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2022/02/16 10:00:26

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) were all the rage in 2021 going into 2022 and for good reason. As digital assets, NFTs can be created, shared, transacted with, and traded freely without any centralized control or regulation. And if you've ever thought about creating your own game or experience around cryptocurrencies? The lack of an industry-standard format allows you to have creative freedom in designing your mechanics, rules, and so on.

Thanks to NFTs, even crypto adoption is picking up speed as more people are now familiar with the various exchange rates of crypto platforms that support minting NFTs. Also, as more NFT projects come to the fore, various more cryptocurrencies are launched in support of those projects, thus allowing users to learn even more about crypto, blockchain, and metaverse.

However, the hard part is that while NFTs are exploding in popularity, the average regular average user has limited access to tools that would allow them to truly build and develop on top of these NFTs. This is where STARLY comes in as a collectibles launchpad with integrated social media mechanics designed for NFT creators and their fans to enter the truly magical universe of Web3.0.

What is STARLY?

Starly - launchpad and marketplace for creators and collectors to expand economies around gamified NFT collections. Collecting NFTs here turns into an immersive experience with different NFT rarity classes, distribution in sealed packs, limited editions, rewards, collector score and other continuously evolving game-like mechanisms.

Collectors are engaged through adrenaline-driven pack opening. They buy and sell cards on the marketplace to complete sets and get rewards for achieving milestones. Starly owning NFTs is a social experience opening a new kind of relationship that empowers the community.

What is STARLY token and What is it used for?

STARLY token is a future centerpiece of the Starly ecosystem to advance the community in building economies around gamified NFT collections.

Starly token holders can stake them to acquire benefits and generate passive income. There will be three staking tiers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum memberships, each offering an extensive set of privileges — including, but not limited to exclusive drops, voting rights, and much more.

How does STARLY work?

Creator Flow:

Upon registration Creators are required to connect one of their social accounts to the system (Instagram, Twitter and/or YouTube) in order to verify whether minimum required follower number is met. If the following criteria is met, users are granted access to create their NFT collection. Creators generate their collections, following a step-by-step guidance available on the platform. Creators are granted with complete creative freedom in terms of producing their visual assets and providing corresponding descriptions. After the metadata is provided, the Creator sets the pricing and schedules the launch of their collection. By scheduling a collection, Creator leaves room for building anticipation for the upcoming drop. Once that is done, Collection storefront is generated and could be accessed by anyone. Now the Creator can promote the collection to their fanbase.

Collector flow:

Most users are introduced to STARLY through engagement posts of their favorite creators - influencers they follow on social media platforms. This is a great way to be introduced to the product - through individuals, content and values that really resonates with the fan. So they initially have a relatable mediator that educates and guides through the immersive experience of collecting, owning and trading that is offered by STARLY. Fans come to their favorite artist's collection/storefront and now they can get involved - buy a pack of collectable NFT cards made by their idol. Once the initial pack purchase is made, the collector has to open it - the flow of opening the pack and revealing the cards inside is created to really capitalize on the sense of anticipation, scarcity and ownership. When cards are revealed, the collector finally finds out what cards, with what serial numbers they have obtained. Serial numbers are at the core of the game, they are what usually drive the value of a specific card. Collectors can trade (sell/buy) the cards in the secondary market to make money or to get cards they are missing from a specific collection. Creators reward their fans for reaching certain milestones in collecting cards from their collection. This is one more aspect that drives the engagement and offers new ways for creators and their fans to connect with each other.

What Makes STARLY Unique?

Starly offers a unique, easy to use end-to-end solution for creators to generate and sell their NFT collections. The platform is bringing the game to the next level by putting emphasis on the collector's experience. The team is introducing gamification mechanics, making NFT collecting exciting and fun.

The NFT market is very illiquid, meaning only some small portion of digital assets could be sold on the marketplace. STARLY stands out by presenting more mechanics for a successful launch. Established rarity class, more appealing "entry-ticket" for obtaining an NFT, qualitative client base, cost-free minting and transactions, user-friendly creation procedure and scheduling the launch of the collection to build anticipation and hype before the launch.

Who created STARLY?

Starly is created by a devoted team of highly professional people - founders of the viral F3 and Ask.fm.

Starly has partnered up with some of the most notable and powerful Venture Capital funds in the crypto field. Our investors include Dapper Labs, Animoca Brands, Spartan Group, KuCoin Labs, and other big names.

Closing Thoughts

Starly sets a bar high with extraordinary NFT collections from exceptionally talented, industry leading creators, paving the way for mass adoption of NFTs. $STARLY utility token will serve as a medium to offer creators, collectors, and the surrounding communities the ultimate experience on the Starly ecosystem.

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