KuCoin AMA With CoinBurp — Connecting the Worlds of CeFi and DeFi

2021/07/29 13:13:26

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Time: July 26, 2021, 10:00-11:21 (UTC)

Following a successful token sale on KuCoin Spotlight, KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with CoinBurp CEO and Co-Founder Peter Wood in the KuCoin Exchange Group, who shared how CoinBurp approaches crypto mass adoption by tackling the barriers between CeFi and DeFi.

Project Introduction

CoinBurp is the #1 rated UK-based crypto exchange, according to TrustPilot. CoinBurp has been developing a DeFi and NFT-first crypto wallet that connects the worlds of CeFi and DeFi. The $BURP token will fuel the ecosystem, carrying utility benefits and governance.

Official Website: https://about.coinburp.com

Follow CoinBurp here: https://linktr.ee/coinburp


Peter Wood — CEO & Co-Founder of CoinBurp

Peter started his journey 7 years ago when he started his first cryptocurrency business as a brokerage on P2P platforms. He bought and sold Bitcoin on Localbitcoins.com and quickly grew this business from nothing to one turning over £100M by 2017. In 2018 CoinBurp was born!

Q&A from KuCoin

Peter: Hey everyone! Amazing to be here.

Q: Let’s start by giving us a brief introduction about yourself and your crypto journey.

Peter: Yeah, sure, so I’m Pete, the CEO and Co-Founder of CoinBurp. 7 years ago, I created BitBroker. Through buying and selling Bitcoin on Localbitcoins.com, the business grew from nothing to one turning over £100M by 2017.

Since 2018 the CoinBurp name has been active — and following on from the success! CoinBurp is currently the #1 cryptocurrency exchange, according to TrustPilot UK. The team is now building the ‘Coinbase for NFTs’, a custodial DeFi NFT service where customers can buy NFTs for FIAT from marketplaces like OpenSea. There are also plans to integrate more DeFi protocols for users to easily access via the app.

Q: Can you introduce the core members of the CoinBurp team?

Peter: CoinBurp was created by me, Peter Wood (CEO), Bipin Bhanderi (COO), Tom Allison (CDO), and Rich Howlett (CLO) 3 years ago.

A strong sense of teamwork and determination has been built up since then. Especially this year as the CoinBurp team went from around 14 people near the start of the year to now in which there are around 40 members in total as we look to blitz scale CoinBurp. There’s a mixture of developers, designers, marketing, support, all experts in their field.

Be sure to meet some of the leadership team here: https://coinburp.medium.com/coinburp-meet-the-team-6e4f96e9ce3

Q: Let’s go over the basics of CoinBurp: Please give us an overview of what exactly CoinBurp is. What main problem does CoinBurp solve, and how was it conceived?

Peter: So the mission for CoinBurp has always been to make crypto as easy as possible. The CoinBurp cryptocurrency exchange allows users to buy BTC, ETH, etc., in 3 steps; allowing new users to easily get into the space and removing the stigma around the young and technically gifted being the only types of people who can get into crypto.

Now, this philosophy is being applied to the CoinBurp DeFi NFT wallet. With upcoming FIAT integration (enabling users to buy with GBP/EUR), it will be the easiest place to purchase and securely store your NFTs.

But we can’t forget about the $BURP token, which will be used to power the entire ecosystem whilst providing users with some unique staking rewards and enabling users to enter some cool NFT raffles.

Q: Why should KuCoin users invest in $BURP tokens? Can you give us a quick breakdown of $BURP tokenomics? What are the benefits of holding $BURP tokens in the long term?

Peter: Here’s a breakdown of the $BURP tokenomics:

Token Name: BURP Token

Token Ticker: $BURP

Blockchain: Ethereum

Token Standard: ERC-20

Initial Circulating Supply: 23,055,556 $BURP

Total Supply: 500 Million $BURP

Token Price: $0.11

Initial Market Cap: $2,536,111

Be sure to follow the CoinBurp Medium, an article may be released very soon talking about the tokenomics in further detail.

By staking $BURP in the Non-Custodial NFT wallet, you become eligible to win rare NFTs from selected partners. In addition, newly issued NFTs will feature a unique staking multiplier, thus increasing the benefits for holders in the future. But that’s just the start; on top of this, users can also earn $BURP simply by trading on the platform, distributing 20% fees to platform users to ensure sustainability and keep it evolving for years to come.

