Top Crypto Airdrops to Watch in March 2024

2024/03/29 03:52:04

Amid the rising optimism surround the upcoming Bitcoin halving in April, Bitcoin crossed the key level of $71,000 on Monday, 11 March, to touch a new all-time high. This spike has helped boost the mood in the overall market, sending Ethereum over $4,000 ahead of the Dencun upgrade in the Ethereum 2.0 roadmap, meme coins soaring, and driving strong investor interest in other altcoins. The crypto market is trading in a state of extreme greed, with the Fear and Greed index touching 82 at the time of writing.

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As March unfolds, the crypto community is excited about the latest round of airdrops. Following a series of impactful campaigns in the early months of 2024, this month promises an even richer bounty for crypto enthusiasts. With the market displaying a mix of cautious optimism and dynamic movements, numerous projects are set to enrich their communities through generous token distributions.

This blog aims to illuminate the most promising airdrops slated for March 2024, offering a glimpse into opportunities you must take advantage of. This month, let's dive into the best crypto airdrops, from established platforms to emerging innovators.

The Best Crypto Airdrops for March 2024

Here are some of the most trending airdrops in the crypto market to explore in March:

1. Wormhole

Wormhole is a pioneering cross-chain message transfer protocol, offering a bridge that enhances interoperability among diverse blockchains, including Ethereum, Solana, Terra, and BNB Chain. This innovative platform enables seamless communication and asset transfer across these networks, aiming to unify the fragmented blockchain ecosystem.

The recent announcement of the airdrop campaign by Wormhole, which includes the distribution of 617,305,000 W tokens, is a significant gesture to reward the community members who have actively participated in the Wormhole ecosystem. Eligibility for this airdrop extends to users involved with Wormhole for almost three years, including Wormhole Discord members, participants in various NFT and Monad communities, and the top 10,000 Pyth stakers. This strategic move acknowledges these community members' contributions and aims to decentralize governance further and enhance user engagement within the Wormhole ecosystem.

How to Participate in Wormhole Airdrop

Eligibility for the airdrop was determined through various factors, including the duration of engagement with the Wormhole protocol, the volume of messages and transfers, consistent use across the protocol’s lifespan, and active participation within the ecosystem. A snapshot for eligibility was taken on February 6, 2024, at 23:59 UTC. For users who believe they are eligible but have not received an allocation, Wormhole has provided a form to contest and verify their eligibility.

Here’s how you can participate in the Wormhole airdrop campaign:

  1. Visit the Wormhole airdrop eligibility checking page.
  2. Connect your wallet after selecting a network.
  3. The interface will display the number of W tokens you can claim if eligible.

Wormhole (W) Airdrop Date: Mark your calendars for the Wormhole (W) Airdrop happening at 11:30 UTC in April 2024, as officially announced by Wormhole's X account. Eligible users should expect to receive their airdrop rewards promptly at this time.

2. Mocaverse

Mocaverse, backed by Animoca Brands, represents a unique NFT collection that embodies the company's commitment to Web3 and digital property rights. It serves as a membership gateway to its vast ecosystem of companies, projects, and partnerships. With a significant $31.88M in funding from prestigious entities like Polygon Ventures and OKX Ventures and partnering with KuCoin and Halo Wallet, Mocaverse has confirmed the launch of its MOCA token, initiating a campaign that rewards participants with points and shards for engaging in simple tasks, which could potentially lead to an airdrop upon the token's release​​.

How to Participate in Mocaverse Airdrop

To participate in the Mocaverse airdrop, you can:

  1. Visit the Mocaverse campaign page to get started.
  2. Those owning a Moca NFT can directly sign up, or new users can obtain an invite code from Mocaverse's Discord channel.
  3. Create a Realm account using an email address or a MetaMask wallet.
  4. Mint a Moca ID by selecting a unique name.
  5. Earn points, known as RP (Realm Points), by completing various tasks listed on the missions page.
  6. Increase point accumulation by inviting friends.
  7. Visit the Shard Rush page to undertake missions to earn Shards, further contributing to potential airdrop eligibility.

