Top Crypto Projects in the Base Network Ecosystem

Top Crypto Projects in the Base Network Ecosystem

The Base Network is an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution incubated by Coinbase, designed to offer a secure, low-cost, and developer-friendly platform for building decentralized applications. Learn more about the leading projects in the Base ecosystem and how to invest in them.

The Base Network, powered by Coinbase, is a transformative Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain developed to streamline and enhance the experience of building decentralized applications (dApps), focusing on ease of use, low costs, and seamless integration with the Coinbase ecosystem. Its vision includes becoming a bridge to the wider crypto-economy, encouraging interoperability with Ethereum, other Layer 2 solutions, and beyond, and strongly emphasizing open-source development and decentralization​. 


Following the successful rollout of the Ethereum Dencun upgrade, transaction fees on the Base blockchain have dropped to less than 1 cent, driving higher interest in it and the wider Ethereum layer-2 ecosystem. At the time of writing, the Base network enjoys a Total Valule Locked(TVL) of over $2.5 billion, making it the fourth-largest Ethereum L2 network by TVL (total value locked). Base’s DeFi TVL alone sits at just under $1 billion, based on DefiLlama data, while the number of active addresses exceeds 68.5 million. 


Growth in Base DeFi TVL | Source: DefiLlama


What Is the Base Blockchain?

At its core, Base is an Optimistic Rollup leveraging the OP Stack developed by Optimism, aiming to offer a low-cost, scalable solution for Ethereum dApps. It uniquely does not have its own native token, relying instead on Ethereum for transaction fees and operations, aligning closely with Ethereum's vision and functionality. Base's infrastructure facilitates a seamless transition for Ethereum developers and users to a scalable environment without departing from the familiar Ethereum ecosystem​. 


Base supports a wide range of dApps and services, including popular DeFi protocols and NFT marketplaces, making it a versatile ecosystem for users and developers alike. Bridging to Base is straightforward, requiring users to transfer Ethereum or other supported ERC-20 tokens via the official Base bridge or other partnering platforms. This process not only enables users to engage with the ecosystem’s dApps but also rewards them with commemorative NFTs for their participation​. 


How Does Base L2 Work? 

Base’s Optimistic rollup technology lets it aggregate multiple off-chain transactions into a single batch, which is then finalized on the Ethereum mainnet. This approach drastically reduces transaction fees and increases transaction speeds by handling the bulk of processing off-chain while still leveraging the security of the Ethereum network. Base was constructed using the OP Stack, developed in collaboration with Optimism, facilitating easy upgrades and high adaptability​. 


Built on top of Ethereum: Base differs from Ethereum primarily in its scalability and cost-effectiveness. While Ethereum can process transactions on its own Layer 1 (L1) blockchain, it often suffers from high gas fees and slower transaction times during periods of congestion. As an L2 solution, Base aims to alleviate these issues by moving transactions off-chain before bundling them into a single transaction on Ethereum, offering users the benefits of Ethereum’s security without the high costs or slow speeds.


Access to the Coinbase Products and Ecosystem: Compared to other Ethereum L2 networks, Base's unique proposition lies in its deep integration with Coinbase products, its emphasis on being a bridge rather than an island, and its dedication to open-source development and decentralization. It's designed to be developer-friendly, offering seamless integration with Coinbase’s vast user base and resources, easy fiat on-ramps, and powerful tools for building dApps. 


No Native Token: Additionally, Base does not have its own token and focuses on full EVM equivalence, facilitating the development of multi-chain applications. The network also outlines a clear roadmap towards greater decentralization and community governance, distinguishing itself from some L2 solutions that may adopt a more centralized approach​.


Base network uses ETH to pay for gas fees. This aligns with its goal of making the Ethereum network scalable and reducing costs by shifting transaction processing off-chain. There is no separate native token for Base; it utilizes ETH for all native token purposes.

