The Best Crypto Airdrops for February 2024

2024/02/06 11:17:37

We’re into the second month of the year, and the airdrop season seems well underway! After January’s exciting airdrop campaigns from new and existing crypto projects, it’s time to see what airdrops you could participate in during February.

The mood in the crypto market remains cautiously optimistic. While the leading cryptos continue experiencing mostly sideways price action, several crypto projects across sectors are making a splash by distributing free tokens to their communities. Here’s a look at some of the best airdrops for February:

How to Find Good Airdrop Opportunities

Stay updated with reputable crypto news aggregators like CoinMarketCap or publications like the KuCoin blog to find potential airdrop opportunities and claim the free tokens. Engage in active crypto communities on Discord and Telegram and follow blockchain projects and influencers on social media. Before participating, conduct an in-depth analysis of the project's legitimacy and potential. Evaluate the project's tokenomics, team, vision, and the utility of the token being airdropped. Remember that your success in navigating the airdrop landscape hinges on your due diligence and cautious approach.

Here’s a deep dive to help you understand crypto airdrops better.

Trending Crypto Airdrops in February 2024

Here are some of the top potential crypto airdrops you can explore this month:

1. AltLayer

AltLayer is an innovative blockchain project focused on enhancing scalability and interoperability within the blockchain ecosystem through its decentralized protocol for rollups. This protocol allows for the launch of native and restaked rollups incorporating both optimistic and zk rollup stacks, making it a significant advancement in blockchain technology. Its approach aims to solve critical issues related to transaction speeds and costs, thereby enabling more efficient and scalable blockchain applications. The airdrop aims to distribute ALT tokens, the native utility token of the AltLayer ecosystem, which will play a crucial role in the protocol's operation, including governance, protocol incentivization, and payment for network services.

How to Participate in AltLayer Airdrop

The airdrop campaign for AltLayer includes a distribution of 300,000,000 ALT tokens, which represents 3% of the total supply. Eligible participants include NFT holders, Altitude campaign participants, EigenLayer restakers, EigenLayer ecosystem partners, and Celestia stakers. The AltLayer airdrop is not available to residents of certain regions, including the United States, Canada, China, and countries under comprehensive sanctions.

When to Claim ALT Airdrop: According to the AltLayer official documentation, the key snapshot for identifying eligible recipients was taken on January 17, 2024, with claims starting from January 25 and remaining open for one month. It's important to note that any unclaimed ALT tokens will return to AltLayer's treasury.

2. Aevo

Aevo is a next-generation trading platform that has emerged from the integration of Aevo with Ribbon Finance. It focuses on providing a non-custodial, high-performance trading experience through options and perpetual futures exchange, operating on an L2 rollup using the Optimism stack. This integration signifies a significant advancement in decentralized finance (DeFi), aiming to enhance liquidity and user experience by supporting seamless transfers from Arbitrum and Optimism networks​​. By merging with Ribbon Finance, Aevo becomes a robust platform offering advanced trading options and perpetual futures, which could potentially revolutionize the DeFi sector.

How to Participate in Aevo Airdrop

Aevo plans to distribute a portion of its native token supply to early adopters through an airdrop and a farming program to reward users based on the platform's volumes, fees, and loyalty. Engaging in regular and volume-based trading activities on Aevo is recommended to enhance your chances of benefiting from the airdrop. This includes both perpetual and options trading​.

The airdrop criteria focus on early adopters of the Aevo exchange and those who have shown active engagement through trading volumes. There's also a mention of a "Farming Boost," a multiplier effect on rewards based on specific engagement criteria.

When to Claim AEVO Airdrop: The Aevo team has not confirmed a specific timeline for the $AEVO airdrop campaign. However, the first phase could roll out in the coming weeks.

