KuCoin AMA With AgeOfGods (AOG) — The Next-Gen NFT Action Card Game

2022/09/27 15:45:28

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Time: September 27, 2022, 13:00 - 14:19 (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the CEO of AgeOfGods, Nick van der Kolk, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: https://ageofgods.net/

Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/rrpekisnfmcyyvf4

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Nick van der Kolk — CEO of AgeOfGods

Commercial leader with over 18 years of experience ranging from VP Sales at TravelPerk to Partner at SpiderSilk Capital.

Q&A from KuCoin

Q: What is AgeOfGods for a game/token?

Nick: AgeOfGods is an AFKArena-inspired game that uses the fundamentals of the 6.6 million‼️ player game, combining it with token economy and the Play-to-Earn mechanism. You can fight in PVE and PVE with your favorite gods against other players and earn the AOG token with this.

Q: How does the 100% BuyBack mechanism work, and how can you run the company with such a generous policy for the token holders?

Nick: We buy back tokens from the market with any revenue AgeOfGods makes. This is, for example, any in-game purchase, partner income, NFT trading royalty fees, unstaking penalties, and more. We are retired crypto executives who do this out of passion, so we do not need to make revenue for ourselves. Furthermore, we have (1% team) tokens that vest when we reach a market cap of one billion.

Q: Can holders stake their tokens risk-free?

Nick: Yes. On our staking page, we offer risk-free one-on-one staking, meaning you stake AOG and get more AOG. It functions as a pool. The more people join, the more rewards are divided between the participants. The total circulating supply will drop because of that, which drives up the price per token. The staking period is three months, but you can unstake earlier if you need to (we do not hold your tokens captive). But then, there is a small unstaking penalty. If you stake three months or longer, then there is no penalty.

Next to that we have core farms on Biswap and Pancakeswap. That however, comes with impermeant loss risks, as with any liquidity providing or farming.

Q: You mentioned that you have core farms on both Pancakeswap and Biswap. What is that and why would holders care about this?

Nick: Alongside our locked liquidity on the two biggest DEX exchanges for BSC, we have core farms. On these farms, holders can “Farm,” meaning provide liquidity and get bonus “CAKE” and “BSW” tokens from the respective DEX exchanges. This means that the APR% is increased for holders that want to earn trading fees or be a liquidity provider.

Holders care about this because they can earn each time someone makes a trade on the decentralized exchange. Moreover, since we have a lot of trading volume and things going on, it is a nice way to make passive income.

Q: Where can I purchase AgeOfGods NFTs?

Nick: Binance, Galler.io, and the marketplace on our website. And we are actually a top gaming project on Binance – all time trading volume.

Q: Do you need an NFT to play the game?

Nick: You do not have to own an NFT to play the game, but it will help you advance faster and compete better in PVP. In addition, your god will be stronger if you hold the NFT in your wallet, and you can upgrade your gods to level 100 from the usual cap of 80 without the NFT.

Q: When will the full game be released, and what will be in it?

Nick: We plan to release the full game in Q1 next year, and running up to this have multiple new releases of smaller updates. Upcoming things are:

  1. IOS release
  2. In-game Appstore/Play Store purchases
  3. Crypto.com payment integration
  4. Ten new gods
  5. Improvements in the look and feel of the game,
  6. New character abilities; and
  7. More strategic depth.

Here are some of the most exclusive arts that none has ever seen before, including my community.

Apollo – Our new mascot specially designed for KuCoin.

Some other spoils include:

And the rest are in the progress of development.

Q: How can I keep up to date with the latest developments, game upgrades, and news?

Nick: You can join our telegram @ageofgodsnet or sign up for our newsletter on our website. Also, I just started my youtube channel, where I go in-depth into crypto topics. The first one is all about CoinMarketCap and giving insights that you can only get from a Crypto CEO. You can also see me there and subscribe if you like it. Click here for the YouTube channel.

Free-Ask from KuCoin Community

Q: Which partnerships do you plan on utilizing to pass your product onto the normal, especially no-crypto people?

Nick: We have a strategic partnership with Crypto.com. This enables us to provide for people who aren't that tech savvy to be able to use a credit card to purchase our token. We are also one of the biggest marketing partners from Brave Browser. Both crypto people and non-crypto people use this.

Q: Is there a risk if the price of AOG drops? Doesn't that mean getting nothing or losing even more?

Nick: If you stake AOG on our staking website, you get more AOG for simply staking AOG. If the price drops, it does not affect your stake or rewards. Same if when the price of the token goes up, it has no effect.

Q: The buyback wallet is getting bigger, taking a good amount of tokens out of circulation. So how are you planning on spending?

Nick: The buyback wallet has become the biggest holder in the entire project. This AOG is not planned to be spent later on. The plan is never to touch it again. It is, in a sense, burned from the circulating supply.

Why do we not burn it? That is because we have no minting, so perhaps one day in the far future, the entire treasury would have run out. We may want to use the buyback tokens to give out as rewards. But again, that would take years. I like the option available if we ever need it.

Q: Is it financially enough to carry out the AgeOfGods?

Nick: We had a great raise in December of last year. Co-founders are both retired and do not take any salary at all. There are no profit plans for us other than the 1% team tokens we have, which vest when we hit a one-billion market cap.

Yes, it is crypto, and it might be hard to believe. I am aware of that. However, I am not doing this to fill my pockets. It is simply the truth.

Q: In which core value could you convince prospects to invest in your project?

Nick: We have an in-depth post on what is next for us that you can find here. These strategies are designed for our growth, and we execute against this plan.

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