Top Crypto Projects in the Base Ecosystem 

Based on their popularity, social sentiment, and growth potential, we’ve explored 15 of the most promising tokens from the Base ecosystem. Here are some of the most trending altcoins in the Base ecosystem you could add to your portfolio and watch: 


SeamlessFi (SEAM) 


SeamlessFi (SEAM) is a notable project within the Base ecosystem, distinguishing itself as a cutting-edge decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol focusing on lending and borrowing. SEAM serves as the governance token of the Seamless Protocol, marking it as the first decentralized, native lending and borrowing protocol on Base. It has quickly ascended to one of the top three native apps on Base by total volume locked, with a TVL of over $511 million. Seamless Protocol's creation involved input from individuals with backgrounds in notable projects such as Aave, Coinbase, and Uniswap, among others, ensuring a strong foundation for its development and future growth​. 


Notably, the Seamless Protocol has introduced innovative lending solutions, including both over- and under-collateralized loans, enhancing capital efficiency and simplifying the user experience. Integrated Liquidity Markets (ILMs) within the protocol allow for tailored borrowing strategies, such as leveraging existing crypto markets or introducing new ones​. SEAM's airdrop coincided with its Coinbase listing, emphasizing community distribution, with a significant portion of its total supply allocated to community rewards and activities. 


Note: Seamless operates on Ethereum and Base blockchains. 


Base God (TYBG) 


Base God positions itself as a meme-driven project, encapsulating the spirit of Base and Coinbase alongside a vision for the on-chain revolution. It emphasizes a community-driven ethos, with a distinct absence of formal teams or product roadmaps, steering clear of traditional project trajectories to focus on a decentralized and collaborative future. Moreover, the project has launched a metaverse space known as "Temple," which hosts events and serves as a community hub for live contests, interviews, and social interaction among members, showcasing its innovative approach to community engagement. 


TYBG, the project's native token, is crafted to serve several pivotal roles, including providing payment within its ecosystem, rewarding community engagement, and standing as an investment vehicle. Its design caters to decentralized payments, ensuring high security and scalability, and supports the tokenization of assets, thus facilitating the digital representation of various traditional assets​. For potential investors and participants in the Base ecosystem, Base God (TYBG) offers a mix of cultural richness, technological promise, and a vibrant community, highlighted by its significant market activities and community-centric initiatives. At the time of writing, $TYBG has a market cap of over $69 million. 


Aerodrome Finance (AERO) 


Aerodrome Finance (AERO) is a next-generation Automated Market Maker (AMM) that aims to be the central liquidity hub on the Base blockchain. It incorporates a powerful liquidity incentive engine, a vote-lock governance model, and a user-friendly experience. AERO, the native token, plays a critical role within the ecosystem, facilitating governance, incentivizing liquidity provision, and rewarding participants. 


The project has demonstrated impressive growth, with its price recently hitting an all-time high of $1.58, marking a significant increase from its all-time low. This rapid price movement reflects a burgeoning interest in the token and its underlying platform. With a circulating supply of 360 million tokens and a market cap of over $221 million, Aerodrome Finance is a significant player within the Base Chain ecosystem.


Brett (BRETT) 


Brett (BRETT), with its character's affinity for video games and a laid-back attitude, has garnered a global fanbase, contributing to its rapidly growing community within the Base ecosystem. Drawing comparisons, PEPE on Ethereum reached a market cap of $1.6 billion, and WOLF on Avalanche hit $30 million, setting a high benchmark for Brett's potential market valuation. Brett’s utility is bolstered by strategic partnerships with leading crypto companies and its integral role in the expanding Base Chain ecosystem, promising a solid foundation for growth. 


This growth is further supported by a robust community and bullish outlooks from prominent crypto figures. With such dynamics, including anticipation around a potential $BASE airdrop, Brett is positioned for significant growth, suggesting it could achieve a substantial market cap reflective of its unique offering and community support. At the time of writing, $BRETT enjoys a market cap of over $453 million and is the ninth largest token in the Base ecosystem by market cap. 


bloo foster coin (BLOO) 


Bloo Foster Coin (BLOO), a project deeply rooted in a heartwarming narrative of rescue and companionship, stands out within the Base ecosystem. The story begins with Bloo, once a homeless soul, finding a new lease on life through the kindness of Brian Armstrong and Jesse Pollak, who brought him into a foster home. There, Bloo formed an inseparable bond with his new friends Brett, Toshi, and Doginme, embarking on adventures that epitomize friendship and laughter. This memecoin’s backstory not only adds a layer of depth to the project but also connects with the community emotionally, enhancing its appeal.


