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2022/09/01 11:09:28

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Time: August 30, 2022, 10:00 AM - 11:34 AM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the Founder & CTO of Metaverse game company U.A.Fabrica, Tillman Meyer, and Plutonian’s CIO, DeFi & GameFi Designer, James Lee, both in the KuCoin Metaverse Discord Group.

Project Introduction

Plutonians is an open-world metaverse space combat, role-playing, exploration, and trading game launching on PC VR and Meta headsets with a Solana-powered ecosystem. Built-in Unreal Engine 5 for a true next-gen experience, the game has a fully tokenized economy, including assets like ships and ship components such as weapons and engines, which utilize a never-before-seen NFT composability protocol. Players will take missions to earn $RPC, purchase (or pirate) ships and ship components, and explore space to uncover tokenized loot! Plutonians is inspired by classic space RPGs like Escape Velocity, Elite & Freelancer. Plutonians launches in late September, with regular updates and expansions from Q1 2023 onwards.

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Tillman Meyer — Founder and CTO of Metaverse game company U.A.Fabrica

James Lee — CIO, DeFi + GameFi Designer

Q&A from KuCoin

Q: Could you introduce yourselves and the team behind Plutonians?

Tillman: My name is Tillman Meyer. I am the CTO and lead game designer for Plutonians!

James: This is James, the CIO of Plutonians! I have designed the DeFi and GameFi elements of the game. I specialize in fintech, marketing, SAAS project management, and business intelligence. With a few years in the DeFi space, I am thrilled to co-launch Plutonians! I also intend to help create an attractive, sticky, engaging, reward-incentivized ecosystem.

Tillman: Speaking of our team, we are fortunate to have such a talented group of developers, both Unreal and Rust, as well as our phenomenal artists, sound team, writers, producers, designers, and more! The project is a blast to work on, and the team is having a great time building it. We can’t wait to share Plutonians with the world! We envision the game as proof that next-gen GameFi is here to stay.

Q: What was the creative inspiration behind Plutonians? How did this all begin, and where is it going?

Tillman: Plutonians owes a lot to many wonderful space games that came before it. To name a few: Elite, Freelancer, Escape Velocity, and Homeworld. Elite started the concept of the “open world” video game that is so common today in 1984, and we think it’s time the formula got shaken up! A living, breathing, open world only starts to come alive when a sticky creator economy is attached, letting players take the freedom, immersion, and emergent elements to new levels.

James: Regarding the setting, we chose space because space games have always ridden the wave of public excitement of new tech, all the way back to Space Invaders. We are forging the path ahead for the metaverse with Plutonians, and space is a brilliant setting to do that in. Of course, future games can take on any genre or setting, but a space game will open up possibilities for missions that will help shape underlying technologies like crypto and VR and lend itself to storytelling more closely aligned with a crypto-powered future. In addition, an NFT is cool, sure, but we want to help define future use cases. What better use case for an NFT than to jump inside it and fly it?

Tillman: We are also focusing heavily on the community as one of our core beliefs is that a strong and empowered community is the key to success in this space. Although Plutonians is built from the ground up to be modder-friendly, we’ve built a world/story editing toolset that we hope will allow us to open-source the Plutonians universe to the community & accept community-created levels, missions, and storylines. That’s where the true longevity of games like Plutonians lies, and we’ve always wanted to build something that helps players create and socialize together!

Q: Can you tell us more about the gameplay? What type of game is Plutonians, and what can players expect?

James: I want to make the key point here that we focus on gameplay. There is no point in developing the best GameFi economy in the world if your game itself isn’t fun to play. We are grateful to many Generation 1 DeFi games that came before Plutonians, but we think it’s Generation 2 games like ours that will show that crypto-based game economies are here in the long run; and that we will empower the players. In Plutonians, your spaceships and all their components, like weapons, shields, and engines, are NFTs. So is your ship’s camo paint job!

Tillman: Another point is that we believe in the power of Virtual Reality (VR) as a technology (although Plutonians is playable on PC without one) and think it will prove to establish itself as a core component of the Metaverse. So with this in mind, we are dialing the immersion and interactivity to 11.

James: The gameplay will primarily revolve around flying with spaceships, trading, mining, combat, and more. We spent much time nailing the “feel” of flying a spaceship. As an update, our public beta will be shipping out in late September. If it is fun simply getting from point A to point B, then we know we’re on the right track. And, of course, we are spending an equal amount of time on combat, so you know the dogfights will be crazy! We also have our first story pack shipping in Q1 of 2022, which will flesh out the public beta with a range of branching story paths. This will take players on journeys throughout the Plutonians system, where they can ally with various factions to wage war or become a bit of a space cowboy and do their own thing.

