Telegram Mini App Blum Announces Airdrop Campaign in June
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2024-06-11 11:15

Blum, a new mini-app on Telegram, is one of the latest viral sensations following popular games like Notcoin, Hamster Kombat, and TapSwap  The Blum Airdrop is a promotional campaign where a certain number of $BLUM tokens are distributed for free to participants starting since June 2024. 


Quick Take

  • New mini-app Blum offers hybrid exchange features, combining CEX and DEX capabilities.

  • Blum has announced an airdrop campaign starting in June for its upcoming $BLUM token launch. 

  • Blum has attracted over 10 million users in less than two months since its launch in late April.

  • Embedded within Telegram, Blum leverages a user base of nearly 1 billion Telegram users and is Selected for Binance’s Most Valuable Builder (MVB) Accelerator Program.

What Is the Blum Telegram Mini-App?

Blum is a Telegram mini-app that combines the best features of centralized and decentralized exchanges (CEX and DEX). Unlike many memecoins that flood the market, Blum offers real-world utility and extensive use cases. It promises to transform the crypto trading experience, especially for users in emerging markets. 


Blum’s Key Features

  • Hybrid Exchange Model: Blum merges the user-friendly interface and fiat integration of centralized exchanges with the security and decentralization of decentralized exchanges.

  • Real-World Utility: Blum enables users to trade, invest, and manage their crypto assets directly within the Telegram app, making it accessible and convenient for a broad audience.

  • User Engagement: Blum includes interactive features like the Drop Game and task-based earning, encouraging active participation and rewarding users with Blum tokens. 

Blum’s airdrop campaign aims to raise awareness, attract new users, and reward early adopters. The tokens can be used within the Blum ecosystem or traded on supported cryptocurrency exchanges.


How to Participate in the Blum Airdrop

Participating in the Blum airdrop is straightforward. Follow these steps to claim your free tokens:


  1. Register on Blum: Visit the Blum Crypto Bot on Telegram and click "Start" to begin registration. Accept the Terms and Conditions.

  2. Start Earning Blum Tokens: Click "Start Farming" to access the earning section. Go to the "Tasks" section and complete listed tasks like joining Blum's social media channels to earn up to 720 Blum tokens.

  3. Play the Drop Game: Find the "Drop Game" section and click "Play" to earn more Blum tokens.

  4. Enable Notifications: Ensure notifications are enabled for the Blum bot to stay updated. Press "Unmute" if not enabled. Press "Start Farming" every 8 hours to maximize earnings.

Why Participate in the Blum Airdrop?

The Blum Airdrop offers several benefits to participants:


  • Free Tokens: Earn Blum tokens without any investment.

  • Early Access: Be among the first to explore the Blum ecosystem.

  • Rewards and Incentives: Use tokens for exclusive features, governance participation, and network rewards.

  • Community Engagement: Join a thriving community of crypto enthusiasts.

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Blum’s Unique Hybrid Trading Experience of CEX and DEX 

Blum is more than just a token; it represents a hybrid exchange that combines the features of centralized exchanges (CEXs) and decentralized exchanges (DEXs). This approach provides users with a hybrid trading experience, catering to user’s various trading needs and risk appetite. By integrating these functionalities within Telegram with a user base of more than 800 million active users, Blum offers seamless access to its extensive user base, particularly in regions with rising crypto adoption.


Blum’s Rapid Growth and Achievements

Since its launch, Blum has attracted over 10 million users in just two months. As of June 11, Blum’s Telegram channel became the fourth largest globally, boasting over 10.2 million subscribers. It trails closely behind other popular Telegram-based projects like Hamster Kombat, TapSwap, and Telegram Tips.


Milestones Achieved

  • User Base: Over 10 million users within two months.

  • Telegram Channel Ranking: Fourth largest channel with 10.2 million subscribers.

  • Binance Labs Recognition: Selected as one of the 13 early-stage projects for the MVB Accelerator Program.

Blum vs. Hamster Kombat vs. Notcoin

Blum's success is part of a broader trend within the Telegram ecosystem, where innovative projects like Hamster Kombat and Notcoin have also gained significant attention. However, Blum sets itself apart with its hybrid trading features and real-world utility.




Hamster Kombat


User Base

Over 10 million users in two months

Over 100 million players

Attracted over 35 million users

Key Features

Hybrid Exchange (CEX + DEX)

Daily Combo, Daily Cipher, P2E Game

Mining phase, Trading

Market Impact

Preparing for official token listing

Anticipated token launch on TON in July

Token surged by over 300% from its all-time low

Community Engagement

Fourth-largest Telegram channel with over 10 million members

Largest Telegram channel with 31 million members

Significant attention from over 35 million members during mining phase

Unique Proposition

Real-world utility, hybrid trading

High player engagement, in-game rewards

Initial high engagement and market impact

Recent Recognition

Selected for Binance’s MVB Accelerator Program

Notable game growth on Telegram

Most successful crypto project launched so far in 2024


Future Prospects for Blum

Blum’s inclusion in Binance’s MVB Accelerator Program highlights its potential. While this doesn’t guarantee investment, it indicates significant interest from major players in the crypto industry.


Upcoming Roadmap 

  • Token Listing: Blum is preparing for its official token listing.

  • Platform Expansion: Plans to introduce new trading features and expand its offerings.

Blum’s strategic integration with Telegram and innovative hybrid exchange model position it for significant growth. As the platform continues to develop, it promises to offer a simplified and accessible trading experience for users worldwide.



Blum’s rapid rise in the crypto world is a testament to its innovative approach and strategic integration with Telegram. With over 10 million users and recognition from Binance Labs, Blum is an. The upcoming airdrop and token listing offer exciting opportunities for users and investors alike. Stay tuned for more updates as Blum continues to innovate in the cryptocurrency trading space. Ensure you perform your research and participate in activities only based on your risk tolerance.


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