Walkthrough: How To Get Free GARI on KuCoin?

2022/02/16 11:31:11

India's first short-video app, Chingari, announced that the ‘Chingari Star’ contest, where KuCoin was presented as title sponsor, will be open for participation from February 15, 2022 to March 15, 2022 for creators and users. By participating in the contest, creators and users stand a chance to win INR 2 Crore in GARI.

As the exclusive sponsor of this Chingari contest, KuCoin has prepared a 40,000 GARI giveaway. A total of $20,000 in GARI is up for grabs. An exclusive offer only for India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh P2P KuCoin users. Win up to 10 GARI by completing your first P2P trade, Staking USDT, and referring your friends. For more detailed rules, please visit the official announcement.

So how to get the free GARI on KuCoin? This blog will walk you through to win the prize step by step.

1. 5 Steps To Get 5 Free GARI on KuCoin P2P Market?

KuCoin P2P Fiat Trade provides fiat-to-crypto conversion service under P2P trading. If you want to earn 5 GARI for free on KuCoin P2P but don’t know how to start your first P2P purchase on KuCoin P2P fiat trade, here are the complete tutorials for you.

Take INR as an example:

Step 1: Visit the KuCoin official website: www.kucoin.com, and log into your KuCoin account. On the main page, click ‘Buy Crypto’, then ‘P2P’ to enter the KuCoin P2P Fiat Trade page;

Step 2: Click ‘Buy’ and choose the ‘INR’ fiat currency. Then select a merchant and click ‘Buy’;

Step 3: Enter the total/amount you want to buy and click ‘Place Order’;

Step 4: Complete payment via the payment method requested by the merchant. Click ‘Mark as paid’ after you have completed the payment;

Step 5: Please kindly wait for the seller to confirm and release the token, which will arrive in your Main Account, and the order will be completed.

For a KuCoin app tutorial, please click: Beginner’s Guide for Buying Crypto On KuCoin App

2. Buy GARI on KuCoin Spot Market and Get 1 GARI

Following the P2P fiat trading, you need to convert any amount of USDT to GARI on the KuCoin Spot market.

Step 1: Log into your KuCoin account. Click the ‘Assets’ - ‘Main Account’;

Step 2: Select USDT and click ‘Transfer’;

Step 3: Transfer the USDT you just bought via the P2P market from the Main account to the Trading account;

Step 4: Click on the ‘Trade’ tab, then click ‘Spot Trading’;

Step 5: Use the search box to find GARI. Click on it to enter the GARI/USDT trading interface;

Step 6: Before trading, you are required to enter your trading password for security. It is highlighted in the red box below;

Step 7: In the bottom right corner of the trading interface, select ‘Market Order’ and enter the amount of GARI you want to buy in the ‘Amount’ box. Click ‘Buy GARI’.

3. Participate in USDT Saving on KuCoin Earn and Get More GARI

Step 1: Log into your KuCoin account and click ‘Earn’ - ‘KuCoin Earn’;

Step 2: Directly click the ‘USDT’ in the Latest to participate;

Step 3: You can choose the Main account or Trading account to participate. Enter the amount and click ‘Confirm’.

Step 4: You can check the staking history at ‘Assets’ - ‘Financial Account’ - ‘Saving’;

4. Invite Friends To Join KuCoin To Get 4 GARI

KuCoin Referral Program is a return to all our loyal users who also recommend KuCoin to others. If your referral completes a P2P trade of any amount on KuCoin P2P, you can unlock mysterious prizes and get 4 GARI as a reward.

Step 1: Log into your KuCoin account and click ‘Referral’.

Step 2: You can invite friends via the referral link or referral code, or tap ‘Invite Now’ to send the invitation via social media platforms like Twitter.

Step 3: You can check the information and progress of your invitees in ‘My Referrals’.

For a KuCoin app tutorial, please click here.

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