KuCoin AMA With XCarnival (XCV) — Your NFT Multi-chain Liquidity Provider

2022/11/04 09:23:00

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: November 2, 2022, 10:30 AM - 11:29 (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with Kai, the Chief Operations Officer of XCarnival and a Core Contributor of ChaChaSwap, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: https://xcarnival.fi/Home

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yzvEmYK87U58gaSR5tQDxqMcGgFHvBjn/view?usp=sharing

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Kai — COO of XCarnival and Core Contributor of ChaChaSwap

Q&A from KuCoin

Q: Please introduce yourself and the background of the XCarnival team.

Kai: This is Uncle Kai from XCarnival. I am currently in charge of the overall operation. I have been responsible for the operation of several BSC Gamefi projects before. I am very happy to have the opportunity to communicate with everyone in the KuCoin community at this time.

XCarnival is Web 3's financial infrastructure protocol that provides multi-chain, secure NFTFi financial services for NFT assets, including collateralized lending, NFT Dex/AMM, liquidity management, and financial data analysis of NFTs.

Q: Please describe the product features of XCarnival.

Kai: XCarnival is the only NFT mortgage lending protocol that supports peer-to-peer and peer-to-pool modes in a cross-chain/multi-chain environment, focusing on the NFTFi track. In addition, the protocol for mortgage lending or liquidity solutions also supports the greatest number of asset kinds concurrently.

Q: Please share some of your thoughts on current NFT assets.

Kai: The NFT market is still in the early stages of development. PFP, game props, and land assets are some examples of NFT assets currently in the launch stage.

Many Projects now contain new application scenarios like financial bills and Pass NFT. These elements of the future asset market are currently in development.

Although the entire industry is currently in a bear market, asset market volume will undoubtedly increase explosively when the next bull market arrives. We are also gradually laying out the NFTFi track, and we are confident that NFTFi will be a future trend.

Q: What is the current situation of XCarnival, and what are your plans for future developments?

Kai: XCarnival has now completed the launch of products with various lending functions on both BNB Chain and Ethereum, providing Peer to Peer and Peer to Pool services simultaneously.

We will continue to move forwards in the future, providing liquidity services on Solana, Polygon, and other new public chains like Aptos. As well as the ongoing promotion of ecological construction in the NFTFi field, we will soon include the NFT AMM product to strengthen the NFTFi layout and keep building.

Q: What are the advantages of XCarnival over other NFT projects?

Kai: In comparison to other liquidity protocols, XCarnival supports multi-chain. Aside from that, multi-asset lending products are available as well. In addition, more institutional support has been provided, including A&T, Waterdrop, GSR, EVG, and others.

In terms of ecology, including collaboration with wallets, NFT DEX/AMM, third-party data platforms, and so on, XCarnival's upstream and downstream ecological construction is more compact and plentiful.

Free-Ask from KuCoin Community

Q: What is the most ambitious goal of your project?

Kai: We are a global project. We are keeping updated with the high-speed development of the NFTFi field. Including the fractional/AMM track. Soon you will see the renovation of XCarnival and our overall upgrade on the BNB chain. By then, we will have the new staking mechanism alive to maximize the revenue.

Q: Where can I buy XCV? Can I get it only by holding it?

Kai: We will be listed on KuCoin tomorrow! You can buy XCV on Gate.io & MEXC as well.

Q: Do you have any technological solutions or plans to enhance user trust?

Kai: Security is something we prioritize highly. You can find our audit report on the following:

  1. PeckShield
  2. Cetrik

We are also announcing our "Security Star" plan. Details can be found on Twitter:

  1. Round 2 Audited by PeckShield
  2. Launching Audit Contest for Education

Q: What is your strategy to attract new users and investors to your platform and keep them long-term?

Kai: All of our community members are committed to improving the liquidity and transaction efficiency of the multi-chain NFT ecosystem. Excellent liquidity management is the most important aspect of an outstanding NFT project.

So we work on the brand new NFT AMM besides lending protocol. More details will be released in the following weeks.

Q: Do you have a bug bounty program?

Kai: Yes, we do. We have a bug bounty program with immunefi. You can see the details here.

Q: What is your strongest advantage that will make your team lead the market?

Kai: We are actively solving the liquidity issue of the overall industry. So we promote this NFT AMM product called ChaChaSwap. Anyone interested can find this on Twitter.

ChaChaSwap is an integral part of our ecology and a new model for NFT AMM in the future. This month, we will have a launch campaign for ChaChaSwap with airdrop and token rewards.

KuCoin Post AMA Activity — XCarnival (XCV)

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Giveaway Section

KuCoin and XCarnival have prepared a total of 225,000 XCV to give away to AMA participants.

1. Pre-AMA Activity: 44,000 XCV

2. Free-ask section: 5,375 XCV

3. Flash Mini Game: 52,000 XCV

4. Post-AMA Quiz: 123,625 XCV

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