TapSwap Airdrop and Token Launch Airdrop Delayed to Q3 2024: What It Means for Users
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2024-07-02 11:17

TapSwap, a popular tap-to-earn game on Telegram, announced a delay in its much-anticipated token launch to the third quarter of 2024. The TapSwap airdrop, a free cryptocurrency giveaway, will also be rescheduled to the same period. Initially, TapSwap planned to hold the airdrop on May 30 but delayed it to July 1 due to an influx of bots attempting to farm airdrop points. Now, the team needs additional time to refine their launch strategy.


Quick Take

  • TapSwap pushes back token launch and airdrop to Q3 2024.

  • The Telegram  game’s developers need more time needed for tokenomics and launch strategy.

  • The delay in TapSwap’s airdrop campaign aims to ensure a profitable and fair launch for users. But the community reaction to the delay is mixed. 

An Overview of TapSwap and Current Status 

Launched in February, TapSwap rewards users for tapping their screens. The game imposes rules and limits on the number of tokens that can be tapped based on the player's level. With over 48 million players, TapSwap's success has attracted both scammers and tier 1 exchange partners. The Telegram game initially planned to integrate with Solana but later switched to The Open Network (TON) due to its better fit with the Telegram-based mini-app.


TapSwap Announces Airdrop Delay on X 

Source: TapSwap on X 


In a post on X, TapSwap assured users that the delay would ultimately benefit them. "The success we've had comes with some ‘inconveniences,’" they wrote. The project emphasized that ensuring a fair and profitable launch for all users is their priority.


"This level of attention requires much more detailed work on tokenomics and the right launch strategy. And that means extra time." 


Despite the keen interest from users, TapSwap has been vague about the specifics of its planned token launch on the TON blockchain. During an AMA session on June 26, the team did not provide a concrete timeline for the TAPS token launch or details on airdrop eligibility. They explained that "many moving parts" in the tokenomics, including communications with multiple crypto exchanges, necessitated changes to their documentation.


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TapSwap’s Community-Centric Token Allocation Plans

TapSwap reiterated its commitment to the community, stating that a significant portion of all tokens would be allocated to users. The team is finalizing the tokenomics and will provide updates once completed. They stressed the importance of fairness in the airdrop distribution and have implemented a monitoring system to track user behavior, identifying accounts that deserve to be banned.


TapSwap is dedicated to a meticulous token allocation process for the airdrop. They are exploring ways to offer unscrupulous users the option to voluntarily surrender for a percentage of the drop, ensuring a win-win situation. 


"We are developing clear rules for token distribution to ensure fairness, although these cannot be disclosed beforehand to prevent abuse," TapSwap stated.


Mixed Reactions from the TapSwap Community 

Source: X 


The community reaction to the delay has been mixed. Some users expressed frustration over the repeated postponements, while others appreciated the effort to ensure a fair and secure token distribution. Many are still eager to participate and hope the delay will result in a better launch experience. The sentiment on social media reflects a cautious optimism, with users actively engaging in Tapswap's activities to increase their airdrop eligibility​.



Tapswap's decision to delay the token launch and airdrop aims to provide a more strategic and user-beneficial outcome. The extra time will allow the team to refine their tokenomics and launch strategy, ensuring a fair experience for all users. However, it is important for users to stay informed and be aware of potential risks associated with the delay. Time will tell if TapSwap airdrop will be successfully launched in Q3 2024.


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