KuCoin AMA With QORPO World (QORPO) — Beyond the Game: Unified Digital Gaming Experience for All

2024/03/06 10:08:52

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: March 04, 2024, 12:00 PM- 01:26 PM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the CEO and Founder of QORPO World, Rastislav Bakala, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: https://company.qorpo.world/home

Whitepaper: https://qorpo.world/assets/docs/whitepaper.pdf

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Q&A from KuCoin to QORPO World

Q: What advantages do ecosystem tokens offer in gaming?

Rastislav: As you may know, we have our ecosystem token which connects all our IPs and ecosystem. You can read more about it here.

By linking a single token to all products and services, ecosystem tokens ensure that the token's value isn't solely hinged on the success or failure of one product. This approach significantly diversifies the risk and sources of value, creating a more stable and sustainable economic model. The value of the token is bolstered by multiple vectors, from product launches to service offerings, ensuring continuous demand and utility. This multiplicity in utility not only secures the token's value over time but also enriches the user experience by offering a broad spectrum of applications, from in-game benefits to governance.

Q: Why is delivering high-quality gameplay crucial in the context of Web3?

Rastislav: For most projects, it’s essential to break the barrier of Web3 and attract users from the traditional digital realm, known as Web2 users. In the gaming industry, games are naturally the main products that drive a gaming studio’s value. Therefore, gameplay is crucial for driving the player experience, serving as a vector that can attract users beyond the confines of Web3. In other words, only the quality of the product can popularize the crypto layers tied to the project’s products, such as games. We really need top-quality games that can thrive in any market sentiment and maintain users over the long term, providing a classic gameplay experience alongside Web3 benefits like earning $QORPO sustainably and owning a fraction of the IPs thanks to genesis collections.

That's why our main motto is backed by Gameplay accelerated with a community.

Q: What are the strategies for crafting a sustainable economic model as a web3 gaming studio?

Rastislav: For crafting a successful economic framework within Web3 gaming, it's essential to concentrate on developing games that captivate players primarily for their entertainment value, rather than focusing purely on earning potential.

Ensuring players are compensated with in-game benefits, assets, or stablecoins instead of relying exclusively on a native token is key. Additionally, the emphasis should be on establishing a cohesive ecosystem that boosts company revenue while utilizing blockchain technology to facilitate a transparent redistribution of revenue back to the players.

Adopting this strategy promotes a harmonious and engaging gameplay experience that is in tune with the dynamic nature of Web3 gaming. Furthermore, it’s important to open the doors for all kinds of followers, gamers, content creators, and investors alike.

So, to summarize, you need to attract the right community aligned with your long-term vision, one that thinks beyond rewards and airdrops. While these may be effective marketing strategies initially, the priority should be on the long-term value of the game itself, which should be the main reason people join our ecosystem. If rewards are provided in an ecosystem token, they should be generated from revenue.

Our games and the reason why people join the $QORPO World.

Citizen Conflict


Q: Could you explain the functioning of the QORPO ecosystem as a unified entity?

Rastislav: Firstly, our ecosystem is designed for gamers. Blockchain or not, it's not an issue at all. You can play any of our games without any blockchain experience. At the same time, we don't have any barriers to entry; our games are and will be free-to-play.

And for more overall description:

QORPO World has launched an array of high-quality games, including the highly praised hero shooter Citizen Conflict and the emerging creature extraction shooter AneeMate, both crafted by seasoned professionals using Unreal Engine 5.

Aimed at bridging the gap between Web3 innovations and Web2 gaming enthusiasts, QORPO World demystifies blockchain technology for the everyday gamer. The platform offers a user-friendly environment where gamers can discover, download, play, and review games while seamlessly managing their digital assets.

It provides a comprehensive ecosystem for users to uncover, earn, purchase, sell, and exchange valuable NFTs, engage in competitive esports tournaments, climb the leaderboards, and connect with friends. With its intuitive and robust interface, QORPO World's gaming platform encapsulates a holistic gaming experience that leverages the latest in blockchain technology.

Q: Could you discuss the concept of gaming IPs and its vision for interoperability?

Rastislav: We believe that NFTs, especially Genesis Collections, can provide fractional ownership for our IPs, Citizen Conflict and AneeMate.

