LuckyRaffling Guide to AI Token Special: Intro, Walkthrough, and Tips

2021/06/16 10:32:40

KuCoin has launched the LuckyRaffling AI Token Special today. Users can start betting AI tokens to win more AIs in the LuckyRaffling game.

What is LuckyRaffling

KuCoin users can select prizes on the LuckyRaffling page (each prize will be split into N pieces of lucky codes) and exchange crypto for lucky codes. When the lucky codes are sold out, the system will randomly select one lucky code as the winning code through an open and transparent algorithm. The user who owns this code will win the prize, and the system will issue the reward within 3 working days.

One user can participate in the activities of the same prize multiple times before the draw (Unlimited participation times, except for special activities). The more codes you have, the greater your chances of winning.

How to participate in AI Token Special (App user exclusive)

Activity Period: From 04:00:00 on June 16, 2021 to 04:00:00 on June 19, 2021 (UTC)

Activity Reward: AI tokens

Follow the guide below to participate in the LuckyRaffling.

Step 1: Click to download the updated version of KuCoin App, log into your KuCoin account then tap “KuCoin Win”.

Step 2: Tap “LuckyRaffling” to enter the games

Step 3: Choose the number of AIs you want to bet, and tap “Buy Now” to enter the details page

Step 4: Check the betting details shown on the page, and tap “Buy now”


1) After the winning result has been announced, the platform will issue AI tokens as the prize to the winner's Main account within 3 working days. The betting funds of users who do not win will not be returned.

2) The value of the prizes is based on the reference price on the page of the activity.

3) Each product is shown online for up to 3 weeks. If the code is not sold out in 3 weeks, the betting funds will be automatically returned to the Main account.

Step 5: Place the number of order and tap “Confirm” to proceed.

KuCoin Win’s “LuckyRaffling” is open for participation. Click the updated version of KuCoin App to join the game!

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