KuCoin AMA With XANA (XETA) — From Japan to the World, A Truly Redefined Metaverse

2022/10/10 14:34:04

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: October 10, 2022, 10:30 AM - 11:42 AM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the Founder and CEO of XANA Metaverse, Rio Noborderz, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: https://xana.net/

Whitepaper: https://docs.xana.net/

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Rio Noborderz — Founder and CEO of XANA Metaverse

Q&A from KuCoin

Q: Can you introduce yourself?

Rio: My name is Rio Noborderz, and I am the founder of XANA. I was a DJ and music producer for my entire life. My group was called Noborderz because I wanted to connect people beyond the borders. That was a challenging but great time; I toured and played in over 200 cities. But there was also a limitation to what a music group could do. I wanted to make something more significant and gather and connect people on a broader scale.

I met blockchain and VR technology three years ago, which changed my life. So I decided to form a company, and the DJ group Noborderz became an Entertainment technology company. Noborderz started developing XANA Metaverse.

Q: Can you give us an elevator pitch about XANA? What is it all about?

Rio: Initially, XANA is a unique metaverse platform, fully mobile-based for mass adoption. Unlike other Metaverses like Sandbox or Decentraland, which require high-spec PCs which cost more than 4000 dollars.

Take a look at this Metaverse!

Our only interest is mass adoption, and mobility is the key. Those light metaverse spec also allows us to quickly adapt to upcoming AR glass or VR Gaggle, as its CPU is almost the same as a mobile.

XANA is the Metaverse Technology for billions of users. It consists of EVM-based blockchain infrastructure and a DApp platform for the Metaverse. Bridged with all major blockchains, compatible with all popular wallets, and already adopted by major institutions and global brands.

Q: There are many Metaverse projects. We would like to know XANA differently from others.

Rio: XANA has already released many attractive products live, unlike another metaverse project that needs other years to launch after listing the token.

This is our mobile app. Perhaps, even on mobile, it looks more attractive to the Metaverse app than many other PC-based metaverse apps.

The most significant function of the XANA metaverse is User-generated content. XANA Builder is one of the most uncomplicated metaverse builders in the market and requires no coding knowledge or 3D skill sets.

You can create a metaverse like playing the game and initiate our "Build to Earn" ecosystem. You can make your created world as NFT and sell it in our native marketplace to earn profits. There will be 10s of thousands of land owners who need to build something on top of their land. Also, we are launching XANA Avatar Studio soon, which allows users to create wearable items for XANA avatar to wear, and of course, it is also tradable as NFT to earn.

This is how our user makes their metaverse on XANA.

Q: XANA has already released many attractive products live, unlike other Metaverse projects that need other years to launch after listing the token. Share things about them.

Rio: We have the following releases that are superbly going live:

  1. XANA Metaverse mobile version
  2. XANA Builder
  3. Native marketplace to trade NFT assets for the Metaverse
  4. 10+ successfully-released NFT collections

And to be the best metaverse infrastructure, we partnered with Avalanche and deployed our metaverse blockchain on their subnet.

We will also launch XANA Land this weekend to give users true ownership of the Metaverse.

Q: Does XANA have unique partners, such as IPs, Brands, or Major Institutions, to make you unique and differentiate from other projects?

Rio: That is our best advantage. XANA acquires full licenses for more than one hundred anime & manga brands for Metaverse. Anime is enjoyed by hundreds of millions worldwide, with many fans being primary adopters, following their favorite characters to new media. Some of the giant anime and manga brands are working with XANA. This includes the recent Netflix-featured Ultraman brand, the legendary icon Astro Boy brand, and many more. Many of the most loved anime & manga brands are yet to be publicly released. The metaverse is the future of this massive entertainment market, and XANA has taken the most significant, exclusive head start.

XANA brings utility to global IP brands!

Q: As there are many Japanese anime IP fans worldwide, how does XANA utilize it in the Metaverse?

Rio: Here’s our first native game for the Metaverse.

1. XANA Turns Global IPs into NFT Games for Metaverse. This includes tools to deploy games rapidly. Major brands like Disney, Universal Studios, and more are releasing NFTs. Unfortunately, these have no utility; such pure collectibles are losing demand. XANA Makes NFT Utility Easy for Corporations.

2. XANA provides the immediate and each-to-adopt technology to bring life and utility to brand NFTs. The most prominent example is NFTduel, one of the first apps on XANA. This game creates immersive battles between fan-loved characters Astroboy and ULTRAMAN and many more - bringing imagination to life! And this is not only for the Anime brand. We do the same for the government as well.

We are the only Metaverse who served several projects to Japan's local government!

3. XANA is the first Metaverse working on several governmental organizations. Japanese Tourism, Binance, and Astroboy XANA partnered with Astro Boy, Binance, and Japan's regional entities. This resulted in a unique NFT sale held on Binance, where Astroboy tour guides famous Japanese tourist landmarks. This is the first GameFi ever to combine Japan's local government, Metaverse, and Tourism.

XANA became the first Metaverse adopted by governments.

XANA turns global IPs into NFT games for Metaverse.

4. Tokyo Olympic 2020 Exhibition in Koto Art Museum. The local government of Koto, Tokyo, worked with XANA to host its first-ever metaverse art exhibition for the Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic.

5. Support from Regional Government Officials. XANA has been covered on Japanese news, alongside government officials giving support. Most notably, the Head of Japan's National Governor Association proudly discussed XANA in the media. XANA is in the process of expanding to powerful heights further in Japan and to other government entities - particularly in Asia.

