KuCoin AMA With GT Protocol (GTAI) — The Future of Web3: Blockchain AI Execution Technology

2024/02/07 02:51:57

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: February 5, 2024, 12:00 PM-1:51 PM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the Co-Founder of GT Protocol, Balaban Vladyslav, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: https://www.gt-protocol.io/

Whitepaper: https://docs.gt-protocol.io/overview/welcome-to-gt-protocol

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Q&A from KuCoin to GT Protocol

Q: Could you briefly introduce yourself? Who are the key members, and what expertise do they bring to the project?

Vlad: I am one of the co-founders of GT Protocol. The second co-founder, Peter, and I have been cooperating with each other for more than 11 years now. I met Peter when I was 17 years old, and now I am 28, so we have shared a long journey together. Other core team members have been cooperating with us for 3 to 7 years now. As a team, we embarked on our journey long before starting GT Protocol, which we established in 2019. Originally from Ukraine, we relocated to Spain, Europe, and Bangkok, Thailand due to the war. We have built a very strong team, currently comprising 45+ in-house members, with recent additions such as Seedify and a former KuCoin VP. We work diligently and take pride in giving our best.

We successfully navigated through the bear market in 2022-2023 and overcame the challenges of the war in Ukraine, although we tragically lost some team members to rocket attacks. However, we relocated and successfully rebuilt our team. Nothing can deter us from our dream and idea of building the top AI company in the world, serving humanity. We deeply value this opportunity and are committed to continuing to give our best.

We have been on the market for four years already, and I believe our journey will continue for at least another 20-50 years, or as long as Peter and I are alive. I hope others can carry forward our mission after we're gone.

Q: What is the GT Protocol, and what products do you build?

Vlad: GT Protocol is an AI company dedicated to simplifying complex tasks through AI technology. We recognize that disparities exist between top-tier countries and those classified as third-party due to limited access to quality education and resources. Our mission is to bridge this gap by leveraging AI to empower both educated and uneducated individuals, enabling equal access to opportunities.

One of our flagship products is AI execution technology, an AI model designed to facilitate portfolio management, crypto asset purchasing, rebalancing, and AI-driven trading/investment. Integrated with various platforms such as CEX, DEX, and NFT platforms, this technology enables users to manage their portfolios effectively, regardless of their financial literacy. Additionally, our AI serves as an educational tool, providing detailed explanations and guidance to users, thereby facilitating their transition from uninformed to informed individuals. Users can also utilize AI for market analysis, leveraging its capabilities for deep off-chain or on-chain analytics and generating custom reports as per their requirements.

Furthermore, our non-custody trading investment platform, operational since 2020, offers users the opportunity to invest in pre-built investment strategies on Web3 markets, yielding attractive APYs ranging from 110% to 2000%, depending on risk tolerance. Users can also create their own algorithmic trading and investment strategies tailored to their preferences. Our platform boasts unique tools such as AI trading indicators, outperforming traditional indicators like Bollinger Bands by at least 25%. Features like "Trend changer" automatically switch deals from long to short positions, enhancing trading efficiency. While we have other products in the pipeline, they are currently in the early stages of development. Interested individuals can find more information on our social media channels in due course.

Q: It would be great if you could update our community on the milestones you've achieved thus far and outline the key goals on your roadmap.

Vlad: We have accomplished several significant milestones:

1. User Base Growth: Our user base has expanded to over 80,000 users. Remarkably, the initial 50,000 users joined our platform organically, without any marketing efforts. This growth stemmed from our focus on product development and delivering high-quality results. Users were attracted to the platform due to its performance and satisfaction, prompting them to share it with their networks. Witnessing how our platform positively impacts people's lives and financial outcomes serves as our greatest motivation as founders.

2. Revenue Generation: Even before the launch of our AI product, we generated over $950,000 in revenue. Our revenue model entails charging users solely based on a fee from their profits, without imposing monthly subscriptions. This revenue achievement indicates that users generated significant profits by utilizing our application, showcasing its effectiveness and value.