Q: The Metaverse and GameFi sectors are blowing up right now. So what makes Plutonians stand out from the crowd?

Tillman: I like to see real-time gameplay rather than turn-based stuff and all these battle games we are seeing. This is ultimately important in my mind. We touched on this before, but a blockchain game should be game first and blockchain second, rather than the other way around, or it will see no future. Unfortunately, this philosophy seems strangely absent from much of the GameFi industry right now.

James: Regarding the current P2E market, we believe that paying out tokens constantly in a "Play-to-Earn" model is ultimately unsustainable. This is why we designed Plutonians to be a bit different. We are essentially creating gameplay that encourages player specialization, and therefore, you may hire players to work for you directly. We think this provides "Play-to-Earn" that rewards true players and real skill development, rather than grinding or the kind of reward-for-suffering model. The idea is not unique to crypto, as many traditional game titles are guilty of this. We will not be prescriptive on what players can and should do. We want to see the gameplay and in-game economy, roles, and jobs driven by the community.

Furthermore, Plutonians' design philosophy is based on rewarding skills. We are at war with Pay-to-Win. Instead, we advocate the idea of Play-for-Fun!

Q: How does the in-game economy work? Could you tell us more about your tokens and their utility?

Tillman: $RPC (Republic Credits) are used for in-game trade: buying and selling NFTs, fuel, other commodities, and more. $PLD, on the other hand, is the Plutonian DAO, which we think will be useful for this particular game because we want to make sure the gameplay stays fun to play! When we add future content to the game, we want the community DAO to have a say. We will also have secret discord channels that unlock if you hold certain tokens to expand the gameplay beyond the game itself. We also have in-game tokens, $PU238, to fuel your ship and power its equipment.

James: We also have many amazing partners, which has made Plutonians a much more interesting project overall. The partnership that I always talk about is, and we have developed with the team some exclusive DeFi options and staking systems that I have personally never seen before. Token staking to earn NFTs, for example, is live on right now!

Q: Your launch is just around the corner — late September, right? You guys must be busy. Have you got anything new to share?

Tillman: As we are extra busy, it is also amazing how much time and effort goes into even the smallest details. For example, we had a production meeting for two (2) hours yesterday about how the lasers should look, sound, and feel!

James: We do have something exclusive to share, so we are sharing it for the first time now. This is a peek of actual gameplay footage in-engine that we recorded today in VR in one of our test builds.

Come and take a look!

Q: What about after the launch? What does 2023 look like for Plutonians?

Tillman: The entire team is super excited for 2023 when we release the first content pack for the game. So, the first story mission is where we can start to tell the story of the IU, the factions, and more. Then, when we can start seeing the community response to the game editing tools and such, we can now start to explore the stars together.

James: The future is bright for Plutonians. Such an amazing team backs us, and I think everyone is starting to really hit their stride and work well together, which is super important. Every time I see a new test build go up, I get excited, so I will start sharing those test builds and updates with the community. 2023 is going to be a big one.

Free-Ask from KuCoin Community

Q: Did you consider community feedback during the creation of Plutonians?

James: Absolutely! And we continue to take ideas and input onboard moving forward and into the future. One company alone can't build an exceptional Metaverse experience. We are recruiting our audience and players too. It needs to be inclusive to be engaging, I believe.

Tillman: We highly consider community feedback, the same reason we started Plutonians LABS, which wasn't even on the roadmap. We are excited to launch the public beta in September to get more eyes across what we've been working on. The best collaboration for a community-driven project is with the community.

Q: What is your strongest advantage that will make your team lead the market?

Tillman: The force is strong with this one. I am lucky enough to play the game daily, and I think we are not only making a great blockchain game but a great space game in any category. In terms of leading the market, the market does what it wants. If anyone could predict that they would be very rich, we are just focused on building out the best game we can.

James: We are the first movers in the space and will continue to maintain this. The key strengths will be the focus on storyline, lore, and gameplay.

Q: Any plans for open-world combat battles between spaceships in the future?

Tillman: Open-world combat requires a solid multiplayer environment. It's part of our future desires. However, we initially focused on making the single player as fun and engaging as possible to build a community of space & crypto enthusiasts who want to breathe life into that multiplayer option.

Q: Is there any staking program currently for PLD holders?

Tillman: Staking is on! You have multiple options, including single token locked staking to secure exclusive NFTs, and there are also LP token farms there.

Giveaway Section

KuCoin and Plutonians have prepared a total of 24,000 PLD to give away to AMA participants.

1. Free-ask section: 1,000 PLD

2. Red envelope giveaways: 10.000 PLD

3. Special event: 13,000 PLD

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