KuCoin AMA With VisionGame (VISION) — An Ecosystem That Powers The GameFi Revolution

2024/01/30 10:09:46

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: January 29, 2024, 12:00 PM- 01:16 PM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the CEO of VisionGame, Cristian Esposito, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: https://visiongame.io/

Whitepaper: https://visionverse.gitbook.io/

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Q&A from KuCoin to VisionGame

Q: Could you tell us more about VisionVerse and how it is part of VisionGame?

Cristian: Absolutely! VisionVerse is our idea of what a metaverse should be. We never felt quite sure about the "land" system, which essentially made a world that should be infinite in possibilities, scarce,, and limited. Not only that, but it was proven over time that many landowners would fail to attract users to actually participate, resulting in mostly a healthy trading of lands and the likes, but no participation on the actual software.

We decided to reimagine it in a more gaming-oriented way. Instead of a single land, Nodes are able to publish games and other experiences for themselves and for others. Instead of complicated tools, code-free solutions and AI solutions for art assets so that everybody can create their own games with ease.

And finally, allowing the possibility for everybody to choose which token, no matter the chain, to use in their own game for all their own transaction, giving a reason to everybody to build on VisionVerse, from projects looking for one more utility or fun experience for their users, to die hard fans of certain tokens that want to support the project.

In all of this, VisionNode holders participate sort of as game publishers, gaining % on transactions while supporting the games they help come to life.

Q: What is a VisionNode?

Cristian: VisionNodes started as a way to power VisionVerse. Given the necessity of delivering games across the network that could average quite a bit in size, we thought of offsetting CDN costs by creating a decentralized storage network essentially powered by node holders. No computational power, just a good SSD and an internet connection to gain up to 25% in TX fees across VisionVerse.

But since within VisionGame we have a huge ecosystem of apps and products, they quickly evolved to include way more perks and benefits. For example, we have a launchpad, called VisionOffering, about to do its first IDO. Node Holders immediately get the highest tier, guaranteeing whitelisting, but they also earn what we call VPoints on the daily, which can be exchanged 1:1 with IDO tokens.

In other products, like our upcoming game CryptoShowdown, they get a % of all transactions, and so forth.

We thought if Node Holders have to be our partners in VisionVerse, why not make them partners in all of VisionGame? Basically, we're repaying their belief in our future.

We launched VisionNode sales only 2 days ago, but we already blew past the first tier. Slots are limited, so for anybody interested, feel free to visit here for more info!

Q: What is VisionOffering?

Cristian: VisionOffering is our launchpad 2.0. We took elements from popular crowdfunding solutions, and brought them to web3 in a package that aims to result in easier to navigate and use, even for the less decentralized-savvy users.

On VisionOfferings projects are able to directly interact with their communities, through a dedicated comment section. Not only that, but they can determine all the parameters of their sales, be it an INO, IDO, or a presale of any kind.

For example, we're using it to sell a physical version of our upcoming game CryptoShowdown (yeah, it's fun even when printed :D), in a Kickstarter kind of fashion.

Projects can not only provide tokens and NFTs but tours of their office, 1-to-1 calls, or more. On top of that, we're completely multichain, so much so that our first IDO is about a BRC20 project.

Essentially, 2.0 for us means flexibility and accessibility, and that's what we're pouring into VisionOffering.

Q: How do you select projects that are offered on VisionOffering?

Cristian: We base it on fundamentals that we believe a project should have. First of all, many reach out to us through the submission form directly on VisionOffering, while others might come from our network.

There are elements that we keep in mind, going from the team, of course, but also their tokenomics, the listing options they have ahead of themselves, and most importantly, if we believe the project has a strong reason to be.

We're not only helping to launch GameFi projects but pretty much anything we believe our community might appreciate, and we are looking for projects that are going to stick through thick and thin and that have the right entrepreneurial approach for what's a business through and through, and not an easy one.

So it's a mix of ticking all the right boxes and leaving a good impression on us.

Q: Is there any upcoming IDO on VisionOffering?

Cristian: Yup! We're about to have our first IDO on the 3rd of February. The project is MeMusic. It aims to establish AudioFi by giving artists a platform that provides higher returns than normal streaming services while battling head-to-head with traditional solutions. They already have a product out in BETA. And they're backed by Outlier Ventures, Protocol Labs, Big Brain, and many more.

