KuCoin Pool 1st Anniversary: Moving Forward to Keep Mining

2022/08/25 09:00:00

On August 25, KuCoin Pool celebrated its 1st Anniversary with our respected users worldwide.

As a mining service platform built by KuCoin, KuCoin Pool is dedicated to providing high-quality mining services for global crypto miners. After a year of development and unremitting efforts, KuCoin Pool has become the world's top 10 largest Bitcoin mining pool with its comprehensive mining capacity and favored by tens of thousands of miners from over 50 countries and regions. Moreover, it has increased its computing power by 500% in 2022 and continues to grow.

The rapid development of KuCoin would not have been possible without the support of our users. In this blog, we will look back on the memorable moments we have experienced together.

Top 10 Mining Pools

KuCoin Pool is committed to providing a one-stop service platform for global miners. Since its launch, KuCoin Pool has continued to attract the recognition and trust of miners through its high performance, high efficiency, and high returns.

By continuously enriching its product ecosystem and adhering to the principles of “Empowering Computing Power and Realizing Capital Appreciation”, KuCoin Pool supports BTC, ETH, and BCH mining, with extremely low mining fees. In March, KuCoin Pool officially launched its Cloud Mining to lower the barrier to entry for users.

In May, KuCoin Pool became the 10th largest mining pool in the world with its comprehensive mining capacity, following BTC.com and Luxor.

Over 50 Countries Covered

KuCoin Pool improves the mining experience through a user-friendly product design, mature mining fee rebate system, and precise hashrate data. KuCoin Pool’s professional team has developed an industry-leading risk control system to protect user assets and privacy. The 24/7 one-to-one services have also been very popular amongst users. KuCoin Pool internally controlled mining farms provide users with comprehensive mining ecosystem services from miners and mining pools to mining farms. At present, KuCoin Pool serves tens of thousands of users from 50+ countries and regions around the world.

Voice From Users

As we have grown, we have also received many positive comments from our users which are an absolutely strong encouragement for us to moving forward to achieve more:

“Fantastic project with great potential. The team's dedication and ingenuity with excellent fan support will make this the envy of the crypto world. Glad to be part.”

“KuCoin Pool is almost very intelligent.”

"I am satisfied with everything, it is a very reliable platform to keep it that way. I will recommend mining on this platform to my friends."

"Thanks for giving me such an opportunity."

“It is the best platform. keep it up.”

“You guys have to promote it perfectly! Your vision is good! So wish you all the best !”

Moving Forward

Derivatives and innovation are priorities of KuCoin Pool. To expand the hashrate of our mining pools, we plan to provide further support one-stop products such as the mining machine store to solve the needs of miners; Create a revenue derivatives service exclusive to KuCoin miners, continue to improve mining benefits, and increase asset value; and create a PoW innovation zone to support more innovative public chain ecosystems and empower the blockchain and mining industries.

On its first anniversary, KuCoin Pool will hold a celebration event to reward users for their continued support. Perform tasks to earn a wealth of prizes, connect hashrate to enjoy 50% off mining fees, and earn other rewards. Click here for more details.

Thank you again for your support!

KuCoin Pool Team

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