As of the latest update, $BLOO reached an all-time high (ATH) of $24.11 on March 20, reflecting the crypto community's strong reception to its compelling narrative and potential utility within the Base ecosystem. With a market cap of $17.89 million, BLOO demonstrates significant growth and engagement potential, marked by its swift recovery and notable performance. This project embodies more than just a cryptocurrency; it's a story of transformation, care, and the creation of a virtual family, offering a unique investment opportunity for those drawn to projects with a robust community and a narrative foundation.​




MYSTCL (MYST) stands out in the Base ecosystem as an innovative project, with its token architecture built on the Base blockchain as an ERC404 token. It's a project that has collaborated with an artist who has previously worked with high-profile clients such as VW, McDonald's, and Reebok, indicating a serious approach to quality and creativity in its presentation and partnerships. 


MYST has a limited total supply capped at 7,000 tokens. This limited supply, coupled with the token's recent explosive price performance, makes MYSTCL a compelling asset for potential investors looking for unique opportunities within the Base ecosystem. Its unique blend of artistry and technical design could appeal to both collectors and investors within the crypto space​. $MYST hit an ATH of over $1,790 before sliding lower but has a total market cap of $7.49 million at the time of writing. 


DeFido (DEFIDO) 


DeFido (DFD) is an emerging project within the Base ecosystem, capturing attention for its distinctive French Bulldog mascot and mission to foster community engagement and support the growth of the Base blockchain. The utility of its native token, DFD, is linked to decentralized exchange trading, with Uniswap V2 (Base) being the most active trading platform for DFD/WETH pairs.


DeFido (DFD) stands out in the Base ecosystem as a project with a compelling origin and mission: merging DeFi with the universal appeal of dogs, specifically the Frenchie known from a viral Coinbase tweet in 2021. This unique blend gave rise to DeFido, emphasizing community, innovation, and accessibility in DeFi. DeFido's vision is to make decentralized finance accessible and engaging for everyone, leveraging education, ease of use, and a strong community foundation primarily active on Telegram.


The DEFIDO token is integral to the DeFido ecosystem, enabling community governance, access to DeFi services, and automatic liquidity provision while also funding project sustainability through transaction fee allocation. DEFIDO touched a recent high of $0.009. At the time of writing, its market cap is $7.83 million. 


Normie (NORMIE) 


Normie ($NORMIE) is a movement aimed at integrating the vast, untapped market of "normies" into the Base chain ecosystem through the universal language of memes. Symbolizing Base's mission to be accessible and inviting to all, $NORMIE serves as a bridge, bringing the next million users to the crypto world. The community-focused project is designed to foster active participation and contribution towards growth, embodying the spirit of a people's coin. 


It taps into the widespread appeal of successful meme coins, which rally around the potential for significant returns, driven by a unified community belief. Normie is committed to spreading its vision from one normie to another, emphasizing the crypto space's inclusivity and the opportunities it offers for exponential growth. This initiative resonates with Base's broader goal of onboarding over a billion new investors into the crypto ecosystem, making it a secure and welcoming platform for newcomers.


Echelon Prime (PRIME) 


Echelon Prime (PRIME) is a dynamic project within the Base ecosystem aimed at revolutionizing web3 gaming by providing a robust utility token, PRIME, for an array of games. The token serves as the lifeblood of the Echelon ecosystem, facilitating token-gated products, services, and gaming experiences known as PRIME Sinks. This includes everything from acquiring limited-edition, signed versions of Parallel TCG cards to participating in governance proposals and more, allowing for a comprehensive utility beyond mere transactional value​. 


Echelon Prime emphasizes community engagement and the token's versatility in usage within its gaming ecosystem. Users can obtain PRIME tokens by participating in gameplay, collecting specific sets, or even through direct purchase, integrating them into the ecosystem's economic and governance mechanisms. The foundation of Echelon Prime is to enhance gaming experiences by leveraging blockchain features, with Parallel TCG highlighted as just the beginning of its ambition to expand web3 gaming​. $PRIME touched an ATH of $28.08 on March 21 and has a market cap of over $605 million. 


Note: Echelon Prime operates on the Ethereum blockchain and Base Chain.


