How to Add Base Network to MetaMask

How to Add Base Network to MetaMask

Unleash the full potential of your MetaMask wallet by integrating the Base Network, Ethereum's scalability-focused Layer 2 solution. Follow our straightforward guide to connect and start exploring the Base ecosystem today.

The Base Network, a prominent Ethereum Layer 2 scalability solution, has emerged as a pivotal force in enhancing Ethereum's ecosystem by offering an efficient and developer-friendly platform. It's tailored to facilitate seamless interaction with Ethereum's mainnet, ensuring faster and more cost-effective transactions. With the increasing interest in decentralized applications (dApps), DeFi platforms, and other blockchain-based services, integrating Base with your MetaMask wallet opens up a universe of possibilities.


As of March 2024, Base protocol is the fourth largest Ethereum Layer-2 network, with a TVL of over $2.5 billion. Following the Ethereum Dencun upgrade in mid-March, gas fees on the Base network have fallen to less than 1¢, encouraging the uptick in on-chain activity among developers and end users. 


Base’s growth in TVL: Feb-Mar 2024 | Source: L2Beat 


MetaMask, renowned for its accessibility and versatility, serves as a bridge for over 100 million users to the decentralized web. Its compatibility with Ethereum and other EVM-compatible blockchains makes it an indispensable tool for crypto enthusiasts. This guide will walk you through the simple process of adding the Base Network to your MetaMask, allowing you to dive deeper into the decentralized ecosystem quickly.


Benefits of Using Base Network 

Here are some advantages of using the Ethereum layer-2 Base network: 


  • Innovative dApp Launches: Since its testnet launch and up to the developer launch, Base has onboarded a variety of projects, including DeFi protocols, crypto wallets, cross-chain bridges, oracles, and analytics providers. This diverse range of applications underscores Base's ambition to support a broad spectrum of on-chain activities​.

  • Total Value Locked (TVL) Surge: Base Network's TVL surged by 72% shortly after its launch, reaching $147 million, and now exceeds $2.5 billion. This notable increase in TVL ranked Base fourth in the layer-2 ecosystem, marking a promising start for Coinbase's layer-2 network despite holding a 6.34% layer-2 market share​.

  • Partnerships for Growth: Collaborations with leading tech companies and other blockchain projects have been central to Base's expansion, aiming to build a more inclusive and interoperable blockchain ecosystem.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Base has rolled out several updates to improve transaction speeds and reduce costs, further solidifying its position as a user-friendly Layer 2 solution.

  • Community and Developer Support: With initiatives like grants for developers and community-building programs, Base fosters an environment where innovation thrives.

Since its launch, the developments within the Base ecosystem reflect a concerted effort to foster a vibrant, inclusive, and innovative platform for decentralized applications. With its focus on scaling Ethereum's capabilities through layer-2 solutions, Base is positioned to contribute significantly to the broader blockchain and crypto community.


Preparing Your MetaMask Wallet

Before you add the Base Network to MetaMask, ensure that your MetaMask wallet is ready for use. If you haven't already, visit the official MetaMask website, choose the version that matches your device, and follow the setup instructions. Remember, creating a new wallet generates a unique recovery phrase - secure it in a safe place.


Learn how to create a MetaMask wallet.


Adding Base Network to MetaMask: Step-by-Step Guide

Adding the Base Network to your MetaMask wallet is a straightforward process. Here's how you can do it:


Step 1: Collect Base Network Details

You'll need specific information about the Base Network to add it to MetaMask. This information includes the Network Name, New RPC URL, Chain ID, Currency Symbol, and Block Explorer URL. You can find this data in the official Base documentation or reputable crypto information platforms like Coinmarketcap.


Step 2: Configure MetaMask for Base

To configure MetaMask for Base and connect to its mainnet, follow these updated steps:


  • Open MetaMask: Launch the MetaMask browser extension on your device.

  • Access Network Selection: Click on the network selection dropdown at the top of the extension window to view available networks.


  • Add New Network: Select the "Add network" option to initiate the process of adding a new network.

  • Manual Network Addition: Choose to "Add a network manually." This option will allow you to input the specific details required to connect to the Base mainnet.

    • Enter Network Details: In the "Add a network manually" dialog, input the following details to set up the Base mainnet on MetaMask:

    • Network Name: Base Mainnet

    • RPC Endpoint: 

    • Chain ID: 8453

    • Currency Symbol: ETH (This denotes that Base operates with Ethereum as its native currency for transaction fees.)

    • Block Explorer URL: (A tool to explore and search the Base blockchain for transactions, addresses, tokens, prices, and other activities.)

  • Save and Connect: After entering all necessary details, tap the "Save" button to add Base as a custom network in MetaMask. MetaMask will automatically incorporate the Base Network into your list of networks.


Upon completion, Base will appear in your network selection dropdown, and you can select it to connect to the Base mainnet. 


Step 3: Interact  with the Base Ecosystem

With the Base Network added to your MetaMask wallet, you're all set to explore its rich ecosystem. From engaging with dApps to participating in token swaps and exploring DeFi platforms, the possibilities are endless. Base’s ecosystem is home to dApps across DeFi, GameFi, Infrastructure, Wallet, SocialFi, DAO, and other sectors. 


The Base blockchain does not have a native token. Instead, being built on top of Ethereum, it uses ETH to pay for all transactions. You can buy ETH on exchanges like KuCoin or via MetaMask before interacting with the Base ecosystem.

Here’s a look at some of the best projects in the Base ecosystem


Switching Between Networks

MetaMask makes it easy to switch back to Ethereum or any other added network. Click on the network selection dropdown at the top of the MetaMask interface and select your desired network.


Exploring Alternatives

While MetaMask is a popular choice for many users, there are several other wallets that support Base and offer unique features. Exploring these alternatives can provide a tailored experience that suits your specific needs in the blockchain world.


Some other popular wallets that support the Base network include Coinbase Wallet, Uniswap Wallet, and Rainbow Wallet ​ (Coinbase)​. These wallets enable users to interact with the Base ecosystem, facilitating activities such as token swaps, liquidity provision, and access to decentralized applications built on Base.



Adding the Base Network to your MetaMask wallet is your gateway to exploring the vast opportunities within Ethereum's Layer 2 ecosystem. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can seamlessly connect to Base and interact with the vast Base ecosystem. As the blockchain space gains more traction among developers and users, staying informed and adaptable will ensure you're always at the forefront of innovation.


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