3. Success Stories and User Empowerment: We have witnessed remarkable success stories among our users, exemplified by individuals transitioning from newcomers to professionals in Web3 and crypto investments. One such user, whom we met offline, initially joined as a beginner but has since generated over $222,000 in profit through our platform. We leverage these success stories to motivate and inspire other users, highlighting the accessibility of opportunities for everyone.

4. Partnerships with Tier 1 Players: We have forged partnerships with leading entities in the industry, including KuCoin, TRON, Bybit, Binance, and OKX. These collaborations with giants of Web3, alongside our partnership with ChainGPT, the top AI infrastructure provider in Web3, have been instrumental in our success. ChainGPT incubated us and provided invaluable support, playing a pivotal role in achieving our impressive results. Together, we envision becoming leaders in the AI Web3 market, leveraging their infrastructure solutions to further enhance our offerings.

Looking ahead, our future milestones include:

1. AI Product Launch: We are gearing up for the launch of our AI product, which marks a significant advancement in our capabilities.

2. Expansion of Partnerships: We aim to establish partnerships with more Tier 1 projects and chains, both at the L1 and L2 levels, to broaden our reach and collaboration network.

3. Market Expansion: In just two days, we are set to be listed on a top regulated investment platform in Europe, signaling our expansion into new markets and regulatory environments.

Q: Could you provide more information about your utility token $GTAI?

Vlad: We have put considerable effort into crafting robust tokenomics for $GTAI, offering a diverse range of utilities:

1) Token Burn Allocation: 10% of generated protocol fees and commissions are earmarked for token burning, enhancing scarcity and value.

2) Profit Fee Discounts: Users in the AI-powered Web3 investment marketplace enjoy discounts on profit fees.

3) Transactional Fee Discounts: Reduced transactional fees for users within the ecosystem.

4) In-App Purchases: Users can make in-app purchases, including acquiring NFTs, using $GTAI tokens.

5) API SDK Installation Fees: Charges for installing, subscribing to, and conducting transactions through the API SDK.

6) Listing Fees: Fees in $GTAI for creating Web3 investment funds, strategies, and listing them on the marketplace.

7) Cashback Payouts: Users receive GTAI tokens as cashback when utilizing AI shopping assistants.

8) DAO Voting Eligibility: Granting users eligibility to participate in DAO voting.

Additionally, we provide partners with API & SDK, enabling integration of GT AI models into third-party Web2 and Web3 platforms. This facilitates integration into various platforms such as CEXs, DEXs, NFTs, staking platforms, and e-commerce stores, empowering their audiences with AI conversational interfaces for portfolio management and investments.

Q: What is the GT Protocol AI shopping assistant, and how does it relate to Amazon, eBay, Microsoft, Apple, and other retail network vendors? How does it work?

Vlad: We have developed a child product aimed at simplifying online shopping using AI technology. Our GT AI models assist users in finding and purchasing goods online by ensuring the best price, quality, and delivery terms. Following a purchase, users receive cashback in $GTAI tokens, forming a clear and straightforward business model.

This approach offers a seamless entry point into the crypto space for Web2 audiences, eliminating the need for extensive education or knowledge, as well as the requirement to create accounts on web3 platforms or invest money upfront. Users simply make purchases and receive cashback in $GTAI tokens, accompanied by ongoing education and support from our AI.

Our AI also suggests reinvestment opportunities, allowing users to reinvest their cashback in activities such as staking, trading, or portfolio creation. With the retail market boasting billions of online shoppers annually, our aim is to tap into this vast audience and facilitate their transition into the Web3 ecosystem.

Our goal is ambitious: to capture a 5% share of the retail shopping market, thereby attracting 100 million users to GT Protocol within the next four years. This target serves as our guiding principle and key performance indicator (KPI), driving our efforts towards achieving mass adoption and democratizing access to the benefits of Web3 technology.

Q: Could you provide more details about your Ambassador program?

Vlad: We prioritize education as a core mission, aiming to empower individuals with knowledge about blockchain, Web3, and GT Protocol. To further this mission, we invite people to join our ambassador programs, comprising two levels:

1. GT Angels (Level 1) and GT Ambassadors (Level 2):

- Rewards: Ambassadors receive substantial rewards, including $GTAI, $USDT, NFTs, and more. These rewards represent only a fraction of the value and growth participants can expect.

