KuCoin AMA With ChainGuardians (CGG) — Empowering Digital Existence

2022/06/24 10:31:16

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: June 21, 2022, 10:00 AM - 11:10 AM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the co-founder of ChainGuardians and Cryptoverse, Robbeh, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Project Introduction

Cryptoverse is a 3D metaverse composed of the collective imagination. The vision for the ChainGuardians team has always been to play an increasingly pivotal role in the creation of The Open Metaverse. Although The Cryptoverse is to be incorporated as a foundation, the founding team of ChainGuardians will be leading the initial development of The Cryptoverse before the project becomes increasingly decentralized through governance-related decision-making. In creating The Cryptoverse, we aim to empower users through a decentralized economy to maintain control of their creations and flourish in their enjoyment of experience through digital representations of the Self.

Official Website: http://www.cryptoverse.vip

Whitepaper: https://docs.cryptoverse.vip/the-cryptoverse/welcome/introduction

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Robbeh — Co-founder of ChainGuardians and Cryptoverse

Q&A from KuCoin

Q: It is clear that decentralization is massively important for Cryptoverse. What is the team doing to make this a reality?

Robbeh: It's probably worth noting that Cryptoverse is the latest product or project to launch off the back of the ChainGuardians ecosystem.

Cryptoverse is a 4D metaverse underpinned by blockchain technologies and was built in Unreal Engine 5. A number of Estates and parcels empower users to become digital real estate owners, where they can build and monetize experiences through content on their LAND. Decentralization is at the cornerstone of the metaverse we're creating alongside the owners.

A largely important part of governance will be the world-building that will occur within the Cryptoverse. We receive several queries asking 'will I be able to do this?' or 'will I be able to do that?' and, while we'll put certain foundations in place to get us started, the players/users will ultimately rule supreme and decide the story of how the Cryptoverse unfolds.

Q: The Cryptoverse LAND mint is now live! Why do you think this is important, and what makes it stand out from other LAND minting tools out there?

Robbeh: After holding our primary LAND sale back in March, users were finally able to mint their LAND inside the Cryptoverse yesterday. Our Metaverse, constructed in Unreal 5, will be a high poly experience, has a larger surface area than Greater London, and is over 5X the size of Hong Kong island. It is BY FAR the largest decentralized Metaverse in the world (that we know of).

Being the largest and most unique/bespoke meant fresh challenges with the LAND minting platform.

Due to the sheer size and uniqueness of the Metaverse, with those parameters in mind, creating a LAND minting tool that could deal with the intricacy of having over 500,00 uniquely shaped and sized locations to pick from posed huge challenges. A full map of unique 3D objects necessitated a technologically advanced, cutting-edge solution, which we created from the ground up. The LAND minting tool is now available, allowing players to choose where they want to begin their Cryptoverse adventure.

All other LAND minting tools up until this point dealt with fairly straightforward shapes (all squares or rectangles).

Q: The Cryptoverse Marketplace is now live! How does it work, and what have you set out to achieve by launching your own marketplace?

Robbeh: We've been around long enough to understand what makes a marketplace successful. But, further, add to that some of the potential drawbacks. For example, one of the big things about standard NFT marketplaces is that they follow a typical format, and while this is useful for users from a user experience point of view (they're familiar with the interface), it poses many issues with regards to the available information for complex projects.

The Cryptoverse marketplace idea is designed to enhance the users' control over their assets and make trading their LAND NFTs as simple as possible by providing detailed information so that they can make informed decisions about buying and selling LAND.

In other words, as most marketplaces only allow projects to display NFTs as stationary images (or, best case, a video), it lacks the information required to assess the location of a piece of digital LAND. As a result, the front end lacks the information necessary to make informed decisions.

So the Cryptoverse marketplace is streamlined to present visual information and cues, so users fully understand the locations of the digital LAND to make informed decisions about trading/buying/selling. The fees are also the lowest for Cryptoverse assets - and it looks amazing - just like everything else in the Cryptoverse! We just launched it yesterday, and it's already thriving. So give it a shot, and let us know how it goes!

Q: How can users who missed out on LAND this round get LAND?

Robbeh: Approximately 18% of the LAND was sold to some private LAND sale purchasers and the public in pre-sales. Therefore, in the future, there will be more LAND sales. Likely not until next year, so in the meantime, I'll try to provide some information on this.

With the introduction of the Cryptoverse marketplace, a thriving secondary market has already emerged. If someone wants to join us in the Cryptoverse, the easiest way is to get some CGG (on Kucoin, of course!) and go to the marketplace.

Q: What is next for users who bought and minted their LAND in the Cryptoverse?

