Pixelverse Daily Combo for July 9 to Unlock PixelTap Rewards Today
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2024-07-09 10:13

Unlock 5 million coins on PixelTap by solving the special daily combo for July 9. Read on to find the steps and learn how to maximize your earnings in the PixelTap Telegram game.


Quick Take

  • Complete the daily combo tasks for July 9 to earn 5 million PixelTap coins.

  • Discover additional ways to increase your coin earnings in PixelTap.

Introduction to PixelTap by Pixelverse 

PixelTap is a popular tap-to-earn Telegram game, developed by Pixelverse. Players can accumulate coins by completing various tasks and missions. PixelTap has gained significant popularity due to its unique features and daily combos that provide extra bonus points and coins. These bonuses are an excellent way to maximize rewards before the upcoming PixelTap token launch in Q3 2024.


Daily rewards are essential in the PixelTap ecosystem, but new players might find it challenging to unlock these rewards initially. This guide will help you navigate and maximize your daily bonuses, enhancing your gameplay experience, and preparing for the upcoming Pixelverse (PIXFI) token generation event and PIXFI airdrop


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Today’s PixelTap Daily Combo for July 9, 2024

Here are the steps to complete the PixelTap daily combo tasks and earn your rewards:


How to Complete PixelTap Daily Combo

  1. Open the PixelTap Game: Access the game on Telegram.

  2. Navigate to Rewards: Click on the "Rewards" menu at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Select Daily Combo: Tap on the "Daily Combo" task to open up the puzzles.

  4. Drag and Drop: Arrange the cards in the correct order by dragging and dropping them into the boxes.

  5. Check and Claim: Click on the "Check" button, then hit "Claim" to add the rewards to your account.

Here are the working PixelTap combo cards for today. Spend your PixelTap tokens on these three-card combos to win 5 million PixelTap tokens.


PixelTap Daily Combo: Answers for July 9, 2024

  • Neon cat

  • Orange fish head

  • Purple fish head

  • Green werewolf


Completing these steps will grant you the daily combo rewards of 5 million coins. Make sure you check the expiration time displayed in the game to claim your rewards promptly.


Additional Tips for Earning More PixelTap Coins

  • Invite Friends: Increase your earnings by inviting friends to join PixelTap.

  • Join Channels: Complete tasks that involve joining Telegram channels.

  • Social Media Engagement: Follow PixelTap on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to unlock more rewards.

Bookmark for More Rewards

BookmarkBookmark this page with the #Pixelverse hashtag and check back daily for the latest PixelTap daily combo updates. Share this post with your friends so they can also benefit from the daily combos.


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The daily combo in PixelTap is an exciting feature that helps players earn more in-game coins. By following this guide, you can unlock more daily rewards and boost your gameplay. Stay tuned for the PixelTap token launch in Q3 2024 to potentially convert your in-game earnings to cryptocurrency.


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