We are building our games beyond that, and we will create merchandise and a TV show for AneeMate. The more successful our IPs become, the more value we will add to our $QORPO holders and Genesis holders.

Here’s the collection for Citizen Genesis and AneeMate.

Each of these games comes with the competitive edge in its respective market segment. While Citizen Conflict aims at the global esports market with its fine-tuned competitive mechanics, AneeMate re-invents the creature-catching narrative, fostering on the success of Pokémon and Palworld, merging multiple game genres into one, action-packed gameplay. Having our own gaming IPs, thus enables us to explore opportunities of cross-IP NFT interoperability, having characters from one game appear in another. Since we store all our goods under one roof, we can push the boundaries of interoperable assets across our games.

Q: How can the user experience be optimized to attract millions of Web2 players to the platform?

Rastislav: The first part of the answer is pretty simple: It has to be a great game to change the opinion of hardcore gamers about crypto and gaming. You may refer here.

For an optimal player experience in crypto gaming, it is crucial to focus on delivering engaging and high-quality games that prioritize entertainment over mere earning potential. This involves creating games with compelling storytelling, immersive graphics, and meaningful player choices, ensuring that the gameplay itself is the main attraction.

Additionally, simplifying the user onboarding process and making the purchase experience more streamlined are essential to accommodate players not familiar with Web3 technologies. Incorporating intuitive user interfaces, such as built-in wallets, and leveraging technology enabling web2 users.

Ultimately, the success of Web3 gaming hinges on its ability to integrate blockchain benefits into a well-crafted gaming experience that appeals to mainstream gamers by prioritizing fun, engagement, and ease of use. Better content draws more people to turn their assets into NFTs, which means more NFTs and fewer tokens available, making the token's value go up.

This is how we ensure that the success of the game will impact the growth of the $QORPO token.

Q: In what ways do the utilities of $QORPO impact the everyday usage of QORPO World products?

Rastislav: The utilities of the $QORPO token are deeply integrated into the daily usage of QORPO World products, reflecting a comprehensive approach to embedding blockchain technology into the gaming experience.

For gamers and users within the QORPO ecosystem, the token acts as a central pillar around which various activities revolve. From onboarding Web2 gamers with the innovative use of the token for minting NFTs, thus bridging the gap between traditional gaming and Web3, to facilitating a player-driven economy where the token is used as a currency for trading, buying, and selling in-game assets. This seamless integration ensures that users are constantly engaging with the $QORPO token, whether they are making strategic decisions in platform governance, participating in staking opportunities, or benefiting from the player incentives program.

Moreover, the buy-back and burn mechanism, along with the token's role in platform governance, directly impacts users by potentially increasing the token's value and giving them a voice in the ecosystem's evolution. This creates a dynamic and participatory environment where the daily interactions with QORPO World products are not just transactions or game plays, but are part of a larger ecosystem where each action contributes to the overall health and growth of the platform. As QORPO World expands, especially into B2B sectors, the token's utility and its reflection on daily use are poised to grow, making the $QORPO token an integral part of the user experience, driving engagement and loyalty within the ecosystem. You can read more here.

Q: What are the key token utilities necessary for designing a successful gaming studio token?

Rastislav: To have a successful token in the long run, you need to set up the right expectations within your team and community. You need to have a clear vision and ensure that the community is aligned with your long-term goals. With a good community, you can easily achieve better performance for your tokens, especially if there is a solid product backing it up.

Secondly, platform governance is essential, as it empowers token holders with the ability to influence key decisions, ensuring a democratic and engaged community. This fosters a sense of ownership and loyalty among users, crucial for sustained platform growth.

The token's role as a medium of exchange across various activities within the ecosystem, including trading, crafting, and purchasing, is another cornerstone. This utility ensures the token is deeply integrated into the daily interactions of the ecosystem, maintaining its circulation and relevance.

Moreover, implementing a buy-back and burn strategy further strengthens the token's economic model by reducing supply and promoting scarcity, which can drive up its market value.

Scalability into B2B relationships, by requiring gaming partners to provide additional utilities for the token, opens new avenues for its application and demand, broadening the ecosystem's reach and potential for growth.

Staking opportunities represent a crucial utility for encouraging long-term holding and investment in the token, providing benefits across different stakeholder groups, from casual players to serious investors.