Robbeh: There are several things that users can do to get prepared for the Metaverse launch. In line with this, some of the most fun I had with Decentraland was before the metaverse even launched. I loved:

1) Speculating on the best areas.

2) Buying/selling/trading based on these speculations.

3) Learning how to build my content (learning Blender/Maya for modeling purposes).

4) Speaking with the community and meeting new people who would be my virtual neighbors.

But of course, there are more direct options to consider as well. If you have a LAND in the Cryptoverse, we urge you to think about what you want to do with it immediately. If you want to launch a business, open a shop, create a game, open a gallery or create any experience, you can start molding it and designing it now before importing it when the tools are ready.

In addition, players will be able to stake their LAND to obtain PRANA sooner (our in-world reputation system, which rewards engagement and interactivity). Perhaps you'd like to sell the land on the Marketplace! It's all up to the person. We've got a lot planned for the coming year, and we can't wait to share it with our community!

Q: What are your top priorities in the next twelve (12) months for Cryptoverse?

Robbeh: Building a world from scratch seems like everything is a priority! But I'll try to condense it a little.

There is a team of 20+ full-time employees working in the Cryptoverse, including world-class developers with professional expertise from companies like Activision, Disney, and Marvel. So the future is going to be exciting.

We recognize the significance of striking a balance between talking and showing, so we'll be ramping up our marketing in the coming year to continue to give our audience a glimpse inside the metaverse - we're constructing the world's highest polygon & biggest metaverse, and we think people will enjoy being a part of this growing world and community.

There is a multiple strand focus:

1) Creating smart procedural tools to empower content creators, developers, and users (LAND building tools, for example).

2) Developing smart server architecture so users can experience high poly content seamlessly.

3) Providing comprehensive documentation for code-savvy developers to integrate third-party code into Cryptoverse.

4) Creating exciting content owned by Cryptoverse for the experience.

5) Growing the community and number of LAND owners (marketing).

6) Moving towards/implementing governance as soon as possible!.

Free-Ask from KuCoin Community

Q: Are you currently working on a new hero or guardian? I understand that most of your heroes are related to cryptocurrencies or exchanges like, for example, Binancio = Binance. Which one will be next?

Robbeh: While this is mostly a ChainGuardians question, it does cross over into Cryptoverse. You're right that each hero represents a different blockchain project (we even have a Kucoin hero - KuKu!). The intent for the CG heroes, other than the RPG, is to make them usable in Cryptoverse as avatars and perhaps even within a CG game in Cryptoverse.

Q: What is the relationship between $POW, $cDAFA, and $cGENNIB to the ChainGuardians project? How do they all coexist?

Robbeh: The $POW token is a fractionalized token that enables users to stake $CGG to earn $POW, and then they can stake $POW to earn the C-tokens. In turn, redeem C-TOKENS for NFTs to use across the ecosystem. This is a gamified system to encourage users to learn about blockchain technology, as well as earn rewards for staking $CGG

Q: Is your project only for elite investors? How about others with small funds? Is it open to everyone?

Robbeh: Users could get a piece of digital land for as little as $180 in the pre-sale. You might be able to get one even cheaper on the secondary marketplace, which I previously shared. Cryptoverse access is designed to be free, but ownership will cost you some.

Q: What benefits do those using CGG tokens get on the Cryptoverse Marketplace? Can CGG owners contribute to the governance of the platform by being involved? What privileges will CGG holders gain in governance?

Robbeh: The entire purchase/sales of digital LAND on Cryptoverse marketplace is conducted in $CGG. So it is the primary token for buying/selling.

And $CGG is the governance token for the entire ecosystem. It is set to be implemented in Q3 this year. The utility for $CGG expands far and wide into ChainGuardians' RPG, ChainBoost and Cryptoverse.

Q: Having probably the biggest decentralized LAND in the Metaverse, what other facilities, let's say, areas, will you sell other than just LAND?


1) Pre-built apartments/condos to invite your friends into your virtual space.

2) Business offices for virtual office meetings.

3) Event areas for hosting live sessions/AMAs and more.

4) Art galleries for displaying your favorite NFTs/supporting your favorite projects.

Other assets to be sold include the likes of travel/vehicles, avatars, and wearables. All bought/sold in $CGG, of course

Giveaway Section

KuCoin and ChainGuardians have prepared a total of 15,500 CGG to give away to AMA participants.

1. Free-ask section: 700 CGG

2. AMA activity: 14,800 CGG

Quiz: 12,000 CGG

Price Guess: 1,800 CGG

Participation Rewards: 1,000 CGG

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