain and Web3 era, emphasizing secure, decentralized communication solutions. It aligns with the increasing demand for privacy, security, and decentralized services in the blockchain industry. The roadmap is not just a plan for product releases but a vision for the future of digital communication, where decentralization and blockchain technology redefine privacy, security, and user agency.

Q: As the largest user-based project in the Social-Fi track, what plans does Dmail have to benefit users?

Lucas: This topic is very close to my heart. The current user base of Dmail is the result of significant effort from every team member. The excitement we felt when we first topped several media chain interaction rankings from the middle of last year is indescribable. We pressed harder and maintained growth and built greater influence, all thanks to user and community support. I will now detail Dmail's future plans, which I believe will be of great interest. We will bring some fantastic surprises to Dmail users.

First, let’s address the Airdrop.

Since announcing the Q1 2024 airdrop, our community has received a lot of user inquiries. I believe many people are interested in this topic, and I will answer one of the questions in detail. Yes, the Dmail airdrop is coming soon, and we will incentivize all Dmail supporters in the most reasonable way. Our team has been preparing for this airdrop for a long time. Please stay tuned to our official announcements.

Points Exchange:

Dmail has had a points system in place for some time now, where users can earn points through various activities and behaviors within the product. Many users are curious about the usage scenarios and logic of Dmail points. In the future, Dmail points can be exchanged for Dmail Tokens, and also used within Dmail products to gain higher product usage dimensions. The points system is also linked to Mail2Earn, and we will soon announce specific rules. The points system was designed from the start to incentivize users.

Mail2Earn: The Mail2Earn program is another major plan we will soon launch, with a significant portion of Dmail's economic model focusing on incentivizing the community and users. Users can earn rewards by completing specified actions, and the launch of Mail2Earn will be after the TGE.

Bounty Program: Dmail is also preparing to launch its own Bounty program, which will be divided into two parts: one for market incentives and the other for security. We will allocate a considerable amount of Tokens as rewards for both aspects, with specific details to be referred to in our announcements.

Joint Project Reward Activities: Our team has extensive experience cooperating with various projects. With the continuous improvement of the Dmail ecosystem, we are planning more joint activities to reward users. Many projects have already approached the Dmail team for cooperation in activities, and we will gradually launch more activities and provide more benefits to motivate our users.

Having said so much, these are just the activities that will soon be launched. As more of our plans materialize in the future, Dmail will introduce more benefits to reward our users. Please follow Dmail's official Twitter account for all official news related to Dmail. This is our only official announcement channel.

Free-Ask from the KuCoin Community to DMail Network

Q: Your smart contracts may fail, and numerous projects become victims of this, resulting in users losing funds and damaging the project's reputation. How dependable and secure are your smart contracts? Has thorough testing been conducted with relevant parties?

Lucas: This is a very good question, you know that today Dmail has gone live on more than ten major exchanges, which is good proof that our contracts have passed their audits to get to where we are today, our contracts have been verified by several top auditing organizations, and we will fully guarantee the rights and interests of the users.

Q: Marketing plays a crucial role in any project. It is essential to make people aware of the potential that a project can offer. What strategies do you have in place to attract and retain new users and investors on your platform for the long term?

Lucas: Marketing is one of the most important things to us, Dmail team has more than 20 people in the marketing team dedicated to each language market, at the same time, our marketing strategy is also promoted on multiple platforms at the same time, to ensure that users can know the development of Dmail in different dimensions!

Q: How does your tokenomics model encourage holding tokens long-term instead of short-term trading? What benefits do long-term holders receive?

Lucas: Yes, our economic model is designed with the long term in mind, and users can continue to earn by holding Dmail, and we will also be going live with our Mail2Earn in the future to encourage users to hold for the long term to earn more!

Q: Can you please provide information about your current primary objectives and target audience? Are you planning to expand your project globally or focus on specific regions?

Lucas: Dmail is definitely a global product, we have a large market share in more than ten major languages around the world, ensuring that our users are distributed and widespread, the next goal is how to expand Dmail's reach. We have a reliable and large team to support everything, let's wait and see! Believe Dmail will give you more surprises!

Q: Does your platform offer a staking program? If so, could you explain how your stake system works and what requirements users need to meet in order to participate?

Lucas: That's a very good question, and Dmail's official Staking program is due to open soon. You can keep an eye on our announcements, forgive me if I can't say too much at the moment due to confidentiality agreements, but rest assured that Dmail will definitely surprise everyone, and again, the rewards will all go to the users!

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