KuCoin AMA With A3S Protocol (AA) — Attaining Intent Abstraction with Smart NFTs

2023/12/25 09:16:01

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: December 22, 2023, 9:00 AM-10:10 AM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the Project Manager of A3S Protocol, Aveline in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: https://www.a3sprotocol.xyz/

Whitepaper: https://a3sprotocolcontact.gitbook.io/a3s-protocol/

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Q&A from KuCoin to A3S Protocol

Q: Please provide a concise overview of the A3S Protocol and introduce yourself to our community.

Aveline: A3S Protocol launched in mid-2022, It's an Interaction Abstraction layer aimed at revolutionizing blockchain interactions using Smart NFTs. These smart NFTs improve Smart Contract liquidity and composability, fostering a market for Intent Abstraction.

Our significant achievements include a top 2% ranking in GR14 and a second-rank Grantee in BNB Grant Dao. Our V1 product introduced NFT-gated addresses for secure, keyless wallet address transfers, enhancing DApp functionalities, as seen in our Daren Market collaboration.

We are currently deployed on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum One, and zkSync Era, with over 22,000 NFTs minted by 9,000+ owners. We've also introduced POW minting for customizable address strings and conducted a social experiment with over 4,600 participants to showcase transferable NFT addresses.

Our mission is to transform Web3 user behavior, from Account Abstraction for user-friendly addresses to Interaction Abstraction with Smart NFTs, aiming for Intent Abstraction with cutting-edge technology for an improved blockchain experience.

Q: What were the key motivations and goals behind developing the A3S Protocol? Please provide a detailed overview of the A3S Protocol's roadmap.

Aveline: For the first part of the question.

The A3S team aims to enhance user experience in the blockchain space and revolutionize how we interact with blockchain technology. Recognizing that wallets or addresses are the primary entry points into the crypto world, we identified a significant opportunity to improve their functionality and utility. Despite the essential role of addresses in on-chain activities and their rapid growth (over 80,000 new addresses are created daily), their usage has been limited due to the immutable nature of private keys. This often leads to users abandoning their addresses when private keys are compromised, losing historical on-chain interactions and data.

So, we at A3S aim to transform this mechanism by enabling the secure transfer of addresses, thus broadening their potential applications. We aim to make addresses more liquid, transferable, and valuable, offering a more seamless and secure blockchain experience. This initiative goes beyond merely enhancing address functionality; it's about creating new opportunities for interaction and transactions within the blockchain ecosystem. Our vision is to make blockchain technology more accessible and user-friendly, aligning with the evolving needs of the blockchain community.

And we are moving on to the second part of the question regarding our roadmap.

A3S Protocol is developing a new paradigm for on-chain interactions through three stages of abstraction.

Stage 1 - Account Abstraction: Focuses on making blockchain account interactions more user-friendly and intuitive, simplifying technical complexities to enhance user experience and lower the barrier for newcomers.

Stage 2 - Interaction Abstraction: This aims to streamline user engagement with blockchain applications, reducing complexity to make blockchain more accessible and seamless for everyday use.

Stage 3 - Intent Abstraction: The final stage, where the goal is to automate user intentions in blockchain interactions using AI and biometrics. This stage builds upon the previous phase's standardized and modularized interactions, enhancing efficiency and security and aligning blockchain technology more closely with user needs through SmartNFTs. You can find more details about our roadmap here.

Q: Can you update us on the current phase of development that the A3S Protocol has reached within its structured abstraction stages?

Aveline: Currently, A3S is in stage 2 - Interaction abstraction. We are focusing on modularizing interaction functionalities into NFTs. In October 2023, we proposed ERC-7513 to introduce Smart NFTs with executable logic and composability. Our aim with Smart NFTs and ERC-7513 is to foster an open market, easing code monetization for developers and expanding smart contract functionalities for users, thereby enhancing interaction freedom through customizable Smart NFTs. Feel free to check out our ERC proposal.