When to Claim MOCA Airdrop: The launch date for claiming the MOCA token airdrop is still to be announced. You must keep an eye on Mocaverse's official communications for updates on when the airdrop claim process will go live. The campaign intricately ties together community engagement with the broader vision of fostering a participatory and value-driven ecosystem around Mocaverse and its associated MOCA token​​.

3. Parallel Network

Parallel Network, an Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution built on Ethereum's Arbitrum Nitro stack, is conducting a testnet airdrop for its PARA token. This program allows users to potentially earn PARA tokens by participating in the testnet. Parallel Network addresses Ethereum's scalability limitations by providing a layer 2 solution. This solution facilitates faster and cheaper interactions with Ethereum applications while maintaining compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Parallel Network allows users to perform actions they would typically do on the Ethereum mainnet, such as deploying contracts, interacting with wallets, and using Web3 apps.

How to Participate in Parallel Network Airdrop

Follow these steps to participate in the testnet airdrop and be eligible for PARA tokens:

  1. Visit the Parallel Network testnet page here.
  2. Choose "Parallel Testnet" and connect your crypto wallet.
  3. Navigate to "Apps" in the top right corner, locate "Airdrop," and enter the code "BA59A." Complete the Twitter tasks associated with the airdrop to finalize registration.
  4. Testnet interactions require Sepolia ETH. You can acquire it here.
  5. Bridge your Sepolia ETH to the Parallel testnet.
  6. Return to the Parallel testnet page and click "Create Parallel Account."
  7. Go back to "Apps," click on "Wallet," and claim your testnet tokens.
  8. Active participation in the testnet translates to earning points contributing to your airdrop eligibility. Explore functionalities within "Apps." You can experiment with lending by supplying testnet NFTs and tokens or connecting to other available testnets like Goerli.
  9. You can accumulate additional points by inviting friends to join the Parallel testnet using your referral link.

When to Claim PARA Airdrop: The specific date for claiming PARA tokens is yet to be announced. However, Parallel Network has confirmed that testnet participants with accumulated points will be eligible for the airdrop. Stay informed about the claim process by following Parallel Network's official channels, particularly the tweet referenced in the source materials.

4. Scallop

Scallop is a pioneering money market platform in the Sui ecosystem, focusing on providing high-yield lending, low-fee borrowing, and an array of other DeFi services with enhanced security and composability. The project aims to cater to both institutional-grade demands and individual users by offering a unified platform for digital asset management and an SDK for professional traders​​. The airdrop campaign by Scallop is designed to reward early adopters and active users through two main phases, focusing on past engagement and continued participation:

  • The first phase has already concluded, and it targeted early supporters by allowing them to earn and redeem points for "Mysterious Pearls," which contain various rewards.
  • The second phase, also concluded, encouraged users to engage with the platform by lending or borrowing, with the rewards mechanism based on total value locked, activity duration, and other criteria.

How to Participate in Scallop Airdrop

Users needed to connect their Sui Wallet to the official Scallop application, engage in features such as lending and borrowing, and participate in community events to participate in the Scallop airdrop. The platform also hinted at a retroactive airdrop for early users, emphasizing activities on the platform as the primary criteria for eligibility. Users could claim their rewards by converting their accumulated points to mystery pearls and then using their Sui Wallet to claim the SCA tokens, which would incur a minimal fee​​​​.

When to Claim SCA Airdrop: Although the initial phases of the airdrop event have ended, the Scallop team has consistently updated its community about new phases and opportunities through its official social media channels. These updates include details on eligibility, participation methods, and the claiming process for rewards. It suggests staying tuned for future updates and participation opportunities​​.

5. Blast

The Blast project is an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) solution that offers native yield for ETH and stablecoins, distinguishing itself by providing higher-than-usual interest rates for these assets than other L2s. This unique feature stems from the project's integration of yield-generating protocols, such as ETH staking and Real World Assets (RWA) protocols, directly into its platform. By doing so, Blast aims to create new revenue streams for users and provide enhanced rewards through its native rebasing mechanism for ETH. The project has garnered significant attention and funding from major investors, indicating strong support and potential for growth within the crypto ecosystem​​.

Find out how to connect to Blast mainnet and bridge ETH to it.

