PixelTap Daily Combo by Pixelverse Game: Tips to Know

PixelTap Daily Combo by Pixelverse Game: Tips to Know

Learn how to maximize your earnings with PixelTap's Daily Combo feature in this comprehensive guide. Discover strategies to earn millions of in-game coins, tips for finding the correct combo, and details about the upcoming PIXFI token airdrop.

PixelTap by Pixelverse is a popular game within the Telegram gaming community. It’s gaining traction for its unique "tap-to-earn" model. In this game, you earn in-game coins by participating in battles with robot characters. These coins can later be exchanged for PIXFI tokens, which will be airdropped to active players. This makes PixelTap not just entertaining but also potentially profitable, especially with the anticipated PIXFI token launch.


What Is the PixelTap Daily Combo? 

The Daily Combo is a feature in PixelTap that lets you earn a number of in-game coins each day. Here’s how it works:


  • Daily Combo Feature: Every 24 hours, you can attempt to guess the correct sequence of four robot characters out of a given set of ten.

  • Process: You need to drag these characters into the correct order within the provided slots on the screen. If you get the correct sequence, you earn the maximum number of coins. Even if you don't get the exact order right but have the correct characters, you still earn a smaller amount of coins.

Just like the Hamster Kombat Daily Combo, participating in the Daily Combo can boost your in-game coin earnings, which enhances your overall gaming experience and increases your potential PIXFI token holdings. This way, you not only make the most of your daily playtime but also position yourself better for the upcoming PIXFI token airdrop.


For example, if you manage to guess the correct combination, you could win up to 2 million coins in a single day. This makes the Daily Combo a valuable feature for consistent players looking to maximize their earnings. 


Why Participate in the PixelTap Daily Combo? 

Participating in the Daily Combo in PixelTap offers several benefits. By guessing the correct combination of robot characters each day and winning the Daily Combo, you can earn up to 2 million in-game coins in a single day. These coins can significantly boost your progress in the game and enhance your experience. This makes it a lucrative feature for players aiming to maximize their earnings. 


Comparing PixelTap to other games like Hamster Kombat, you’ll find that both offer substantial daily rewards through similar combo features. In Hamster Kombat, the Daily Combo can earn you 5 million coins by upgrading certain cards. However, PixelTap's approach of using robot characters adds a unique twist to the experience, making it a fresh alternative for players who enjoy Telegram-based games. 


How to Earn More Coins on PixelTap by Pixelverse with Daily Combo 

Use this easy step-to-step guide to use the daily combo and earn more coins on the PixelTap Telegram game:


Step 1: Log into Your PixelTap Account 

Open the PixelTap mini app within Telegram. Ensure you are logged into your PixelTap account.



Step 2: Access the Daily Combo Feature

Navigate to the "Rewards" section in the app. Find the Daily Combo subsection at the bottom right.



Step 3: Arrange the Robot Characters 


You’ll see ten robot characters. Drag four of them into the designated slots. Arrange them in the correct order to maximize your rewards. If you get the order right, you earn the maximum coin reward. Even if the order is partially correct, you still earn a smaller amount of coins.


Tips to Find the Correct Daily Combo on PixelTap

  1. Check Social Media Platforms: Regularly check X for the latest Daily Combo updates. Many players and influencers share the correct combinations daily. Follow hashtags related to PixelTap to stay updated with the latest combos.

  2. Follow Influencers and Dedicated Social Accounts: Identify and follow popular influencers and dedicated social accounts that focus on PixelTap. These accounts often post the correct combinations and additional tips. Engage with their posts and turn on notifications to ensure you don’t miss any updates.

  3. Engage with the PixelTap Community on Telegram: Join Telegram groups dedicated to PixelTap. These communities are active and frequently share hints and tips. Participate in discussions and ask for the current Daily Combo if you’re having trouble finding it yourself. This engagement can also help you build connections with other players

How to Improve Your Chances with PixelTap Daily Combo 

These strategies and tips can help you make the most out of PixelTap’s Daily Combo feature, ensuring a steady increase in your in-game coins and preparing yourself for the PIXFI token airdrop: 


  1. Regular Participation and Consistency: Play PixelTap daily to maximize your earnings. Consistent participation increases your chances of hitting the Daily Combo and earning more coins. Regular activity also prepares you better for the upcoming PIXFI token airdrop.

  2. Unlocking and Upgrading More Bots: Unlock new bots and upgrade existing ones. Higher-level bots increase your potential rewards and improve your performance in battles. Invest in upgrading bots strategically to enhance your overall gameplay and earnings.

  3. Utilizing the Daily Boost Feature: Take advantage of the daily boost feature in PixelTap. This feature can significantly increase the number of coins you earn in a day. Use boosts during peak gaming times when you are most active to maximize their impact.

Future of PIXFI Token

The PIXFI token is central to the Pixelverse ecosystem, functioning as the primary currency for transactions within the game. It powers various activities, including purchasing items in the NFT marketplace, crafting bots, merging bots, and participating in arena battles. PIXFI is built on the Pixelchain infrastructure, ensuring low-cost transactions and easy user onboarding. This integration enhances the overall gaming experience by providing a seamless and immersive environment for players. 


What Is the Pixelverse (PIXFI) Airdrop? 

Pixelverse announced a significant Play-to-Airdrop campaign in April 2024, distributing 10 million PIXFI tokens to engaged players. To be eligible for this airdrop, you need to actively participate in various in-game activities, such as team battles, inviting friends, maintaining your bots, trading in the bot marketplace, and making accurate battle predictions. Your engagement and the points you accumulate through these activities will determine your share of the airdrop. The airdrop event is scheduled for June, rewarding the most active and dedicated community members. 



Participating in the Daily Combo feature in PixelTap allows you to earn more in-game coins each day. These coins can enhance your gameplay experience and prepare you for the PIXFI token airdrop. By guessing the correct combination of robot characters, you can maximize your daily earnings and improve your overall standing in the game.


Staying active and engaged with the PixelTap community can help maximize your earnings and prepare for the PIXFI token airdrop. Regular participation, consistent play, and community involvement will keep you updated with the latest strategies and tips. By doing so, you can make the most of the Daily Combo feature and increase your eligibility for the upcoming PIXFI token airdrop. However, please be aware that participating in crypto-related activities carries risks, and it's important to stay informed and cautious.


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