Q: We have listed XETA Token. Let's talk about its utilities. What is XETA used for?

Rio: XETA has massive utilities as its default, and the two top use cases are:

1. The most intensive utility is that we are about to launch our blockchain on Avalanche Subnet, called XANA Chain, and the XETA token will be used as gas. That means more user play, trade, and transfer in our metaverse or games; XETA will be required and consumed.

2. The XETA Staking program is extremely attractive. Every month, the winners earn free lands and valuable NFTs; the best part is that it will not lead to token inflation.

Other utilities include:

1. Loyalty Incentives. The loyalty Incentives are the privilege you can get while using $XETA as a payment method. And Staking incentives are the benefit you can get while staking a certain amount of XETA.

2. Exclusive purchase. To purchase specific avatars or lands.

3. Revenue. There will be Revenue allocations for XETA staking holders. Also, a particular part of those revenues will be used for buyback or burn XETA.

4. Discounts. You will get some discounts while you purchase Metaverse Items by XETA too.

5. Exclusive access. There also will be an exclusive stage in GameFi or Metaverse Events in which only XETA staking holders can participate; NFT Marketplace or Launchpad will have exclusive access for XETA staking holders.

6. DeFi access. When we obtain enough users and the lands sold, we will have our DeFi lending service for Token and the Land.

Q: Let's dive deeper into your Ecosystem; how does XANA Ecosystem work?

Rio: XETA has a highly vital deflationary mechanism as a default.

1. Metaverse

    1. Buy-backs: 50% of play and protocol income is used to buy tokens on the market.
    2. Burns: governance can vote to burn up to 25% of bought-back tokens
    3. NFT Minting: Web2 Items in the Metaverse or game can be upgraded to NFTs by burning some tokens.

2. Marketplace

    1. Discounts: 5% royalty fee is charged on the trades of game NFTs, i.e., Wearable for the Avatars. This fee is discounted to 3.5% if the player is staking a minimum amount of game tokens.
    2. Buy-backs: 35% of NFT trading fees are bought back on the market, which the DAO may vote to burn.
    3. Staking Yield: Up to 35% of NFT trading fees are available as staking rewards.

3. Stakings

    1. Staking: staking tokens and LP tokens unlock certain NFTs.
    2. Staking Rewards: up to 75% of market-bought tokens are distributed to stakes.
    3. Locks: Staked tokens require a 10-day cool down for exiting, and bypassing this cool down carries a 12% fee on the principal stake. Half of the cool-down fees are placed into a lottery pool, divided among stakers every week.
    4. Liquidity Incentives: LP tokens staking get a 50% higher weight in staking rewards.

4. Governance

    1. XETA will have voting power for essential changes to the game and its Ecosystem after a certain period of time while the XANA DAO system becomes functional enough.

Q: We heard XANA would have its premiere land sale this weekend. Please share what it is about.

Rio: XANA: LAND NFT Premiere sale will be live on 15th and 16th of October!


XANA is the Metaverse with the most robust entertainment IP and user-generated content. The associated brands, characters, and businesses come to live in the Metaverse through XANA's LAND with true ownership.

Massive Utility.

There are various ways to utilize XANA: Land not only for the entertainment experiences but also prioritized by building, Renting, Trading, and Staking.

The creators can create a unique world for the land and the land owners can deploy the world on top of the land to make it more valuable and host events, rent or trade them to profit.

About Premiere Sale

Public Round: October 16th 03:00 - 17th 03:00 (UTC)

Land will also be available as the Staking XETA Token raffle reward every month.

Save the dates!

Q: The community is the key to the success of the project. So, how are you driving your community?

Rio: We love our community, and we call them XANALIANs! We are regularly contributing those who have made significant contributions to XANA activities and will be selected for each category, and awards will be presented monthly.

1. MVP DAO Supporter of the month. DAO activities to support members with many recruitment decision proposals and plans.

2. MVP Promoter of the month. Promote XANA through videos, tweets, blogs, etc. Referrals to DAO are also counted.

3. MVP Creator of the month. Creation of XANA-related works, including 2D, 3D, novels, real goods, etc., and Interesting MEME using XANA as a story (assuming that XANA products are used as the primary source)

4. MVP Event Creator of the month. We organize events in the XANA metaverse, spreading activities in the metaverse, etc.

5. MVP World Builder of the month. Creating an excellent world in the builder, measuring the number of visitors, etc.

6. MVP Avatar Builder of the month. We are creating the best avatars with Avatar Builder V2 and XANA Studio.

Free-Ask from KuCoin Community

Q: Staking NFT is a hot topic. How do you achieve this mechanism?

Rio: You can stake our Land as the same as our Token XETA. The details are available on this page.

Q: Can you share your socials with us so we can stay updated about your project?

Rio: This is our YouTube channel, and we are extremely active there. But, of course, the same goes for TikTok and Instagram!

Q: Where can I get the latest updates or more information about the project?

Rio: That will be our Twitter, and our Discord group is highly active as all the DAO activities are held there.

Q: How do you want to move forward in 2023? Can you share with us a notable achievement of 2022?

Rio: In Q4, we will achieve the mainnet launch of our own blockchain XANA-Chain. Also, after the launch of Land, the user will start earning from the Build-to-Earn ecosystem. Next year we will be launching Google AR/VR!

Q: About your NFTs, can you explain further about the utilities of these NFTs within your platform? Will they have additional benefits?

Rio: Our NFT Collection, XANA: Genesis, is AI-based NFTs. It can interact and support you in the Metaverse and become your friend, supporter, and mentor.

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