KuCoin AMA With De.Fi (DEFI) — Elevate Your Web3 Experience: The Ultimate SocialFi and Antivirus SuperApp

2024/02/07 02:54:58

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: February 6, 2024, 9:00 AM-10:29 AM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the Global Head of Ecosystems of De.Fi, Sonali Giovino, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: https://de.fi/

Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/6gcc23j3upipw9sq

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Q&A from KuCoin to De.Fi

Q: First, can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started with De.Fi?

Sonali: Yes, my name is Sonali, and I'm the Global Head of De.Fi Ecosystems.

I entered the crypto space around 2017 and began learning a great deal about cryptocurrency and the power of decentralization, which inspired me to organize in-person educational crypto workshops for people in Vancouver, Canada.

Subsequently, I became the first woman to produce the inaugural Blockchain Yacht Boat Cruise Conference on the West Coast of Canada, which was a sold-out event.

From there, I started receiving invitations to speak publicly on cryptocurrency, was recognized as a female leader in technology, and eventually got recruited by De.Fi.

Now, I am incredibly passionate and love working with De.Fi. Everyone, from the founders and the team to the project itself, is deeply passionate about what we are building for the community.

Q: De.Fi recently announced the world's first Crypto Antivirus suite. Can you tell us what this entails?

Sonali: De.Fi has pioneered the launch of the Crypto Antivirus, a comprehensive suite of security solutions designed to protect users from crypto scams and exploits.

It consists of two main tools, namely:

Shield: This unique tool is accessible for any crypto enthusiast, whether a beginner or a 'degen'. It performs automatic scans of your wallets, specifically targeting every smart contract you've ever approved. It alerts you to HIGH RISK contracts that exhibit vulnerabilities, making them susceptible to crypto scams, rug pulls, or honey pots. Users can revoke permissions directly from the De.Fi dashboard.

Scanner: This is an advanced smart contract scanner equipped with over 150 security detectors. It goes beyond scanning tokens and NFTs; the De.Fi Scanner can analyze ANY type of smart contract. It also informs you if there is any governance associated with the contract, combining dynamic and static analysis with liquidity analysis. It stands as the market's most comprehensive tool, now finally available for everyday users to verify the safety of any token, NFT, or staking contract.

Q: I’ve seen that you have something called the REKT database. Can you shed some light on how this is used?

Sonali: Yes, here is REKT Database.

De.Fi is the creator of the world's largest database of crypto scams and exploit reports. Many media publishers, such as Coindesk, TechCrunch, Cointelegraph, and Forbes, often use our database when reporting on crypto scams because it's the most reliable.

Anyone interested in learning more about a particular crypto scam to learn from it can use it. Most of our tools are free to use.

Q: I can imagine De.Fi must have some good investors and partners. Can you tell us a little about who's backing De.Fi?


De.Fi is supported by many esteemed investors, backers, and partners — over 500 in total! We are proud to collaborate so closely with many of them and are grateful that they share our core value of prioritizing the community.

As you can see, their valuable contributions have played a significant role in supporting the project's growth and sustainability.

Q: What is the utility behind the DEFI Token?

Sonali: DeFi token will a good amount of Utility

The DeFi token offers a significant amount of utility. DeFi token holders will have the opportunity to participate in both public and private sales on the De.Fi Launchpad. Additionally, they will gain access to product discounts and loyalty rewards programs.

Holders can also access many unique products by staking $DeFi, among other benefits. To learn more De.Fi Token Utility, you can visit this link.

Q: Can you tell us more about the eagerly awaited De.Fi Token sale?

Sonali: Exciting News!! The official DeFi Token is Finally Available on 7 top exchanges. De.Fi is listed on KuCoin, so if you are interested in joining this amazing opportunity, please do!

The Community has been eagerly and patiently waiting for the DeFi Token, and now it's finally here. You may check here for more information.

Q: What are some of the top things we should watch for in 2024 for De.Fi?

Sonali: You may check the De.Fi Road Map here. De.Fi has many exciting announcements coming up over the next few weeks. So, please stay tuned and follow us on Twitter and Telegram to keep up to date.

De.Fi Chat GPT - Coming soon

De.Fi Bridge Feature - Coming soon

DeFi Token listed on 8 Central Exchanges

Q: Would you mind telling us all the ways to get involved with De.Fi?

Sonali: Yes to participate in De.Fi:

A De.Fi Airdrop is coming soon, as already announced on our Twitter page. Users need to create their De.Fi profile account in order to get started.

You can create your De.Fi Profile here.

For more updates or to talk to us directly, follow us on Twitter, join our Telegram official community page, and try the De.Fi dashboard today.

Connect your wallet to experience the portfolio manager dashboard, APY aggregator, explore yields, crypto antivirus, SocialFi benefits and more.

Here’s the link to our website,Telegram, Twitter, and Blog.

Free-Ask from the KuCoin Community to De.Fi

Q: I believe De.Fi holds up very well in a bear market, and my question is: will De.Fi continue to perform well in future bear markets? Also, what measures will you take to ensure that De.Fi can maintain its resilience in a bear market?"

Sonali: So, De.Fi has managed to weather the bear market by focusing on the development of numerous products and partner integrations. As a result, De.Fi has launched the first Crypto Antivirus, created the largest REKT Database, and launched its SocialFi Profile.

The reason De.Fi will be able to scale and endure through another bear market is, firstly, because we are conservative in managing investor funds. We invest 90% into product development and in delivering everything we promised.

Also, De.Fi has so much to offer. I sometimes lose track because the platform is packed with so much value. Truly incredible!

Q: How does De.Fi define its role within the Web3 SocialFi landscape, and what sets it apart from other projects?

Sonali: The SocialFi platform we've just launched allows users to create their profile, gain followers, build a community, earn points, and receive rewards.

We are gamifying the onboarding process for Web3 and De.Fi, making it enjoyable to learn how to protect yourself, explore the best DeFi opportunities, and increase your following.

Our leaderboard showcases users with the most points and followers! We send out prizes and special rewards to top ranks on the leaderboard.

You'll need a De.Fi profile to participate in the upcoming De.Fi airdrop and for token tracking."

Create Your De.Fi Profile here.

Q: What have been your greatest project achievements to date? What does the future hold for the project?

Sonali: De.Fi is the first to support non-EVM chains like Cardano, Solana, 14 Cosmos chains, and more. We are the creators of the Crypto Antivirus - a security solution that is free and available for everyday users to protect themselves from crypto scams.

We also created the world's largest REKT Database. We are the authors of the Amazon Bestseller 'The Wall Street is Over,' which serves as your ultimate guide to DeFi. We launched the official DeFi token on January 31st on 7 top exchanges. Additionally, we produced the second-largest security event in Europe - the Web3 Security Conference.

Q: Can you explain the advantages of holding your token as a long-term investment? What motivates investors to keep your token for the long haul, and what benefits can they expect?

Sonali: Users will be able to earn 20% more with De.Fi's unique SuperClaim and Stake features.

The DeFi token is loaded with a huge amount of incredible utility that is not only useful but also offers security and yield opportunities.

De.Fi is committed to the long term. We all understand that holding onto a token can generate more yield than selling it right away. De.Fi is here to stay!

Q: Partnerships and collaborations play a crucial role in expanding the reach of every project. Could you provide a list of your current partners?


Here’s the list of our partners.

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