KuCoin Campus Survey Reveals: 88% of Participants Eager to Build Careers in Blockchain

2024/04/30 10:00:00

KuCoin's recent survey, launched as part of the KuCoin Campus initiative, aims to understand global interest in blockchain education and careers. This effort marks the beginning of their educational campaign, focusing on engaging in offline interactions to enhance learning.

Among the participation of 1944 respondents, over 88% have shown a clear interest in pursuing a career in the blockchain industry, reflecting a promising talent pool that industry partnerships and career guidance can harness and a substantial market for job opportunities and professional development in this field.

The survey offers crucial insights for a diverse audience, including investors, organizations, and individuals either working in or aspiring to join the blockchain industry. This initiative represents a strategic step towards aligning KuCoin's educational efforts with the evolving needs and interests within the blockchain realm.

The Blockchain Career Aspiration: High Hopes for a Bright Future

The survey showcases a strong inclination towards pursuing a career in the blockchain industry. When it comes to the question of the willingness to develop their career path in the blockchain industry, a notable 70.80% of respondents are 'Very interested', with 17.67% of participants being “Interested”, making a total of more than 88% participants shows a robust enthusiasm in pursuing a career in blockchain. This high interest level suggests that educational and training programs in blockchain technology could be met with significant engagement, and that there is a substantial market for job opportunities and professional development in this field.

Unleashing Blockchain's Potential: A Rising Tide of Interest

An overwhelming 75% of respondents indicate 'very high' interest in blockchain, laying the groundwork for enhancing blockchain literacy. Additionally, over 18% show 'somewhat interest', cumulatively reflecting a 93% inclination among participants to pursue a career in the blockchain sector.

Pathways to Blockchain Engagement: Diverse Avenues of Exploration

Survey respondents display a prominent interest in actively investing in the blockchain sector, with 49.19% looking to engage financially in areas related to blockchain. This demonstrates considerable confidence in the growth potential and future prospects of blockchain technologies. Using blockchain-related services or applications is the next preferred method of engagement at 39.84%, reflecting a practical interest in the hands-on use of blockchain innovations and a desire to integrate these technologies into daily life.

Crafting a Blockchain Career: Diverse Roles and Aspirations

Among all job functions in the industry, data analysis emerged as the most desired job function, with 35.64% of respondents showing interest, indicating a recognition of the importance of interpreting data for strategic decision-making in blockchain. Marketing, public relations, and content followed closely at 32.33%, underscoring the need for skilled professionals to navigate the complex landscape of blockchain communication and brand positioning.

Building Blocks for Success: Key Skills for the Blockchain Professional

This part reflects respondents’ perception of which skill sets are the most crucial for success in a blockchain career. Analytical skills, which include data analysis and market research, top the list, with 53.25% of respondents affirming their importance, suggesting that the ability to interpret and leverage data is considered critical in navigating the complex landscape of blockchain technology.

Equally important are financial skills (53.19%), such as trading and investing, demonstrating respondents’ recognition of the skills or proficiency in managing and growing digital assets. Technical skills come in a close third at 51.47%, with programming and cryptography being pivotal in the development and maintenance of blockchain infrastructure.

The Blockchain Advantage: Unique Benefits of the Industry

Survey results highlight flexibility and growth as the primary benefits of working in the blockchain industry. Flexible working locations and schedules are nearly equally valued at 42.64% and 41.84%, respectively, reflecting the industry's alignment with modern priorities for work-life balance and autonomy. Professional skill development and financial rewards are also top considerations, with 42.58% of respondents identifying growth in professional skills and 42.27%. This suggests higher salaries and bonuses as key advantages, as well as opportunities for personal and financial advancement in the blockchain space.


This survey has tapped into the pulse of blockchain education and career aspirations. While having observed some reservations, most respondents have shown a robust and eager talent pool ready to dive into the blockchain industry. This keen interest, coupled with a preference for diverse engagement methods such as investment, application usage, formal education, and community participation, underscores the multifaceted appeal of the blockchain sector. Please read the full report here.