Three Altcoin to Explore | What Happened to Web3.0 That Pushed Up the Price Rally?

2021/08/03 08:50:48

Web3.0 seems to be the hot topic this week. Just a glance at some of the ROIs from the last week will show this: GRT saw an ROI of 19.4%, while BAT enjoyed a 19.5% ROI and ANKR a 44.2% one.

Web3.0 is, as the name suggests, the next stage of web development. While Web1.0 represents the very beginning of the internet and Web2.0 is the name given to the first major development towards user generated content, Web3.0 is defined by decentralization. This of course means that blockchain will play a huge role.

Development of this next stage is being facilitated by projects. Some of the best performing examples are just as outlined above: GRT, BAT and ANKR. But why are they suddenly growing right now?

Between increased interest and adoption, fueled by the NFT boom, more projects requiring Web3.0 knowledge are appearing. That is where these Web3.0 cryptocurrencies come in, helping to fill these needs and establish the new decentralized Internet experience.

For this reason, we will be looking into the top Web3.0 performers from the last 7 days that are tradable on KuCoin.

Notice: KuCoin does not provide financial advice. Please do your own risk assessment when deciding how to invest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The Graph (GRT)

The Graph is an indexing protocol for decentralized applications that allows developers to efficiently access blockchain data. Developers can build subgraphs that define how to ingest, index, and serve blockchain data in a verifiable way.

The GRT token is a utility token that is locked-up by Indexers, Curators and Delegators to provide indexing and curating services to the network.

After reaching its all time high back in February followed by a drop, GRT has remained quite stable. However, it has recently been brought back to life thanks to the recent release of two major new products: Graph Explorer and Subgraph Studio. This latest update to its lineup allows anyone to curate and publish subgraphs.

This represents a major development towards the project's goals, while providing more tools to the Web3.0 wave. This understandably excited onlookers who now want to get their hands on GRT.

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Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Basic Attention Token, or BAT, is the token that powers a new blockchain-based digital advertising platform designed to fairly reward users for their attention, while providing advertisers with a better return on their ad spend.

The BAT token itself is the unit of reward in this advertising ecosystem, and is exchanged between advertisers, publishers and users.

Over recent weeks, lots of big developments have come out of BAT headquarters. It recently released its new roadmap to the community, showing some interesting new developments and timelines, as well as new details on the Brave Wallet development.

Brave Browser has now gotten its own search engine in the form of Brave Search. The beta has just been released to the public, promoting the same values as all other Brave products and the BAT token with which it works closely. This is all good news, and so BAT saw a bump up in price due to this.

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Ankr (ANKR)

Ankr is a distributed computing platform that aims to leverage idle computing resources in data centers and edge devices. What Ankr enables is a Sharing Economy model where enterprises and consumers can monetize their spare computing capacities from their devices, on-premise servers, private cloud and even public cloud.

The ANKR token is used for payment on the platform, and plays a central role in the decentralized staking protocol.

The ANKR team themselves summed up the recent spate of updates on their Twitter. Over the past week or so, it has been listed on Binance US, had a liquidity pool go live on SushiSwap (ANKR/ETH), now fully supports Polygon, and has reached 60,000 users on its app.

Knowing all this, it is safe to say that ANKR is doing well for itself, and many expect this to continue going forward.

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More Crypto Gems to Look Forward to this Week

Moving into this next week, we can start to look at these new potential gems that are riding this wave. KuCoin recommends you check out LPT, CKB and CUDOS. Each of these projects is also playing a role in establishing the decentralized web with promising and useful utilities. This is always a good sign, and why we think it is worth keeping an eye on.

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