How to Claim Rate-Up Coupons and Level up Your Earn Income

2022/06/08 13:57:01

Whether we are talking about beginner or expert investors, or those that have little or massive portfolios, everyone would love to earn more - and we are trying to enable everyone to do just that. KuCoin is announcing its brand new product - Rate-Up Coupons to sharpen your passive income game.

Keep reading if you would like to know what Rate-Up Coupons are, as well as how they work.

Rate-Up Coupons: Explained

Rate-Up Coupons are coupons issued by KuCoin, and that can be used to increase the profitability of your KuCoin Earn products.

Using Rate-Up Coupons when purchasing products can increase the interest income the relevant products. We can use USDT as an example: If the interest rate of a USDT product is currently 2%, using a 5% interest rate coupon would increase the interest rate by 5%, coming up to 7% interest in total.

Interest obtained from using a Rate-Up Coupon on any Earn products will be issued to your Main Account on a daily basis.

How do Rate-Up Coupons Work?

KuCoin’s Rate-Up Coupons work on five core principles, namely:

  1. The coupons are used to increase the interest of a KuCoin product by a value specified on the coupon itself.
  2. KuCoin Rate-Up Coupons have a validity period, after which they become obsolete.
  3. Every coupon has a limit to how long it could boost the interest of a certain product.
  4. Each coupon has an upper limit of interest rate increase, which acts as the maximum amount of interest that can be obtained by a single interest rate increase coupon.
  5. Coupons have limited use, meaning they could only be used on certain KuCoin interest-bearing products.

Interest Rate Coupon

How to Obtain Rate-Up Coupons on Web & App

Now that we learned how KuCoin’s Rate-Up Coupons work, let’s see how we could obtain them.

There are several ways of obtaining the coupons, namely:

If you are accessing KuCoin from a browser, enter the KuCoin Earn page from the header, and then click on the Claim Bonus button on the left-hand side of the screen.

Navigating to the KuCoin Earn and Bonus Center Pages (Web)

This will lead you to the Bonus Center page, where you can check the current Rate-Up owned by your account, as well as enable you to claim a new coupon by entering the received code.

KuCoin Earn Bonus Center (Web)

The same process works if you are accessing KuCoin from a mobile app as well.

Navigating to the KuCoin Earn and Bonus Center Pages (App)

Receiving the Rate-Up Coupon Claim Code

The Rate-Up Coupon code will be distributed to the KuCoin community in numerous ways over time. After receiving the code, head over to the KuCoin Earn Bonus Center web page and enter the code to receive the corresponding coupon.

Claiming the Rate-Up Coupon (Web)

The same process applies if you are using the KuCoin app.

Claiming the Rate-Up Coupon (App)

KuCoin will automatically issue Rate-Up Coupons to users from time to time, and users who receive them can see their coupon balance on the KuCoin Earn Bonus Center page.

Rate-Up Coupon Dashboard

When it comes to checking your in-depth coupon activity via the KuCoin website, head over to the KuCoin Earn Bonus Center and click on the My Coupons button, as shown in the image below.

Rate-Up Coupon Dashboard Navigation (Web)

The coupon page shows used and unused coupons in two different tabs. When not in use, you can click on the unused coupons to activate them. If, however, they are in use, you can view the coupons’ start and end time, the asset they were applied to, increased interest, function, as well as current status.

When it comes to accessing the Rate-Up Coupon dashboard from the KuCoin app, the process is the same: Head over to the KuCoin Earn section, and click on the coupons to enter the Bonus Center page.

Rate-Up Coupon Dashboard Navigation (App)

Rate-Up Coupon Use

After receiving the coupon, the platform will notify you by showing a pop-up window. If the coupon could only be used for one product, clicking the Use button will lead you to the product subscription page.

On the other hand, if the coupon is applicable to multiple products, clicking the Use button will lead you to the KuCoin Earn page where you can select the product you would like to apply it to.

Rate-Up Coupon Pop-Up Window

In order to find out which products could be boosted with a Rate-Up Coupon, check the interest part of the table, which will display an additional percentage.

Potential Interest Boost Products

Clicking the Participate Now button will open up the subscription pop-up window. By default, the coupon with the highest interest rate increase rate will be selected. If you want to select a different coupon, click on the arrow (as shown below) to enter the coupon selection page.

KuCoin Earn Subscription Pop-Up Window

After selecting the desired Rate-Up Coupon, click Confirm to continue. If you do not wish to use the interest rate increase coupons, leave the selection box blank to confirm.

Rate-Up Coupon Selection Window

With all that being done, you are now successfully earning an increased interest rate by using a Rate-Up Coupon. In order to check if the coupon has been properly applied, enter the KuCoin Earn dashboard, which will show all your subscribed products. Hovering your mouse over the income field will show the applied Rate-Up coupon.

KuCoin Earn Subscription Dashboard

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