Q: To better understand CoinBurp, what makes it stand out from other projects? What gives CoinBurp an edge over other projects in the same space?

Peter: The major issue with other marketplaces is the vast amount of NFTs available (often millions to pick!) and the poor filter system offered. The CoinBurp marketplace will be an aggregator of other high-quality NFT marketplaces while providing users with a personalised experience.

Think of an initial Tinder-like swipe left, swipe right setup, which can then present users with the type of NFTs they would be interested in exploring.

Q: In line with your mission to make crypto as easy as possible, what does CoinBurp's roadmap look like? What are the key milestones achieved so far, and what can we expect from CoinBurp in the future?

Peter: The full CoinBurp roadmap can be found here:


There’s a lot of exciting stuff coming along the way, and we can’t wait to release the full version of the CeDeFi wallet. But what the team is most interested in are:

- FIAT integration

- OpenSea integration

- CoinBurp Primetime: NFT mint and promotion

- CoinBurp CookOff! NFT game

Free-Ask from KuCoin Community

Q: Transparency is the key. Tell us about your team members. How many team members do you have, and how many developers are working for you?

Peter: We have a growing team based in the heart of London. CoinBurp has since grown to 35+ members of staff - with new recruits ranging from technical, marketing, and customer support. We’re a seasoned and credible crypto organisation which has built a thriving CeFi solution whilst - at the same time - remaining small and agile enough to operate at the forefront of a new, ever-evolving space like DeFi!

Q: Could you explain some of the recent major achievements of CoinBurp, partnerships, and long-term plans?

Peter: We have a proven track record and a feature-rich roadmap to fulfil our aspirations of becoming a global brand that operates at the bleeding-edge of crypto.

Just some of our achievements so far:

- CeFi crypto trading platform website - Live since June 2019

- CeFi crypto trading platform iOS/Android app - Live since June 2020

- DeFi iOS/Android ALPHA app - Live since March 2021

And as for what's next on our roadmap:

- $BURP staking and NFT raffle dApp

- Full CeDeFi website and iOS/Android app

Q: I read on your website that you mentioned, "CoinBurp is NFT combined with DeFi." Here is my question: What role will DeFi play in this CoinBurp NFT ecosystem?

Peter: Alongside CoinBurp.com, our already-established CeFi platform, an ETH-based DeFi wallet is being developed - all underpinned by the utility, governance $BURP token, and the DAO. The eventual CeDeFi platform will unlock the world of DeFi, such as Staking, our NFT Market, and NFT Raffle to win exclusive variable-rarity NFTs provided by our NFT partners, such as Avastars, NFT Boxes, and The Sandbox Game!

Q: Many projects rug pulled and exit scam recently. Why should investors trust your project not to do the same?

Peter: I believe our proven track record will give investors the confidence they need to trust our project.

It's an exciting time for CoinBurp, as we look to pivot from a close-knit company with a self-sustainable product to an ambitious, growing team that wishes to expand the organisation into a global brand that operates at the bleeding-edge of crypto. This ambition comes with the increased spending, so we opened a funding round to partner with world-class investors to ensure we continue to move fast and build to last.

I think the success of our funding round is proof of investors' confidence!

Q: What inspired the name CoinBurp?

Peter: Haha!

CoinBurp is all about offering an alternative solution in the crypto industry. One that provides a uniquely user-friendly user experience to facilitate users’ first-ever crypto trades!

When we decided on the name, we wanted to portray this fun and friendly alternative spirit whilst at the same time maintaining a sense of credibility and security.

We think the name, CoinBurp, achieves both of those things, and that’s why we love it so much!

In truth, it was the girlfriend of our Co-Founder and CDO, Tom Allison, who came up with the name. It’s a funny story, actually! We registered the domain in a nightclub!

Q: Can you list 1-3 killer features of this project that make it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

Peter: The full CeDeFi platform, which is currently in development, will enable users to make 'anything to anything' trades across CeFi and DeFi. The product will also allow users to purchase NFTs with FIAT on a user-centered designed NFT market. Lastly, the staking of $BURP will unlock rewards across the platform, such as discounts on crypto trading and entry into our exclusive NFT Raffles to win legendary rarity NFTs!

Q: Now the market is flooded with many projects, extreme competition. How will you ensure CoinBurp always gets users and stays above your competitors?

Peter: We will continue to listen to our community and remain agile in how we operate in order to serve the needs of our growing user base. Our dedication to the DAO is a testament to this.

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