Mochi (MOCHI) 


Mochi ($MOCHI) is a unique project within the Base ecosystem that leverages meme culture to foster community engagement and support. It distinguishes itself with a 3% tax planned to be reduced to 0% in the future, aiming to ensure safety and confidence among its users with a securely audited contract. Mochi has garnered notable support, including a grant from Coinbase and KYC verification, underscoring its credibility and potential within the Base chain. 


The project's vision extends beyond digital engagement, with plans for physical merchandise (Mochindise), NFT-based PFPs (Mochimon PFP NFTs), and an NFT game (Tamamochi) that echoes the Tamagotchi experience, blending nostalgia with blockchain innovation. Mochi's commitment to on-chain giving and enabling, especially through funding for builders and artists, emphasizes its role in cultivating the Base ecosystem's culture​. $MOCHI has a market cap of $78.61 million and touched an ATH of $0.0000791 in late March. 


Grand Base (GB) 


Grand Base (GB) is a decentralized market for spot synthetic Real World Assets (RWAs), aiming to offer exposure to RWAs without the necessity of holding the actual assets. The project advocates for the use of synthetic assets combined with an active market to guarantee deep liquidity, promoting safety and competitiveness in RWA exposure on the blockchain.


For potential investors, Grand Base represents an innovative approach to integrating traditional asset exposure with the flexibility and efficiency of blockchain technology. The project's focus on synthetic assets for RWAs could appeal to investors looking for blockchain solutions that offer real-world asset interaction without direct ownership. 




FOMO Base (FOMO) positions itself not merely as a cryptocurrency but as an entire ecosystem embodying the excitement and urgency of participating in new ventures on the Base chain. This movement is fueled by the desire to be at the forefront of innovation, capturing the essence of the "fear of missing out" by ensuring participants have early access to promising launches within the ecosystem. In terms of market performance, $FOMO has a market cap of $11.18 million at the time of writing and has touched an ATH of $0.001482. 


The project has taken significant steps to foster trust and long-term value for its community by placing its entire supply of 10 billion FOMO tokens into the liquidity pool (LP), with no allocations reserved for the team. This approach underscores its commitment to fairness and community-centric development. Moreover, the liquidity is locked for an extended period of 69 years, further ensuring stability and security for token holders. By eschewing team allocations and locking the LP for decades, FOMO Base aims to establish a solid foundation of trust and shared purpose among its participants, setting itself apart as a noteworthy project in the bustling Base ecosystem.


OmniCat (OMNI) 


OmniCat positions itself as a pioneering project in the cryptocurrency space, distinguishing itself as the first omnichain culture coin aimed at celebrating and advancing omnichain technology. This innovative meme coin spans seven distinct ecosystems, harnessing the capabilities of LayerZero technology to facilitate seamless movement across different blockchain networks.


This approach underlines OmniCat's mission to not only serve as a meme coin but also to pioneer the integration and utility of omnichain technology in the digital asset space. By existing natively on multiple chains, OmniCat offers a unique proposition that may appeal to investors and blockchain enthusiasts who share the vision of a decentralized future unfettered by the limitations of single blockchain ecosystems. The project invites anyone who believes in the omnichain future to join its community, signaling an inclusive approach to building a more interconnected and versatile blockchain landscape. OmniCat coin has a market cap of over $31 million at the time of writing, and its price touched an ATH of $0.004494 in December 2023. 


Note: Besides Base, OmniCat operates on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Solana, BNB Smart Chain, and Canto networks. 


Investment Potential of the Base Network Ecosystem

Base is an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) network designed to provide a secure, low-cost, and developer-friendly environment to bring the next billion users to the web3 space. Key benefits of investing in the Base Network ecosystem include:


  • Security and Scalability: Base is secured by Ethereum, offering the robust security features and scalability needed to support decentralized applications. This foundation ensures a reliable environment for investments​.

  • Economic Efficiency: The ecosystem offers full EVM compatibility at reduced costs, enabling gasless transactions and affordable multichain application development. This efficiency can translate into lower operational costs for projects and potentially higher returns for investors​.

  • Access to Coinbase’s Ecosystem: Projects built on Base have easy access to Coinbase’s vast range of products, users, and tools. This includes seamless product integrations, easy fiat onramps, and powerful acquisition tools, tapping into a large user base and significant assets within the Coinbase ecosystem​.