The Blast airdrop campaign is part of the project's efforts to incentivize early users and developers. Participants can earn Blast Points by engaging with the platform by bridging assets to the L2, interacting with dApps built on Blast, and referring new users. These points will later be convertible to BLAST tokens in May. Notably, users who bridge assets before the mainnet launch can receive a 10x multiplier on their earned points, further increasing the appeal of participating early. Additionally, the project has allocated a portion of the airdrop pool specifically for developers, encouraging the development of new dApps on the platform​​​​.

The significant amount of funds locked up by users ahead of the mainnet launch underscores the high interest in the Blast project and its potential to attract further participation and development within its ecosystem​​. At the time of writing, Blast is the largest Ethereum L2 network in terms of TVL, accounting for a total value locked worth over $2.83 billion.

How to Participate in Blast Network Airdrop

To participate in the Blast airdrop, users need to sign up for the platform using an invite code, bridge ETH or other supported tokens from Ethereum to the Blast L2, and engage with the platform by following Blast on social media, connecting their wallet, and interacting with dApps on Blast.

Several dApps are conducting their own airdrop campaigns for developers and users interested in other opportunities within the Blast ecosystem. These include Blaster, a decentralized exchange; Wen, an NFT exchange; PacMoon, a meme coin project; and Cyber Finance, a decentralized perpetual exchange. Each project offers unique participation methods and rewards, showcasing the diverse opportunities available within the Blast ecosystem for both users and developers​​.

When to Claim BLAST Airdrop: This airdrop campaign's rewards, including the Blast Points and additional incentives like Blast Gold for dApp interactions, will be distributed in May​​​​.

6. Kamino

Kamino is a pioneering DeFi protocol on the Solana blockchain that integrates lending, liquidity, and leverage into a cohesive suite of DeFi products. It was designed to simplify the process of providing liquidity and generating yield on-chain. With a focus on user experience, Kamino provides transparent analytics, performance data, and detailed position information. The protocol has launched its own token, KMNO, and has planned an airdrop to reward early users.

The KMNO token serves as a governance asset, granting holders influence over the protocol's direction, including its incentive programs, revenue distributions, and operations. Upon its launch in April, 10% of KMNO's total supply will be in circulation, with the additional 7% allocated for the initial community distribution. Kamino has also announced further plans for subsequent airdrop seasons to reward community loyalty and sustained use of its products​​.

How to Participate in Kamino Airdrop

To participate in the Kamino airdrop, you must:

  1. Visit the Kamino website and connect your Solana wallet.
  2. Engage in activities such as supplying or borrowing tokens and providing liquidity to pools.
  3. Utilize Kamino's leverage trading and one-click vault features to earn Kamino points.

When to Claim KMNO Airdrop: The airdrop is structured in seasons, with Season 1 focusing on rewarding early users based on the points they've accumulated. The snapshot for Season 1 eligibility will be taken on March 31, allowing users to still collect points and qualify​​.

7. Saga

Saga, a gaming-centric network, has launched an innovative airdrop campaign, rewarding participants from its play-to-airdrop competitions and stakers on various blockchain networks. The campaign is set to distribute 60 million SAGA tokens to over 200,000 unique wallets across several chains, including Avalanche, Solana, Cosmos, Celestia, and Ethereum scaler Polygon. This airdrop is part of Saga's broader effort to engage its community and promote its platform ahead of its blockchain launch. Saga stands out as a Layer 1 protocol designed for developers to create parallelized and interoperable dedicated chains that scale with Web3 application needs, offering tools and support to bring Web3 visions to life​​​​.

Learn more about staking and how it works.

How to Participate in Saga Airdrop

Eligibility for the airdrop is based on various criteria, including staking milestones and participation in Saga's ecosystem events. For example, ATOM stakers who increased their stake within a specific timeframe and held a minimum amount by a set date, along with users who staked TIA, MATIC, and AVAX under certain conditions, are eligible. Saga Innovators and Saganauts who've engaged in tournaments, developer stress tests, and social quests are also eligible to claim SAGA tokens​​.