3. Dmail Network

Dmail Network is pioneering the next generation of web3-based communication by merging AI and blockchain technology to offer secure, encrypted email services. It facilitates communication across multiple blockchain ecosystems, making it an exciting project for users interested in the future of decentralized communication. The Dmail Network airdrop is designed to reward participants across various categories, reflecting the project's commitment to engaging its community. The initiative has allocated 6% of the total DMAIL token supply for Airdrop Seasons 1 and 2, with specific actions required to participate, such as minting a mail domain and composing a mail.

How to Participate in Dmail Network Airdrop

Here’s how you can claim DMAIL airdrop:

  • Connect Your Wallet: Visit the Dmail Network website and connect your crypto wallet.
  • Perform Actions: Actions such as minting a mail domain, composing emails, and referring friends are among the tasks that can earn you points toward the airdrop.
  • Earn Points: Completing various tasks on the platform will earn you points, which can enhance your account’s features like daily limit and storage capacity.

When to Claim DMAIL Airdrop: The Season 1 airdrop will be available for collection at 10:00 AM UTC on January 30th, when DMAIL is listed for trading. The airdrop claim period will last for 30 days. The Season 2 airdrop has also begun, with the initial amount accounting for 2.25% of the total supply. This season's airdrop focuses on task points, rewarding users for completing tasks on the Dmail DApp and Subscription Hub.

4. ZetaChain

ZetaChain is a highly innovative blockchain project that creates a decentralized network that facilitates omnichain interoperability. This allows for seamless communication and transaction execution across different blockchain platforms, addressing the existing limitations of cross-chain and multi-chain interactions. The project stands out for enabling smart contracts that can interact with both smart contract-based chains like Ethereum and non-smart contract chains like Bitcoin and Dogecoin, offering a broad spectrum of possibilities for developers and users alike​.

ZetaChain has planned an airdrop for early users of its platform, rewarding those who participated in the testnet phase. The project has set aside a total of 31.5M ZETA tokens for this purpose.

How to Participate in ZetaChain Airdrop

Users needed to interact with the testnet and accumulate at least 50,000 points to be eligible. The airdrop aims to incentivize and thank early adopters for their contributions and feedback​. Here’s how you can claim ZETA airdrop:

  1. Visit the Airdrop Claim Page: Eligible users should go to the ZetaChain airdrop claim page and connect their wallet.
  2. Check Eligibility: If eligible, the amount you can claim will be displayed.
  3. Claim Tokens: Click "Claim Now" to receive your tokens. Some users may need to complete KYC to claim their tokens.
  4. Engage with the Testnet: Although the airdrop claiming phase is already live, engaging with ZetaChain's testnet and participating in future campaigns like the ZetaChain XP campaign could make you eligible for future airdrops.

When to Claim ZETA Airdrop: The specific dates for the airdrop claim period were unavailable, but you can follow ZetaChain's official communications for the most up-to-date information. The snapshot for eligibility was taken on August 20th, 2023, and users who joined early or have asset records on testnets and mainnets connected to ZetaChain received multipliers on their rewards​.

5. StarkNet

StarkNet is an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution developed by StarkWare, employing ZK-STARK technology to offer scalability and privacy. It allows for the execution of smart contracts with reduced gas costs and improved efficiency, making it a promising platform for developers and users within the Ethereum ecosystem​. StarkNet has announced the launch of its native token, STRK, and is planning an airdrop for early users and developers who have interacted with its technology. A total of 9% of the total supply has been allocated for the airdrop, highlighting the project's commitment to rewarding its community.

How to Participate in the StarkNet Airdrop

To participate in the StarkNet airdrop, individuals must fall into one of the eligible categories defined by the StarkNet Foundation. These categories include:

  • StarkNet users, developers, and contributors to the ecosystem.
  • Ethereum builders and stakers.
  • Non-Web3 open-source developers.

