Security First! KuCoin Launches #ThinkBeforeYouInvest Educational Series

2022/06/27 10:00:00

The birth of Bitcoin in 2009 has ushered in a huge development and breakthrough under the support of brand-new financial evolution and high-end technology. In recent years, its earning effect has been edging towards mass adoption, along with cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. The crypto investment market has gradually begun to prosper and has set off a global investment boom within the industry.

However, there are also many problems behind this prosperity, including:

  • A large percentage of crypto investors not having enough knowledge of this industry.
  • The supervision of various countries’ financial authorities has not yet been implemented.
  • The relevant laws and regulations are not yet profound, and the cost of fraud is low, which results in the emergence of an endless stream of scams.

Many criminals take advantage of this psychology of people to use high returns as bait to conduct illegal and criminal activities such as fraud and pyramid schemes. In this industry, common scams include fake ICOs, fake airdrops, cloned websites, advertising scams, DNS attacks, phishing emails, phony customer service and admins, fake exchanges and applications, etc.

As an international exchange that enjoys great popularity around the world, KuCoin has earned the honorary title of "People's Exchange" from users for its wide range of professional products, teams, and services. In terms of user education, helping users identify industry scams, and improving their anti-scam awareness, the KuCoin exchange has been working hard to contribute to the crypto space all these years.

This is the reason we have launched another educational awareness initiative, the #ThinkBeforeYouInvest series, which will help our users get more industry safety education.

About the #ThinkBeforeYouInvest Educational Series

Serving over 20 million users worldwide, KuCoin crypto exchange wishes to ensure that it helps drive safe crypto trading practices for all kinds of investors who see value in investing in digital assets and ensure that they do their research before investing. Here at KuCoin, the safety and security of our users remain our topmost priority.

It’s a collective responsibility for us to ensure that institutional and retail investors have all the information to make key decisions about the risks and transacting in crypto-assets so that they safeguard themselves from scams. With this intention and principle, we have launched the #ThinkBeforeYouInvest educational series. This consumer awareness initiative is aimed at helping our respected users learn useful safety tips, identifying all kinds of frequent scams, and educating our users to DYOR (Do Your Own Research) toward crypto projects with a multi-faceted inspection.

The Arrangement for the #ThinkBeforeYouInvest Educational Series

From this educational series, KuCoin would like to help every individual learn some basic safety tips around trading practices and to empower individuals from falling prey to scams. Starting on June 27, 2022, the #ThinkBeforeYouInvest educational series will gradually bring users a series of educational content, ranging from account safety tips to spotting scams across CeFi and DeFi platforms.

Here are some of the articles we have already posted:

(Note: More topics will be arranged in the near future)

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