To participate in the Saga airdrop, eligible users should:

  1. Visit the Saga airdrop claim page.
  2. Connect your Keplr wallet.
  3. Add relevant network addresses such as EVM, AVAX, and Celestia if applicable.
  4. Claim the free SAGA tokens if they meet the eligibility criteria, which include specific staking actions across the mentioned networks and participation in Saga's ecosystem activities​​.

When to Claim SAGA Airdrop: Eligible participants have until March 27, 2024, at 12:00 UTC, to claim their tokens, marking an important milestone in Saga's roadmap towards building a comprehensive gaming ecosystem on blockchain​​.

8. Presearch

Presearch is an innovative, open, decentralized search engine that incentivizes its community members with Presearch Tokens (PRE) for their engagement, contributions, and promotion of the platform. To further solidify its growing ecosystem and reward its dedicated supporters, Presearch has announced an exciting airdrop campaign dubbed the "loyalty drop." This initiative aims to distribute up to 50 million PRE tokens to its node operators and search stakers over a span of six months.

This airdrop is part of a broader strategy to increase token circulation to support future rewards, growth initiatives, and the upcoming launch of the Presearch blockchain. The decision to mint an additional 250 million PRE tokens is driven by the need to sustain the rewarding mechanism for node staking and to accommodate the increasing demand for PRE tokens amid expanding functionalities and partnerships.

How to Participate in Presearch Airdrop

To be eligible for the Presearch airdrop, participants must have been staking PRE tokens either as search stakers or node operators by December 29, 2023. Here’s a step-by-step guide for both existing and potential new participants:

Existing Users (Node Operators and Search Stakers as of December 29, 2023)
  1. Your stakes as of the snapshot date automatically qualify you for the airdrop.
  2. Continue staking to receive a 2% bonus of your staked tokens each month on top of the airdrop.
New and Current Users Wishing to Increase Their Stakes
  1. Create an account on Presearch if you haven’t done so already.
  2. Stake PRE tokens, and you’ll be eligible for a 1% monthly bonus of the newly staked tokens in addition to regular rewards.
  3. Take advantage of a special offer from to get 75 PRE tokens for signing up via their referral link, and earn additional PRE for referrals and using the search engine actively for at least 30 days.

When to Claim PRE Airdrop: The airdrop rewards will be distributed monthly, near the end of each month, over a period of six months. The distribution is based on the snapshots taken of your stake:

  • For Existing Stakers (as of December 29, 2023): Rewards are calculated based on your stake size at the snapshot, with an additional 2% of your staked tokens awarded monthly.
  • For New Stakers and Stake Increases: Monthly snapshots will assess your new or increased stake, with a 1% bonus on these tokens awarded alongside the regular airdrop.

Participants should maintain or increase their stakes to maximize their rewards throughout the airdrop period. The approach taken by Presearch, including random snapshot assessments and the distribution method, is designed to prevent any sudden "cliff" effects post-airdrop and ensure a smooth transition into future growth phases.

9. B² Network

B² Network represents a pioneering endeavor in the cryptocurrency realm, establishing itself as the first Bitcoin Rollup based on zero-knowledge proof verification. This Layer-2 solution is designed to significantly enhance transaction speeds while expanding the diversity of applications, all without compromising security. By incorporating a DA Layer that's seamlessly integrated with state transition verification and proof systems, B² Network aims to minimize both the costs and time associated with on-chain proof processes.

The B² Network airdrop campaign, dubbed the Buzz Campaign Phase II, is part of a broader initiative to bootstrap the B² Network's mainnet by incentivizing community participation. In this campaign, participants are invited to deposit major cryptocurrency assets — including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon assets — to receive Parts, which can be used to assemble virtual Mining Rigs. These Mining Rigs then enable participants to mine B² native tokens as rewards, echoing the process of Bitcoin mining and paying homage to the original miners of the Bitcoin network. A total of 5% of the B² native token's supply is earmarked for mining rewards to participants, with an additional 5% allocated for distribution through ecosystem projects, airdrops, or other incentive programs.