  • Developer-Friendly Platform: Base focuses on creating a conducive environment for developers, including setting up gasless transactions for dApps and providing easy developer APIs for account abstraction. This fosters innovation and the development of new applications, expanding the potential for groundbreaking projects within the ecosystem​.

  • Open Source and Decentralization: The network aims to be decentralized, permissionless, and open to all, with a vision of creating a standard, modular, rollup-agnostic "Superchain" powered by Optimism. This approach encourages a collaborative development environment and a diverse range of projects​.

  • Interoperability: Base is designed to facilitate easy and secure access to Ethereum L1, other L2s, and various L1 ecosystems. This interoperability is crucial for creating a seamless user experience and allowing projects to tap into broader markets and user bases​.

How to Participate in the Base Chain Ecosystem

Investing in altcoins within the Base ecosystem involves a few steps, including bridging ETH to Base and trading the tokens. 


How to Bridge ETH to Base

  • Add the Base Mainnet to Your Wallet: Add the Base Mainnet RPC details to your wallet client before you start. This can be done through Chainlist. Go to Chainlist, connect your wallet, and allow it to add the Base RPC details​. Here’s a tutorial on how to add Base to MetaMask

  • Access the Bridge Portal: Visit the official Base bridge portal to start bridging your ETH from Ethereum to Base​.

  • Connect Your Wallet: Connect your digital wallet to the bridge portal. This step is crucial for ensuring the transaction's security and linking it to your account​. Base protocol supports MetaMask, Rainbow Wallet, and Coinbase Wallet. 

  • Select the Amount to Bridge: Decide how much ETH you want to bridge over to the Base network. Make sure you choose an amount that aligns with your investment plans and the platform requirements you intend to use on Base​.

  • Confirm the Transaction: Finalize the bridging process by confirming the transaction. This step will involve a gas fee. After confirmation, you should receive the bridged ETH in your Base wallet within a few minutes​.

How to Invest in Altcoins within the Base Ecosystem

After you have bridged ETH to Base, you can start investing in altcoins within the ecosystem. This typically involves using decentralized exchanges (DEXs) that operate on the Base network. Here's a general approach:


  • Find a DEX: Look for a DEX that supports the Base network and has the altcoins you’re interested in.

  • Connect Your Wallet: Like with the bridge portal, you must connect your wallet to the DEX. Ensure that your wallet is switched to the Base network. You can use any crypto wallet compatible with Base network, such as MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow Wallet, etc. 

  • Swap ETH for Altcoins: Use the DEX interface to swap your bridged ETH for the altcoins of your choice. You’ll select ETH as the input and the desired altcoin as the output.

  • Confirm the Swap: Swapping involves a transaction fee like with bridging. Confirm the swap transaction in your wallet.

  • Manage Your Investments: The altcoins will appear in your wallet once the swap is confirmed. From there, you can manage your investments according to your strategy.

Risks and Considerations

While the Base Network offers numerous opportunities, it's important to approach it with an understanding of the risks inherent in any blockchain ecosystem. The reliance on Optimistic Rollups means trusting in the system's ability to accurately and securely process transactions off-chain, with fraud proofs serving as a backstop against incorrect state submissions. Prospective users and developers should also consider the network's ongoing journey towards decentralization and the implications of Coinbase's significant role in the network's operation and governance​. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind before investing in Base ecosystem projects: 


  • Research: Research the altcoins and projects within the Base ecosystem before investing. Look for projects with solid fundamentals and a clear vision.

  • Network Fees: Be aware of the transaction fees involved in bridging and swapping. Fees can vary based on network congestion.

  • Security: Ensure your wallet and its keys are secure. Use hardware wallets or other secure methods to protect your investments.


The Base Network is poised to play a pivotal role in expanding the Ethereum ecosystem and the broader crypto economy, offering a scalable, user-friendly platform for DApp development and deployment. Its commitment to open-source principles, interoperability, and a seamless user experience, backed by the infrastructure and partnerships it has established, marks it as a significant contributor to the next wave of blockchain innovation. As with any evolving technology, engagement with the Base Network requires due diligence and a keen eye on its developmental trajectory towards decentralization and community governance.


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