Finally, player incentives tied to the ecosystem's revenue ensure continuous engagement and contribution from the community, linking the token's utility directly to the platform's success and creating a reciprocal growth loop between users and the ecosystem.

Community, Product and hard work.

Q: How do NFT collections contribute to the token value?

Rastislav: Strong NFT collections can serve as a centerpoint in the gaming ecosystem, based on their utilities. These collections can attract gamers through enticing in-game content and gameplay enhancement, opening the gate to secondary market monetization of their gaming achievements. From investors’ point of view, successful NFTs grant perks such as airdrops and soft-staking opportunities.

Also, for me personally, owning a Genesis collection is basically fractional IP ownership, and emotionally, it has a huge effect on building a long-term community.

Both of our IPs has own Genesis Collections which are a most valuable collection in a NFT ecosystem of $QORPO. Here is our Genesis Collection for Citizen Genesis and AneeMate Genesis.

Q: What approaches can be employed to involve the web2 gaming community in the Web3 economy?

Rastislav: Quality-first approach. Every crypto project should start with the top-notch quality product that solves a real-world problem to attract real-world users. Once users understand the value, they will be much more likely to invest into it and interact with the web3 economy tied to the product. Thus, if you build games, make sure to build top-tier games and attract players through gameplay not by unrealistic promises.

In our games, what you see is what you play. One of it is the Citizen Conflict and AneeMate. Here’s a trailer for the AneeMate.

Once there are top quality games and people understand there are $QORPO ecosystem tokens which provide a value in a whole ecosystem it's much easier than to bring them to web3.

Q: What is the role of the Genesis NFT collection in the gaming ecosystem?

Rastislav: Genesis NFT collections, often the first series released within a digital ecosystem, come with a unique set of benefits for their owners. These benefits typically include exclusive access to future releases, events, and airdrops, serving as a hallmark of early support and investment in the project. Owners might enjoy special status, granting them privileges like voting rights on platform decisions, or enhanced gameplay features if the NFTs are part of a gaming ecosystem.

Additionally, Genesis NFTs often hold sentimental value and potential for significant appreciation over time, as they represent the foundational layer of the project's history and development. Their rarity and uniqueness can make them highly sought after in the secondary market, offering lucrative opportunities for collectors and investors.

In our case, it also provides early access to $QORPO tokens, and we've launched a two-year ongoing rewards campaign for holders of Genesis collections via Soft Staking. So, holding a Genesis collection in the QORPO ecosystem will generate $QORPO tokens for you over two years. Learn more here.

Free-Ask from the KuCoin Community to QORPO World

Q: Almost 75% of investors have just focused on the price of a token in the short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us the motivations and benefits for investors to hold $QORPO tokens in the long term?

Rastislav: The more successful games we have, the more value we will add back to $QORPO holders. In a sustainable economy, the overall company can generate revenue, and in Web3, where tokens essentially represent shares in a company, emotionally, we want to allocate a portion of the revenue for buybacks, burning, and profit redistribution. Essentially, the more successful our games are, the more value we will add back to those who hold long term.

Q: Do you have tutorial videos so we can get to know your project more clearly or do you have a YouTube channel or something? Can you share it with us?

Rastislav: Yes, we are creating a lot of tutorials, content from WIP, and our trailers are live on our YouTube channel. Feel free to join and share.

Q: Your focus on free-to-play models is mentioned. how will QORPO world create a sustainable revenue model within that framework?

Rastislav: Free-to-play games do not mean everything is free. It means there are no barriers to entry; you can experience the game's quality before spending a single cent. Especially with Web3 and blockchain, where you can use the secondary market to trade your assets outside of the game, free-to-play games with a Web3 layer are even more profitable because users are not funding black holes like in Web2.

Q: How does the Citizen Zero NFT work and what exclusive features and benefits does it offer holders?

Rastislav: Its playable characters are only accessible to those who hold this NFT. Additionally, it provides ongoing soft staking rewards for the game and to earn $QORPO. Read more here.

Q: What have you achieved in the market? What is the next development plan and layout?

Rastislav: A major update for Citizen Conflict will be live with the upcoming release of a battle royale mode. We aim to become the best shooter game in the market thanks to Citizen Conflict. Additionally, with the upcoming release for AneeMate, we are confident it's going to be the game of the year.

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