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How to Participate in B² Network Airdrop

Here’s how you can participate in the B² Network airdrop campaign:

  1. Visit the B² Network Buzz airdrop page and enter an invite code (e.g., "IrsRO"). Follow B² Network on Twitter, connect your wallet, and complete the sign-up process.
  2. You can deposit various cryptocurrencies, including BTC (on the Bitcoin network), wBTC, USDT, USDC, ETH (on Ethereum), BTCB (on BNB Chain), ORDI, SATS, and MATIC. Depositing assets will earn you yield and parts based on the value of assets bridged and the duration of the stake.
  3. Increase your parts by referring others to the campaign. Participation in early phases and holding certain assets can boost your parts generation.

When to Claim B² Network Airdrop: The B² native token mining rewards will be available for withdrawal after the Token Generation Event. The exact timeline for claiming depends on the progression of the mainnet launch and the subsequent Token Generation Event. Deposited assets will be bridged to the B² mainnet and become circulative within the ecosystem, with the option for withdrawal back to Layer 1 networks slated for April 2024.

10. Mode

Mode is an innovative Ethereum layer-2 blockchain platform that seeks to facilitate hyper-growth by leveraging Optimism's OP Stack for rapid development and deployment of EVM-compatible applications. With a vision to empower developers and users, Mode encourages creating and using world-class applications within its ecosystem. Participants are directly rewarded for their contributions through various means, including referral systems and contract-secured revenue streams. The project has initiated its journey with the Mode Sunrise Mainnet and an ambitious airdrop campaign, supported by a 2M OP grant from Optimism, to foster new economic systems for growth.

Mode has launched its first airdrop campaign, Mode Sunrise Mainnet and Airdrop 1, featuring a substantial allocation of 550,000,000 MODE tokens, constituting 5.5% of the total supply. The airdrop aims to incentivize users for their network growth contributions based on a points system. The points system is designed around past on-chain activities across various protocols, bridging assets to Mode, utilizing ecosystem applications, and inviting friends to join the network.

How to Participate in Mode Airdrop

Follow these steps to take part in the Mode airdrop campaign:

  1. Visit the Mode airdrop page and enter an invite code (e.g., "wLoa0T"). Connect your Twitter account, then connect your wallet to start.
  2. Points are awarded for past on-chain activities with over 150 protocols across six key categories (DeFi, NFT, Scaling, OG, Degen, Yield). Additional points can be earned by bridging assets like ETH, USDT, USDC, or WBTC to Mode, with the duration of these assets on Mode enhancing point earnings.
  3. Referring friends to Mode grants you 16% of their accumulated points. Using specified ecosystem apps doubles the points earned. An early bridging bonus within the first seven days offers a 1.2x points multiplier.

When to Claim MODE Airdrop: The conversion of points to MODE tokens will occur with the token launch in April, during the Mode DAO launch phase. This event marks the transition from earning and accumulating points to the actual distribution of MODE tokens to participants. The April timeline also signifies the broader governance activation of Mode, allowing users to partake in the protocol's direction and development.

11. Etherfi (ETHFI)

Etherfi is a groundbreaking project in the crypto space, introducing a decentralized, non-custodial delegated liquid restaking protocol that leverages a Liquid Staking Derivative (LSD) token. A notable feature of Etherfi is that it empowers stakers to retain control over their keys while participating in the protocol. This setup not only ensures a higher degree of security and trust but also fosters a more inclusive and decentralized ecosystem. The platform aims to create a node services marketplace, facilitating connections between stakers and node operators to enhance infrastructure services across the network. The native token of Etherfi, ETHFI, plays a crucial role within this ecosystem, serving as both a reward mechanism for participants and a governance token, allowing stakeholders to have a say in the project's direction and decision-making processes​​​​.

How to Participate in Etherfi Airdrop

The Etherfi airdrop campaign is an exciting opportunity for early adopters and supporters of the platform, with a total of 68 million ETHFI tokens being distributed. Eligibility for the airdrop extends to participants in the early adopter program, holders of NFTs, holders and participants in DeFi pools or vaults of eETH or weETH, users who have unlocked any Etherfi badges, and those who have referred others to the platform. To participate, users need to visit the Etherfi airdrop claim page, connect their Ethereum wallet, and follow the instructions to claim their free ETHFI tokens if eligible.