The eligibility for StarkNet airdrops is is broad, covering groups both within and outside the immediate StarkNet ecosystem, including Ethereum solo-stakers, liquid staking token users, and even non-blockchain open-source developers. The foundation aims to include these diverse groups to scale Ethereum for mass adoption and set a new precedent in inclusivity. If you are part of these groups, you would need to follow specific instructions provided by the StarkNet Foundation to claim your tokens, such as verifying your eligibility and providing a wallet address for the airdrop.

When to Claim STRK Airdrop: The STRK token airdrop is scheduled to happen on February 20, 2024, and eligible users will have until June 20, 2024 to claim their tokens. This gives participants a four-month window to claim their airdrop entitlements. It's important for eligible participants to ensure they claim their tokens within this timeframe to benefit from the airdrop.

6. Jupiter

Jupiter is a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator on the Solana blockchain, known for facilitating token swaps with low slippage and minimal fees. It has become notably popular within the Solana ecosystem, offering features like swap, limit orders, perpetual trading, and dollar-cost averaging. Jupiter's rise in activity and volume has been significant, especially in the context of Solana's broader recovery and growth in the DeFi sector.

The introduction of its governance token, JUP, adds a layer of community involvement and governance, allowing token holders to participate in decision-making processes. Jupiter announced an airdrop of its JUP token, planning to distribute 40% of the total supply across four rounds. This initiative aims to reward early adopters and engage this Solana DEX’s community further in the project's development and governance​.

How to Participate in Jupiter Airdrop

The first round targets nearly 1 million of its early users, with the first airdrop event scheduled for January 31, 2024. To be eligible for the airdrop, users needed to have interacted with Jupiter before November 2, 2023. To check your eligibility for the airdrop, visit Jupiter's Airdrop Eligibility Check page. The criteria for the first round of airdrops primarily include having interacted with Jupiter's platform before the specified snapshot date. Eligible users will be able to claim their JUP tokens by following the instructions provided by Jupiter, likely involving connecting a compatible Solana wallet to their platform and following the claim process.

When to Claim JUP Airdrop: The first round of the JUP token airdrop was scheduled for January 31, 2024. This initial distribution aimed to allocate a significant portion of tokens to nearly 1 million early users of Jupiter.

7. StackingDAO

StackingDAO is an innovative liquid staking protocol within the Stacks ecosystem, offering users a tokenized, auto-compounding representation of their stacked STX, known as stSTX. This mechanism not only enhances the utility of STX by allowing it to be used as collateral within the Bitcoin DeFi ecosystem but also presents a tax-efficient method for STX holders to gain liquidity. As the leading liquid staking protocol in its ecosystem, StackingDAO has introduced a points system for users who stake STX, hinting at the potential for a future airdrop to users who accumulate points through their interactions with the protocol​​​​​​.

How to Participate in StackingDAO Airdrop

To engage with StackingDAO and potentially qualify for any future airdrops, users should:

  1. Connect a Stacks wallet to the StackingDAO platform.
  2. Stake STX tokens to receive stSTX and earn yield on the staked assets.
  3. Earn points by staking STX, which could qualify for a future airdrop should the platform decide to launch its token.
  4. Users can also refer friends to earn additional points, further increasing their chances of qualifying for the airdrop.

When to Claim StackingDAO Airdrop: StackingDAO has yet to officially confirm its airdrop campaign as of the time of writing. For more detailed instructions and to stay updated on potential airdrops, visit the official StackingDAO website and social channels.

8. NAVI Protocol

NAVI Protocol is distinguished as the inaugural Native One-Stop Liquidity Protocol on the Sui blockchain, designed to facilitate the participation of users either as liquidity providers or borrowers within the Sui ecosystem. This positioning allows NAVI Protocol to play a pivotal role in the burgeoning DeFi sector on Sui by offering essential infrastructure for DeFi activities such as lending, borrowing, and liquidity provision.

Although NAVI Protocol has not yet launched its own token, it has announced plans to do so in the future. Early participation in the platform through lending and borrowing activities may position users favorably for a potential airdrop when the NAVI token is officially launched.

