Kanaria Fairdrop, Own Your First NFT on KuCoin

2021/06/18 10:04:21

With the giants of traditional business such as Fox and Popmart entering the NFT field, the market's attention to NFT has gradually increased. As a result, many crypto investors and even traditional field investors regard NFT as a new investment method. However, due to its complicated on-chain operation process, NFT purchasing is not easy for average users.

In order to lower the threshold for average users to participate in NFT investment and to easily purchase NFT, KuCoin joined hands with Polkadot's NFT platform RMRK.app to launch a special Kanaria event. A total of 910 exclusive KuCoin joint NFTs (Kanaria Eggs) will be available for sale on KuCoin for a limited time. Users who own exclusive KuCoin joint Kanaria Eggs can get 431.49 RMRK token airdrops and "Hatch" the Egg into Bird (NFT). As the activity progresses, more brand-new participation experiences will be unlocked.

This blog post will give you a detailed introduction to this special event of Kanaria Fairdrop and will take you to a brand-new NFT purchasing experience.

01 What is Kanaria?

Kanaria is the first official NFT collection of the blockchain project - RMRK.app. Kanaria Eggs can "hatch" out practical and ornamental NFTs (Birds) under certain circumstances. Holding NFTs (Birds) will give users specific rights, such as discounts, revenue sharing, and the opportunity to participate in the early RMRK incubation of projects, including other perks on partner blockchains throughout the Kusama and Polkadot parachain ecosystem. The Kanaria genesis sale is coming to an end, and all the unsold Eggs will be destroyed, which means the scarcity of each Egg is increasing every day.

RMRK.app is an NFT protocol dedicated to establishing a standard cross-chain NFT infrastructure on the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem. RMRK supports users to create their own NFTs by introducing the "system remark" function. At present, Kanaria, the first official NFT set of RMRK, has been launched and put on sale. Users can subscribe to the Kanaria Eggs on KuCoin.

02 Multiple-Earning Experience Through a Brand-New Purchasing Participation

Egg Subscription & Airdrop Earning

In this event, a total of 910 Kanaria Genesis NFTs (Kanaria Eggs) will be issued on KuCoin, of which 700 will be directly used for subscription. Users who subscribe successfully will get the exclusive KuCoin joint NFT (Kanaria Eggs) and receive a 431.49 RMRK airdrop. RMRK token will be listed on the KuCoin Spot trading market in the near future.

“Hatch” out the Egg into NFT Bird

Egg Hatching is also a major feature of this event. To get a Kanaria Bird, a "Hatch" process is needed, and users can also enjoy the experience similar to a Simulation Game. Kanaria Egg holders can hatch their eggs into exclusive Kanaria & KuCoin joint Birds by completing the following tasks:

1. Join RMRK and Kanaria telegram communities.

2. Send a Red Envelope (worth 5 USD) to Kanaria’s Telegram group via KuCoin App

3. Comment and retweet the Kanaria related tweet on official KuCoin Twitter

After successfully hatching the Bird, users can choose to sell the Bird on the Kanaria platform or hold it to obtain specific project rights, such as discounts, revenue sharing, and the opportunity to participate in the early RMRK incubation project.

Therefore, users who participate in this event can get Kanaria Egg and RMRK token airdrop, and after Egg Hatching, they can get the exclusive Kanaria & KuCoin joint Bird.

03 How to claim your Kanaria Egg on KuCoin?

Step 1. Sign up on KuCoin and complete KYC verification.

Step 2. Enter “Kanaria NFTs Market” Page, and click “Claim now”(Please confirm whether your verified KYC Country/Region supported).

Step 3. KuCoin will complete the deduction for the first 700 users according to the user's order of subscription, and distribute Kanaria Eggs.

Note: The token of deduction for this subscription is KSM. Please make sure that there is sufficient KSM in your account. If the deduction fails due to insufficient KSM, the corresponding quota will be passed on to the next qualified user.

Step 4. Users who have successfully obtained Kanaria Eggs will receive RMRK tokens distributed by KuCoin within a certain period of time, and RMRK tokens can be traded on the KuCoin spot market.

Step 5. Users can "hatch" Kanaria Eggs before the specified time and get the exclusive Kanaria & KuCoin Joint Bird.

The Kanaria Fairdrop event is coming up. Click the link to get your exclusive red envelope offered by KuCoin Blog. Wish you good luck to claim your first NFT on KuCoin.

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