- Guidance on Becoming a Crypto Influencer & Content Creator: Ambassadors will receive mentorship in becoming crypto influencers. Our educational program, led by an influencer with over 4 million followers, will unveil secrets and provide instructions for effective crypto blogging. As influencers promoting Web3 and blockchain, individuals have the potential to earn between $10K-$20K monthly, or even more.

- Personal Mentorship on Becoming a Crypto Millionaire: I will personally mentor five of our most efficient ambassadors on "How to Become a Crypto Millionaire". This opportunity is open to everyone, with the only limitation being one's mindset.

Those interested in joining the GT Protocol Ambassador program can find further details on my Telegram channel (accessible by clicking on my name). We welcome all individuals eager to contribute to our mission of educating and empowering others in the crypto space.

Free-Ask from the KuCoin Community to GT Protocol

Q: Do you think that GT Protocol's AI can change lives? How can it do it?

Vlad: Yes, absolutely. GT Protocol has already transformed the lives of 80,000 users. Some have generated over $200K in revenue, thanks to GT Protocol. We fundamentally alter the way people interact with their finances, transitioning from complex trading terminals to AI-powered voice commands. Just as Steve Jobs transformed phones from buttons to touch screens, we revolutionize financial management from convoluted terminals to AI-powered voice management. Education is just one facet of our journey. Users will be able to utilize AI for various tasks, including booking flights, purchasing goods online, and reserving hotels and restaurants—all with the simple use of AI, eliminating the need for phone calls.

Q: How do you interpret the use of artificial intelligence in every field in the future? Is it possible that people are unemployed, should we be worried about that?

Vlad: Yes, it's undeniable that many individuals will face job loss due to the advancement of AI technology. This can lead to increased stress, depression, and even suicides worldwide as people grapple with uncertainty about their futures. However, it's crucial that we navigate this transition as smoothly as possible. One approach is to focus on educating people on how to operate AI and become proficient AI operators. This shift can afford individuals more free time for personal development, spiritual growth, and honing artistic skills, all of which are immensely valuable pursuits. I would recommend exploring "2150 A.D" by Thea Alexander, a book that offers insights into the near future and the potential impact of technological advancements.

Q: Can you share some examples of successful use cases for GT Protocol's AI-powered conversational interface, and how it has helped users make more informed investment decisions?

Vlad: Here are the AI-powered functionalities and services offered by GT Protocol:

- AI buy/sell/swap/trade commands execution on CeFi, DeFi, NFT platforms

- AI portfolio management

- AI-powered automated trading, AI trading signals, AI arbitrage trading

- A deep AI off-chain and on-chain market analysis

- AI NFT management

- AI-powered Web3 onboarding education

- AI hotel, flights, restaurants booking

- AI shopping

Q: What sets your GTAI project apart from its competitors? How does your GTAI project compare to other similar projects in terms of scalability and adoption? Can you share your strategy for reaching non-crypto users and making your product mainstream?

Vlad: GT Protocol stands out in the Web3 space by offering a comprehensive suite of AI-driven solutions for portfolio, investment, asset, and trading management. Unlike other projects that may focus solely on one market, GT Protocol is uniquely integrated with decentralized exchanges (DEXs), centralized exchanges (CEXs), and NFT platforms, providing users with unparalleled access to various markets. Furthermore, GT Protocol's reach extends beyond the typical Web3 audience to include retail users, reflecting its broad goal and mission to positively impact humanity through AI technology.

By leveraging AI across multiple use cases, GT Protocol is pioneering a new approach to financial management and investment in the Web3 era. The platform's ambition to improve human lives through AI-driven solutions sets it apart as a visionary leader in the industry.

Q: Are suggestions and feedback from the community accepted by you? Do you take community input into consideration when making decisions?

Vlad: Yes, in our strategy we rely on 3 things:

1) Intuition

2) Business Metrics analysis

3) Feedbacks from customers and community

All 3 points are super important for us.

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