How to Participate in NAVI Protocol Airdrop

Here are some steps to prepare for and become eligible for the NAVI Protocol airdrop:

  1. Connect to NAVI Protocol: Visit the NAVI Protocol website and connect your Sui wallet.
  2. Acquire Necessary Assets: Ensure you have SUI and/or other tokens, which can be obtained from KuCoin and other supported platforms.
  3. Engage with the Platform: Supply tokens to the platform and engage in borrowing activities.
  4. Use Portal Bridge: Consider using the Portal bridge, powered by Wormhole, for transferring assets to and from Sui. This action could also make you eligible for a speculative Wormhole airdrop.
  5. Referral Program: Refer friends to potentially earn more points or benefits within the platform.

When to Claim NAVI Protocol Airdrop: As of the information currently available, the NAVI Protocol airdrop is speculative and unconfirmed, with no specific dates mentioned for when the token will be launched or when the airdrop will occur. Therefore, it's essential to stay updated with NAVI Protocol's official announcements for any developments regarding the airdrop and how to claim any potential rewards.

9. Runestone

The Runestone project introduces an innovative approach to airdrops within the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem. Spearheaded by Leonidas, a proponent of historical NFTs, Runestone aims to distribute a unique Bitcoin Ordinal, termed a Runestone, to Bitcoin addresses that hold three or more non-text (or JSON script) Ordinals as of a specific block height (826,600), marking the first anniversary of the Ordinals protocol. This initiative not only celebrates the advent of Ordinals but also serves as a collectible memento for participants​.

The Runestone airdrop represents a unique event in the Bitcoin Ordinals space, celebrating the first year of Ordinals' existence and contributing to the evolving narrative of Bitcoin as a platform for digital artifacts and collectibles.

How to Participate in Runestone Airdrop

By participating, users become part of a significant community event, contributing to and benefiting from the communal efforts to recognize and reward early adopters and supporters of the Ordinals ecosystem. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Ordinal Holdings: Ensure you have three or more non-text (or JSON script) Ordinals in your Bitcoin address by the specified block height (826,600) to be eligible.
  2. Checking Eligibility: Participants can verify their eligibility. Contact the Runestone team via their Discord for clarification if your address qualifies but isn't listed.​
  3. Verification and Engagement: Stay engaged with the community, especially through platforms like Discord, to keep abreast of updates, eligibility verifications, and any contributions you can make towards the airdrop's execution, such as engineering support or donations for the required Bitcoin block space.

When to Claim Runestone Airdrop: The Runestone airdrop is set to occur at Bitcoin block 840,000 (Bitcoin halving 2024). This event not only commemorates the first anniversary of the Ordinals but also marks a significant airdrop event in the Ordinals landscape, with potentially over 110,000 addresses receiving a Runestone.

10. Mode

Mode is a Modular DeFi Layer 2 solution built alongside Optimism, aiming to enhance DeFi's scalability and interoperability. The "Mode Sunrise" campaign offers 550,000,000 MODE tokens for users to claim in April 2024.

How to Participate in Mode Airdrop

With the campaign designed to reward contributions to network growth, participants can earn tokens through referrals, utilizing Mode ecosystem apps, and more. To participate, users should engage with the platform through various activities outlined in the campaign. Check your eligibility for the Mode airdrop, enter your invite code (you can use one from Discord or X), connect your X account, and check your score.

When to Claim Mode Airdrop: At the time of writing, Mode has not confirmed a timeline for its airdrop campaign. For more details, visit the official Mode website or the airdrop page​.


From the list of airdrops above, it is evident that the potential opportunities for airdrop participants are as diverse as they are promising. From supporting emerging DeFi platforms to engaging with innovative Layer 2 solutions, these airdrops offer a chance not only to receive free tokens but also to become part of growing communities shaping the future of blockchain. By staying informed and participating wisely, you can potentially leverage these airdrops to diversify your crypto portfolios and engage more with the dynamic crypto market.

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