KuCoin AMA with KuScriptions — The Infrastracture For Inscriptions

2024/01/11 06:30:24

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: January 10, 2024, 1:00 PM - 10:43 PM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the Community Growth Lead of KuScriptions, Jason, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Website: https://www.kuscription.com/

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Q&A from KuCoin to KuScriptions

Q: Please briefly introduce yourself and KuScriptions.

Jason: Hello everyone, I am Jason. I have been working in the blockchain industry for 3 years. KuScription is built by an experienced dapp development team consisting of 10 members. Due to the popularity of inscriptions, we started paying attention to the field of inscriptions. In mid-December, we discovered that someone had deployed a project called KCCS Inscription on the KCC chain. Considering that there was no inscription infrastructure on KCC at that time, we decided to deploy KuScription on KCC to provide a better user experience. We are pleased to have received recognition and support from the community. I can briefly share some data, as of today we have a total of 450K+ unique users visiting and using our products, with a total inscription deployment of 23,511. Max DAU 9000+. Our team believes that inscriptions will become an important topic in the future market, so we will continue to work hard to improve KuScription and provide better services and experiences.

Q: Can you briefly explain what inscriptions are?

Jason: Sure. Inscriptions originated from the Bitcoin network and were proposed by a community member. The logic behind it is to inscribe text and information on satoshis. Satoshis are the smallest unit of Bitcoin and can be sorted using ordinal theory to generate corresponding serial numbers. In other words, inscriptions are a truly decentralized currency issuance method that is permanently stored on the blockchain. Later, this inscription method was also applied to EVM public chains, including the inscriptions deployed by the KCCS, KOKS, and other communities. Anyone can inscribe inscriptions on the blockchain. Of course, this involves many details that I won't go into. Interested friends can search for related information online, there are many interesting articles.

KuScription is the infrastructure for inscriptions. We provide one-stop deployment, inscription, transfer, trading, and inscription management services. Our goal is to expand the application scenarios of inscriptions and provide users with a platform to freely participate in inscriptions. We are surprised and grateful for the support from KuCoin, KCC, and the community. We will also focus on developing KRC20 inscriptions, so that more users can participate.

Q: What are the plans for KuScription in the next few months?

Jason: The first important plan is that we will launch the OG rewards airdrop, January 11th, to incentivize early participants in the KCC inscription track. The airdrop of the first OG box will be based on the user's trading volume, activity, and OG invitation score in the past month. Of course, you can also earn points by sharing KuScription on social media and inviting more friends to join the community. Season 1 boxes are divided into four different levels, with higher levels being rarer. In the future, there will be KCS, platform governance tokens, and other mysterious props and gameplay based on the boxes opened. OG rewards will run throughout the product lifecycle and will have more uses in the future, so stay tuned.

The second plan is about product upgrades. We will soon launch the floor-sweeping function and depth display to better facilitate users in purchasing inscriptions. At the same time, KuScription has started researching the next generation of inscription indexing, inscription exchange, and liquidity functions. These functions will allow users to easily exchange inscriptions for tokens, improve liquidity, and facilitate integration with exchanges. In addition, we are planning inscription staking and a brand new inscription governance function. We will launch inscription staking mining, trading mining, and other functions around inscriptions to better incentivize users to participate in community building, strongly tied to Season 2 airdrop season. KuScription also plans to deploy on multiple chains in the future to aggregate inscription liquidity from other chains.

Q: Can you share any plans regarding the marketing?

Jason: We are actively promoting the development of KuScription. In terms of marketing, we recently listed KuScription on inscription dapp markets such as Bitget and TokenPocket, and have been in talks with some well-known capital parties and incubation institutions. We will gradually announce these collaborations. However, please remember that we believe inscriptions will become the leaders of the next bull market, and KuScription aims to become the next KuCoin in the inscription market. Please follow our Twitter or join the community to get the latest information.

Q: Can you share some popular inscriptions at the moment?

Jason: Of course, but I need to remind everyone not to take my views as investment advice. Based on platform trading volume, community activity, and other indicators, we currently have three popular inscription communities, namely KCCS, KOKS, and ILKC. KCCS and KOKS are community-deployed inscriptions, while ILKC is an inscription deployed by Johnny after he paid attention to us. We are very pleased to have Johnny's recognition. Recently, we also launched an identification system to publicly and transparently evaluate inscriptions, taking into account factors such as community activity, holding addresses, and trading volume. Of course, if you wish, you can also issue inscriptions on KuScription and build your own community.

Q: Anything else you would like to share?

Jason: Please make sure you have joined our OG event and don't miss out on this airdrop. Additionally, KuScription's vision is to contribute to the development of the inscription market. Therefore, we hope that more communities, users, and project parties will adopt KRC20 inscriptions and deploy inscriptions through KuScription to participate in our ecosystem. We hope that partners in the KuCoin community can learn more about KuScription and inscriptions. We warmly welcome everyone to experience our products. If you have any suggestions, you can also provide feedback in the community, and we will continuously improve.

Free-Ask from the KuCoin Community to the KuScriptions Team

Q: You have mentioned earlier that there will be an OG rewards airdrop tomorrow, will it require a Gas fee? Also, What's the benefit of Having KCCS, KOKS, and ILKC in the future?

Jason: It will cost you a little bit of gas to claim and open the box, but it will be less than $0.001. Holding popular inscriptions will grant you access to the mystery box. But these 3 projects are built by the community and we will keep supporting them for sure.

Q: Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners or is it only limited for professional users?

Jason: KuScription is very easy to use and get on. You can check our website.

Q: Are you planning to burn tokens to increase token value and attract investors to invest so your token will be more profitable to hold?

Jason: Yes, we have already conducted our first burn a few days ago. And we will keep doing that. You can check this one out.

Q: In terms of security and transparency, what measures does KuScription take to ensure the safety of user’s data and inscriptions transactions on its platform?

Jason: For the security side, we developed the indexer independently and we will also soon open source them to the public. In the future, we will launch a community governance plan which users can vote for important decisions based on their holding of our governance token.

Q: What's the uniqueness of OG that can not be found in other projects that's been released so far? Give me the best reasons why I should choose you?

Jason: As we shared, KuScription has a lot of community support from the beginning and we appreciate that for sure. We also value the role OG plays in spreading our names. OG rewards will run throughout the product lifecycle and will have more uses in the future. Please join us and you guys are still early.

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