NFT Mystery Box in KuCoin Win, Now It's "Guardian Star" to Take You By Storm.

2021/09/24 05:46:38

KuCoin Win will be launching Guardian Star on September 24, 2021, a brand new NFT lucky draw game. It will create an easy-access for KuCoin's crypto enthusiasts to unbox surprising and valuable NFT collectibles with a low entry threshold. In this article, we'll briefly introduce you to what Guardian Star is, what potential value it provides to the users, as well as a simple walkthrough on how to participate.

1. What is "Guardian Star" in KuCoin Win?

Guardian Star is a lucky draw game in the form of mystery boxes, which contains fun elements of NFT, cryptocurrency, mythology, and constellations.

There are two types of boxes: 1) Rare and 2) Classic. Participants can choose their lucky mystery boxes to unbox various gifts. Each lucky draw costs only 10 USDT with a 100% guarantee of winning a cryptocurrency prize or an NFT prize that might be worth up to thousands of USDT.

The cryptocurrency prizes will be credited to the users’ KuCoin Main Account within around 10 minutes (A delay in the arrival of prizes may occur, so please wait patiently.) For the NFT prizes, winners can choose to hold, recycle it in the KuCoin Win platform, or even transfer it to NFT trading platforms such as OpenSea.

The winner who unboxes the Rare collectible will become the Polestar, and the system will start to calculate your tenure of it; if you win the rare box multiple times, your tenure will be prolonged. The one with the longest tenure will be able to occupy the cover of that box set and receive a surprising bonus in the features that will be released later.

2. What are the advantages of "Guardian Star"?

Low threshold to NFT with potential value.

Without complicated on-chain transfers, users only need to pay a fixed fee (10 USDT) to draw a mystery box with 100% guarantee of getting the customized constellation NFT or a cryptocurrency prize. You can also choose the "5 draws" option, using 50 USDT to draw 5 times automatically in one click, and feel the joy of opening mystery boxes with an ultra-speedy experience.

An interesting NFT experience with lucky and random probability

Unlike regular NFT purchases, Guardian Star creates a special type of NFT purchase process full of fun, surprises, and the possibility of obtaining super revenue. Users can also choose their lucky constellation before opening the mystery box, adding exclusive “memory value” to the NFT itself.

Platform recycling accelerates the improvement of NFT liquidity.

To maintain a convenient and simple NFT trading experience for users, the NFT obtained by the user in Guardian Star can be directly recycled in the KuCoin Win platform, which not only saves the user from tedious on-chain and cross-platform operations but also avoids the risk of volatility in return due to the lack of NFT liquidity.

3. How to play the “Guardian Star”

a. Log into your KuCoin account through the KuCoin App, and tap "KuCoin Win" on the homepage to enter the "Guardian Star" page.

b. Select a set of mystery boxes you like and check the details of each box.

c. Choose "1Draw" or "5 Draws" and pay.

d. Choose your lucky constellation and open the box. You will randomly win 1 box for 1 draw or 5 boxes for 5 draws.

4. Newbies Red Envelope Sharing.

To express our gratitude for users' support for KuCoin Blog and KuCoin Win new product, we welcome you to share the 500 USDT valued red envelopes (Only for new users). The amount of red envelopes are limited, first come, first served.

Instruction of How to Send & Receive Red Envelop

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