KuCoin Community Managers of the Year-2021

2022/01/06 08:16:35

2021 has witnessed a bull run in crypto industry, along with surge of KuCoin users. In this fruitful year, KuCoin Community Managers have played an important role helping us achieve the milestone of 10M users and localization worldwide. KuCoin has now supported 23 communities for different languages and zones across the world, with more than 500,000 community members, you may check out here: https://www.kucoin.com/land/community-collect

To express our gratitude and celebrate this wonderful year with all the communities, we announce to launch our first Community Managers of the Year for 2021. 10 Community Managers are on the list of this year.

The list is arranged in a random order.(CM will be used to refer as Community Manager)

#1-CM of Support - Steve from English Community

The candidate can always give full support and prompt response to customers inquires, as well as internal teams’ requests. Supportive, trustworthy, someone you can always rely on.

#2-CM of Expertise - Kafkas from Turkish Community

The candidate always has good ideas in daily work, resourceful and professional. He always surprises us by the completion of community goals.

#3-CM of Advices - Agata from Ru Community

The candidate always offers good suggestions in KuCoin product, management, and work procedure, sparing no efforts to make KuCoin a better platform and enterprise.

#4-CM of Pioneer - Vinh from Vietnamese Community

The candidate has entered some area that we have never set foot on and did a quite impressive work, Tiktok. We cannot wait to see more surprises from this team.

#5-CM of Techniques - Abeer from Arabic Community

The candidate can always find different approaches like bots, channels, methods to improve her work efficiency and recommend different resources to internal team to achieve goals.

#6-CM of Management - Pankaj from Indian Community

The candidate manages a very strong team and able to lead the team like one, united and organized. Always ready to help achieve the goals of community.

#7-CM of Enthusiasm - Eneko from Spanish Community

The candidate is always enthusiastic to recommend different projects and opportunities to KuCoin. Through his recommendations, we get a early glimpse of the market trend and competitors’ moves. And he has hold a new meet-up in December to promote KuCoin to Spanish users.

#8-CM of Burst - Phantonce from Nigerian Community

Ever since the birth of Nigerian community, Phantonce has shown his competence of building a community from ground. Even the community has been built only for 2 quarters, it has achieved remarkable accomplishments, including member growth and community vibe.

#9-CM of South America - Diego from Portuguese Community

Being the CM of KuCoin Portuguese, Diego has been very supportive to KuCoin’s expansion in the South America market. Whenever there is a request from internal team. Diego always offers support with initiative and multiple methods.

#10-CM of Rising Star - Florian from German community

The candidate is new to KuCoin fam, but he has been very fast to grasp what’s required for the job and give full endeavors to his work. And he has been helping to build the Discord channel with expertise.

Each CM will receive a Gold Card for his/her services in KuCoin, we are grateful for all your services for before, of and after 2021.


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