Q: Could you please provide an overview of what ERC-7513 is and its significance?

Aveline: I'm thrilled to introduce ERC-7513, our newly initiated ERC standard. So, in short, ERC-7513 simplifies complex on-chain operations by converting them into SmartNFTs, making blockchain interactions more accessible and efficient. For everyday users, ERC-7513 greatly simplifies blockchain interactions, reducing complexities and making the technology more user-friendly.

For developers, it opens up new possibilities for creating dynamic, interactive applications across sectors like digital art, gaming, DeFi, etc. The approval of ERC-7513 is a key milestone in A3S's roadmap, particularly as our current focus is on interaction abstraction. This standard is crucial in our mission to simplify blockchain interactions, making them more intuitive for a broader audience.

Q: Could you provide a detailed explanation of what Smart NFTs are?

Aveline: A Smart NFT is an enhanced version of a standard NFT, incorporating smart contract features. Unlike traditional NFTs denoting ownership of a unique blockchain asset, Smart NFTs are embedded with programmable logic, enabling them to interact and react to certain events or conditions.

Smart NFTs are dynamic and interactive, adaptable for various uses like access control, participation in DeFi protocols or integration into complex blockchain ecosystems. Smart NFTs' key features are their interoperability and composability, allowing them to interact with other smart contracts and dApps and become part of larger systems. This makes them versatile tools, offering functionalities beyond standard NFTs.

Q: Can you elaborate on the utility and role of the $AA token within the A3S Protocol ecosystem?

Aveline: At A3S Protocol, we've innovatively integrated the $AA token into a series of gamified queuing events designed as a social experiment to promote the concept of account abstraction to a boarder audience. These events serve as an educational tool and a channel for user engagement and interaction with our products.

Regarding token utility, participants in these events are rewarded with $AA tokens as a gesture of appreciation for their strategic participation. Users can use their $AA tokens to achieve higher returns within these events or to mint an exclusive series of A3S NFTs, further deepening their involvement in our ecosystem.

In the future, the $AA token will also play a pivotal role in our governance model. We plan to introduce a staking mechanism where users can stake $AA tokens in specific A3S addresses for a defined period. This staking will be instrumental in qualifying users for AS governance tokens, aligning with our commitment to decentralized project governance and encouraging active participation from our community members.

Q: What opportunities are available for KuCoin community members to actively engage in and contribute to the ongoing development of the A3S Protocol?

Aveline: We welcome all KuCoin community members to participate in A3S's journey. To get involved, please follow the A3S Protocol on Twitter and join our community on Discord.

We're excited to announce that the third round of our account abstraction social experiment is on the horizon!

This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to participate and experience our innovations firsthand. By joining this experiment, you'll contribute to our development and earn an $AA reward, which can now be traded on KuCoin!

Free-Ask from the KuCoin Community to A3S Protocol

Q: Can users create customized vanity A3S addresses?

Aveline: Yes! You can create customized vanity A3S addresses. We've introduced POW minting for customizable address strings.

Q: How will you leverage emerging technologies to enhance this project's functionality and user experience?

Aveline: In our final stage of abstraction, We'll be introducing AI and biometrics to automate user intentions in blockchain interactions.

Q: Is your platform suitable for beginners in the crypto space? Or is it exclusively designed for professional users?

Aveline: Of course, we are suitable for beginners. Lowering the entry bar and facilitating the mass adoption of Web3 is part of our vision.

Q: Your A3S Protocol project name is very interesting. Does it have any story behind it? Can you share with us the inspiration for approaching this name?

Aveline: A3S means abstract 3 times, in accordance with our roadmap of 3 Stages of Abstracting.

Q: Many projects often emphasize their 'long-term vision and mission,' but could you share your immediate objectives? What specific areas are you currently prioritizing?

Aveline: The team is working hard on the third round of the $AA account abstraction social experiment. We have adopted rules and strategies according to the feedback we got from previous games. Participants will be able to earn a $AA reward. Please stay tuned!

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