We love their product’s first approach and their experience in the music industry. Compared to other projects in the same category, we really felt they approached things with a traditional mindset, which we believe helps a lot when you aim your project at consumers.

They're also going to launch on other extremely popular launchpads, like OxBull and PoolZ. We are honored to be part of such a talented bunch for our first-ever IDO.

And, of course, as I mentioned, whitelisting on VisionOffering is extremely easy. Either become a Node Holder or stake some VISION to be guaranteed participation. Sales open on the 3rd of February, 10:00 AM UTC!

Q: What is next for VisionGame?

Cristian: Lots! Some would say too much. We have the upcoming release of CryptoShowdown; our game that sees crypto traders battling each other to be the highest earner, full of memes and inside jokes about the web3 industry. We have more and more IDOs to be revealed on VisionOffering. GameFiBits, our gamefi news outlet, is almost ready as well, and then there's VisionMove.

We believe every product makes a piece of the puzzle that is bound to help GameFi and Web3 companies reach new heights in the industry, so we're working hard to bring every bit of sweat spent in the last (almost) 2 years to fruition. Hopefully, everybody will come along for the ride!

Free-Ask from the KuCoin Community to VisionGame

Q: Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. Who’s the ideal consumer of your product?

Cristian: Community feedback, but most importantly, understanding your audience is crucial. We quickly understood that the majority of people involved in crypto aren't necessarily too interested in games or other forms of entertainment. They're traders mostly, and they're here to earn.

Many projects, especially in GameFi, might have very good results in the market, not backed though by actual usage of their software: AKA, they have little to no actual people playing.

When deciding what would be the best way to approach that, meaning finding an audience that loves games and turning the audience that follows us as a token into potential players— we decided to build CryptoShowdown.

CryptoShowdown is a GameFi project that targets web3 users. How? It's relatable to them! It's a battle among crypto traders, using cards like Tam Bankrun to collapse a popular exchange in one move, for example. Not only that, but it doesn't require a high investment to start playing, with booster packs starting from 1$.

Our goal is to target the proper audience first and expand based on community feedback as well! Learn more here.

Q: Do you ever worry that one day a project with even more advanced technology could potentially replace your own?

Cristian: More than a worry, it's a hope! We believe that despite its numbers, the GameFi space still has so much potential untapped, and we would welcome a competitor that could tap into that, making it available to all.

I strongly believe this is a time when companies build the future of an industry together, so everyone with the same goal in mind is welcome, and we'll do our best to keep up and do our portion of the job!

Q: What inspired the creation of VisionGame, and how does it aim to revolutionize the gaming industry?

Cristian: I have a traditional background as a game developer, and I noticed the hunger the GameFi market had, and the struggles it also goes through. Sometimes, very exciting projects turn out to not have the necessary know-how to build a game of a certain scope.

VisionGame was born to help, to provide said know-how, and to lead by example. Hence why we have VisionSDK, which helps developers build, VisionOffering, which helps them launch, VisionArcade, which helps them with marketing and so forth.

It all culminates within VisionVerse, which wants to open GameFi to as many people as possible, even the less code-savvy.

Q: I want to ask about VPoints. What are VPoints? How does it work, and how to get the VPoints? Can we exchange it for VISION tokens?

Cristian: VPoints are a digital currency distributed every day to VisionNode Holders. Every day, 684000+ VPoints make their way into Nodes, ready to be exchanged for perks and rewards.

For example, with every project we help to launch, we dedicate part of the allocation to VPoints. Node Holders are able to exchange them 1:1 with the IDO token, no matter its price. Still, they can also be used to exchange with VISION, starting at 10:1, increasing towards 1:1 in the span of 2 years, or even better and a plethora of NFTs from our products and our partners, and much much more.

Q: Can you provide some insights into the VisionNode Sale and its benefits for participants?

Cristian: We have 10,000 VisionNodes, divided by tier for every 250 nodes.

The price increased by 50$ for every tier, and it started at $300, but we already blew past the first tier in a little over 2 days, and currently, the second tier is going out fast as well.

There won't ever be more than 10,000 Nodes, and not only do they power VisionVerse, as I explained throughout this AMA, but they provide perks ALL OVER our ecosystem, including IDO whitelisting and other benefits. As I just mentioned, they also get VPoints, which are an amazing way to get some free tokens, NFTs, and more.

Everyone can learn more about VisionNode, and grab one here.

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