When to Claim ETHFI Airdrop: The deadline for claiming these tokens is set for June 18, 2024. Additionally, Etherfi hints at future airdrops, encouraging users to continue engaging with the platform to remain eligible for upcoming distributions​​.

12. Polyhedra Network (ZK)

Polyhedra Network, operating within the Web3 infrastructure sector, focuses on enhancing privacy, scalability, and interoperability across the blockchain ecosystem. Leveraging advanced Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology, it aims to facilitate secure and efficient cross-chain interactions, especially for NFTs, across over 20 blockchains. This technology ensures privacy compliance while enabling a seamless and trust-minimized exchange of assets and information between different blockchain networks. The project's native token, ZK, serves as a utility token within this ecosystem, facilitating transactions, governance, and participation in various network operations​​.

How to Participate in Polyhedra Airdrop

Eligibility for the airdrop included users of the zkBridge, Pandra King holders, zkBridge Loyalty Points holders on Galxe, and participants in other specified campaigns. The airdrop required users to connect their wallets to the Polyhedra airdrop claim page, with eligibility determined by a snapshot taken on March 12th, 2024. Furthermore, users who engaged with the network by minting and transferring NFTs through zkBridge, or by bridging assets such as BNB, USDT, or ETH were also eligible for the airdrop.

When to Claim ZK Airdrop: Eligible participants have until April 19th, 2024, to claim their tokens, highlighting the project's commitment to rewarding early supporters and users​​​​​​.

13. Partisia Blockchain (MPC)

Partisia Blockchain, leveraging its innovative approach to privacy and scalability on the blockchain, has launched a significant airdrop campaign featuring 25 million MPC tokens. This initiative not only marks a milestone for ecosystem adoption but also aligns with the upcoming governance vote for MPC token transferability. The MPC token serves as a utility within the Partisia Blockchain ecosystem, facilitating transactions, governance, and access to a range of dApps. By offering an unparalleled opportunity for early adopters, the airdrop aims to expand the ecosystem and engage users directly with cutting-edge Multiparty Computation (MPC) and blockchain technology​​​​.

How to Participate in Partisia Blockchain Airdrop

To participate in this airdrop, users are invited to connect their wallets, bridge tokens to the Partisia Blockchain's MPC-secured bridge, and engage with the blockchain through various activities such as transferring tokens, deploying contracts, and minting domains. The program emphasizes continuous activity and contributions within the ecosystem. With a total reward pool of 25 million MPC tokens, the first tranche launched on February 1, 2024, setting the stage for broader participation and fostering the growth of innovative dApps within the Partisia ecosystem.

Where to Find the Best Airdrop Campaigns

Here are some ways to stay on top of upcoming airdrops you could participate in:

  1. Airdrop Trackers and Aggregators: Platforms like EarnDrop and Bankless Claimables offer a way to track potential airdrops for which your wallet may already be eligible, including unclaimed ones. These services often require entering your public wallet address to discover available airdrops​​.
  2. Follow KuCoin Blog: Follow our blog to find the latest updates about all that’s happening in the crypto market, discover trending niches and opportunities across airdrops, and other opportunities you can make the most of.
  3. Social Media and Community Platforms: YouTube and Twitter are valuable resources for discovering new airdrop opportunities. Many channels and creators specialize in crypto airdrops, providing curated lists, updates, and analysis of upcoming or ongoing airdrops. Always ensure you're following reputable sources to avoid scams​​.
  4. dApp Aggregators: Platforms like DappRadar aggregate top dapps across blockchains, allowing users to participate in airdrops with a few clicks after connecting their wallets​​.
  5. Crypto Analytics Sites: CoinMarketCap, despite its vast user base, hosts airdrops that are vetted and reviewed, ensuring a certain level of trust and legitimacy​​.

Closing Thoughts

Airdrops offer a chance to expand portfolios and engage with new projects in the cryptocurrency market. Active participation in airdrop communities, using referral programs, and timely claims can boost chances of securing valuable airdrops.

However, it's crucial to balance this with security and due diligence. Verifying airdrop campaigns, researching project backgrounds, and using community feedback can prevent scams. Never disclose private keys or seed phrases, use a secondary wallet for airdrops, and be cautious with task-based airdrops to protect digital assets and personal information.

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