KuCoin AMA With Ta-Da (TADA) — Beyond Today's AI: Data Collection, Labelling and Content Management

2024/02/23 10:57:44

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: 12:00 PM ~ 1:07 PM on February 22, 2024 (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session within the KuCoin Exchange Group featuring Valentin Thouron the CEO of Ta-Da.

Official Website: https://ta-da.io/

Whitepaper: https://docs.ta-da.io/introduction/overview

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Q&A from KuCoin to Ta-Da

Q: Can you tell us about Ta-Da's vision and mission? What is the motivation behind the creation of Ta-Da?

Valentin: Ta-da comes from Vivoka, our voice recognition and AI company. We specialize in speech recognition and create AI models for our voice assistants using machine learning. The problem arises when we need a huge amount of data to train new language models as languages evolve. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task, with agencies providing us with mediocre data and open-source solutions not always up to the job.

Looking back, we realized it's not just a problem in speech recognition, but in many areas (computer vision, content management, etc.). That's why we launched Ta-da! Our aim with Ta-da is to give companies making AI models the best data while making sure contributors get paid fairly. We want to connect high-quality data with the needs of exciting AI projects!

Q: What issue have the creators of Ta-Da identified with current datasets available on the market for training AI and machine learning models?

Valentin: It can be solved in 3 main problems: Quality, Price, Diversity. Today, one of the most complicated and constraining factors in training AI models is data quality. The data available on the Internet is not always good, and the service providers we have used are not up to the task. They never check the data before sending it to us... At Ta-da, there's a big focus on verification and proof of data before it's sent.

Regarding the price, agencies specializing in data collection or annotation are often very/too expensive. This makes for a global selection of companies capable of buying good data. This is often due to their additional costs (having to hire service providers to carry out the tasks, pay precise studios, and all the logistics). At Ta-da, we offer access to a much larger panel, at a much lower cost.

Finally, diversification of data is essential to train a model correctly. An easy example: to train voice assistants, you need a wide range of voice recordings (women, children, men, accents, different ages, etc.). With the worldwide community expanding, we're making it possible to obtain these panels.

Q: What is the nature of the partnership with KuCoin?

Valentin: Ta-da has established key partnerships with top-quality partners. KuCoin is obviously one of them (the token was just listed a few hours ago)! It’s a real honor to work with KuCoin. The initial support provided by KuCoin Ventures was incredible, and will help us in our development. To be listed on Kucoin is also a sign of credibility for our project and of the strong collaboration we want to push forward together.

We were privileged to receive the support of KuCoin because it is a major player in the crypto-currency ecosystem. This collaboration not only confirms the promise and importance of Ta-da's offering, but also opens up new opportunities for collaborative innovation. Working hand in hand, Ta-da and KuCoin are committed to pushing the boundaries of blockchain and artificial intelligence, providing solutions that meet the challenges of the future!

Q: Could you offer concrete examples of real-world applications or use cases where Ta-Da has been implemented effectively?

Valentin: Yes, of course! I can give two concrete examples that illustrate our impact. One example involves Sensory (USA based company), a developer of French voice assistants, in need of numerous hours of voice recordings. Thanks to our community, which generated and verified these recordings, we provided them with good quality data in just a few days. The triple check of the data by our community was particularly appreciated by the client.

Another example is IDENTT, which required the community to record videos to enhance their biometric security model. By recording videos, including selfies with masks, our community contributed to the verification process. Our analysis indicates that approximately 97% of the entire dataset we provided meets their expectations, underscoring the accuracy and reliability of our technology.

A third case, currently confidential, involves a client requiring video annotations related to sign languages. This use case highlights the overall capability of Ta-da to address entirely different types of end uses. We have over 20 customers to integrate into the application!

Q: How does Ta-Da plan to tackle the scalability challenges as the project grows?

Valentin: We're already putting everything in place to meet the diversity of customer’s requirements. Whether in terms of the type of data requested or the associated methodology (whether in terms of obtaining community, technical mechanism, or application usage).

On the technical side, we have also set up a scalable infrastructure that will be able to respond to a large number of requests. Alongside this, we have a huge recruitment drive underway to continue structuring our team. For those interested, you may check it here.

Q: What milestones and developments is the Ta-Da team aiming to achieve in both the short and long term? Additionally, are there any upcoming events or updates that the community should be eagerly anticipating?

Valentin: First of all, we just announced our listing on KuCoin! In addition to this, we have a big airdrop of +$500,000 today. Our community deserves to be rewarded! In addition to this, we obviously cannot say everything here, but there are major new developments arriving in 3 aspects.

1. On the application, you may have already seen a leak of the new profile last week. It will be more and more interesting for the community both in terms of the UI and features.

2. Concerning customers, very new ones will arrive on the application. New tasks will be available for the community.

3. Partnership: we must remain discreet about future announcements, but they will be very pleasing to the community, and will still allow us to grow.

We're really focused on making an app that's useful/effective, professional, and fun!

Free-Ask from the KuCoin Community to Ta-Da

Q: What unique features does TADA offer that set it apart from other blockchain projects?

Valentin: Today, no blockchain project combines web2 & web3 to such an extent in the context of data collection and annotation as we do. What's more, our ability to onboard all types of use cases in an application (within the limits of feasibility) makes us a unique player in the context of data collection.

Q: Partners play a crucial role in enhancing the ecosystems of various projects. Can you provide us the details of your project's partners and adopted partnership strategy?

Valentin: Nowadays, we carefully select our partners. Whether they are technological, technical or with a view to deploying new communities. Whether it's our previous announcements, or our future announcements, each time we put at heart the fact of promoting a healthy, ambitious & useful collaboration.

Q: Are You Planning to Launch Your App on iOS/Android? Or It Will Only Be Supported on the Browser?

Valentin: As of the moment, we've launched the beta version of the mobile application on iOS and Android. The web version will come later and it will be useful for specific use-cases where the phone is not practical. You can join the closed beta by finding an access code on Twitter and by visiting here.

Q: How does Ta-Da's data validation process ensure high quality datasets?

Valentin: As explained in our Whitepaper, there is an intra-application verification mechanism for the data produced. On one hand, people in the community produce the data (requested by the customer), and on the other hand, there are several checkers (from the community too) who verify it. And only when a consensus has been calculated does the data become valid (let's imagine that 4 out of 5 checkers validate the data, if it's the customer's request, then the data is validated).

Q: Who is the target audience of your project? Is it the crypto beginners or the professional users? Does it cater to both?

Valentin: The first target audience is necessarily the web3 audience because we are on a blockchain, but very quickly we want to open up to the whole world, with web2 classic codes. For this, one of our missions is to develop the UI/UX of our application in the best way, and to use it on a daily basis.

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