A Walkthrough to KuCoin Pool: Simpler and Better Mining Experience With Lower Fee

2021/08/25 08:00:00

KuCoin has officially launched its mining platform, KuCoin Pool, on August 25, 2021.

The KuCoin Pool platform aims to offer top-notch crypto mining services for PoW mining by allowing them to integrate individual hashrate for a stable and sustainable mining reward in return. The initial launch of KuCoin Pool supports BTC and BCH mining with a discounted fee for miners for a limited time. You can click here for the activity details.

In this article, KuCoin blog will introduce how KuCoin Pool differs from other pools, with a detailed integration tutorial provided for an easy start.

Key Features of KuCoin Pool

Extremely Low Mining Fee. KuCoin Pool provides a highly competitive mining fee of 2% compared with other mining pools around the world, which aims to lower the costs for miners and help them increase mining profit.

Optimized Mining Algorithm. With the same hashrate, miners can enjoy higher mining efficiency with faster block production and higher rewards.

Customized UX. KuCoin Pool is dedicated to providing high-quality infrastructure technology, products, and services. Therefore, we optimized our product design in mining profit displays to offer a better mining experience.

One-on-One Customer Service. Your demand is what we pursue. KuCoin Pool provides a one-on-one miner service to empower your mining experience in every aspect.

Top-Notch Risk Control Mechanism. Relying on the strong support from our team of technical experts, KuCoin Pool established the industrial top-notch risk control mechanism with a professional and comprehensive perspective. At the same time, KuCoin Pool also allows users to remotely monitor the mining pool environment and sets up various alarm parameters to intervene instantly if anything unusual occurs. It ensures data security while maintaining the operational efficiency of the pool.

Support Diversified Token Mining. The initial launch of the PoW mining pool will support BTC and BCH mining, and we will launch more mining services for IPFS products. In the future, we will integrate more innovative mining services with a strong community and hashrate support, including DGB and HNS.

How to Connect Hashrate to KuCoin Pool?

In order to help you quickly understand the operation process, we will take the BTC mining machine as an example to show you how to connect the hashrate to the KuCoin Pool:

1. Log in to the KuCoin Pool official website and create a mining account.

a. Click here to register a KuCoin account.

b. Log in to the official website of KuCoin Pool using your KuCoin account, or click the navigation bar, click [Finance] - [Mining Pool] to enter the page.

c. Click "Connect to Pool " to create a mining account.

2. Carry out equipment preparation and inspection before mining, and ensure that the mining rigs and the computers are connected to the same network.

a. Prepare the following equipment: power supply, power cord, mining rigs, network cable, and a computer.

b. It is recommended that the mining rigs be in the following state so that the mining rig can run well:

a) The power supply is 20% or higher than the power consumption of the mining machine.

b) The operating temperature is 10 to 35 degrees Celsius.

c) The operating environment humidity is below 65 degrees Celsius.

3. Configure mining configuration and connect to the mining pool. To ensure the successful completion of the configuration, here is an example of the Antminer machine for process analysis.

a. Open the web browser and enter the IP address of the miner to enter the background. The initial login name and password are both "root". (Refer to the manual of the miner to obtain the IP of the miner)

b. After logging in, find the "Miner Configuration" page to access Miner General Settings, and fill in "URL", "Worker", and "Password" to complete the mining pool settings. There are currently three mining pools that can be set up. The details are as follows:

URL: mining address

The KuCoin mining pool has the following BTC mining addresses for you to choose from according to your needs:




Worker: Mining account name. Mining machine number

Take the figure on the “Create Account” interface as an example, the "Worker" must be unified with the KuCoin Pool mining account, which is the name of the mining account + the number of the mining machine. (miner number can be set according to your own preferences)

Password: Set the password (you can fill in with any numbers, like 123)

c. Click “Save & Apply” to save the configuration information of the miner.

4. View and confirm the real-time mining status of the miner. After the mining machine is set up, it will run in tens of seconds. Users can check the mining status of the mining machine in two steps:

a. Enter "Miner Status" page to view hashrate and running time;

b. Enter the KuCoin Pool official website, click "Dashborad", and enter "Mining Machine" to view data such as hashrate and number of mining machines. This step is very important to avoid filling in the mining account and mining address incorrectly, etc., which may cause a loss of revenue.

5. Enter the KuCoin Pool to view the mining revenue.

The mining proceeds will be credited to the KuCoin Pool account the next day.

Note: The KuCoin Pool mining revenue settlement cycle is from 00:00 (UTC) of the current day to 00:00 (UTC) of the following day, and the revenue distribution time is from 02:00-14:00 (UTC) the next day.

Mining tips:

Common mining machines for Bitcoin mining are as follows:

Antminer S19Pro, S19+, S19, T19, S17+, T17+, S17.

Avalon A1246, A1166Pro, A1166, A1146.

WhatsMiner M30S++, M30S+, M30S, M31S+.

Innosilicon T4+, T3+Pro, T3+, T3, T2T, etc;

Ebit E12+, E12, E11++, E10, etc.

Closing Thought

Apart from the traditional mining services, KuCoin Pool also provides financial derivatives to increase mining profits in diversified perspectives. Based on KuCoin’s in-depth knowledge and experience in the financial industry, KuCoin Pool aims to provide miners with asset investment opportunities with potentially high returns and professional derivative products to gain more profit with reduced risks. Within our roadmap, we plan to launch more customized financial derivative products and services catering to the demands of miners, such as hash rate hedging products, mining rig collaterals for borrowing and lending, mining farms, stores, mining funding, etc.

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