KuCoin Survey Reveals That Females Are Showing Great Potential in Driving the Development of Web 3

2022/07/26 10:00:00

Global cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin has released the Web 3 Career Market report exploring professional engagement in the decentralized internet sector. The report compassed 3,608 internet users aware of Web 3 across Twitter and LinkedIn.

The report compiled by KuCoin on professional involvement in Web 3 applied a grouping methodology based on professional engagement. The findings revealed that 16% of those surveyed are categorized as Web 3 professionals who have worked in Web 3-related sectors, including cryptocurrency, metaverse, NFT, DAO, DeFi, and DApp development. 59% of Web 3 professionals surveyed were revealed to be under the age of 30. Only 24% of them have worked full-time in the industry, while the majority worked part-time or as freelancers and entrepreneurs. Another 54% of the respondents are Web 3 enthusiasts who have never worked in Web3-related industries but are very or somewhat interested in it. Web 3 enthusiasts and Web3 professionals are equally interested in investments in Web 3, as the report revealed.

The majority believes that Web 3 leads to a decentralized new world and defines the future of the internet, going beyond crypto adoption. More than 60% of Web3 professionals stated that they have worked in NFT, cryptocurrency and metaverse sectors, with the latter being more popular than the NFT direction as a potential career choice among Web 3 enthusiasts, suggesting growth potentials of the metaverse-related sector as a career choice.

On the department side, over 50% of Web 3 enthusiasts stated they are interested in pursuing careers related to Research & Strategy and Growth Marketing in Web 3. Product Management & Operations and Data Analysis also show strong potential for growth.

53% of the surveyed Web 3 professionals stated they are content with their Web 3 careers. In comparison, 64% of those who have never worked in Web 3-related industries are interested in exploring Web 3-related careers, motivated by work location flexibility, space for personal growth and innovation, and the promising industry outlook.

The report highlights those female Web3 professionals are generally more active career-wise than their male counterparts, unlike surveyed female Web3 enthusiasts, who are less prone to making Web3 investments than their male counterparts. 49% of female Web3 professionals have worked part-time or as freelancers in Web3-related industries and 33% have worked full-time. Although 27% of female Web3 professionals have been involved in starting Web3-related projects or businesses, the share is still lower than their male Web3 professionals, of whom 41% are self-reported Web3 entrepreneurs. 33% of female Web3 professionals have worked as engineers or developers in the industry, the same as their male counterparts. Only 22% of women Web 3 enthusiasts have expressed interest in the same function.

According to the report, male dominated Web3 workplaces erect challenges for women, 33% of whom mentioned the “bro” culture of Web3 as an impediment. The lack of proper educational resources was also a key barrier for women to engage in Web3. Regardless of challenges, 60% of female professionals recognize their unique value in facilitating better culture in Web3 workplaces and communities.

The KuCoin Web3 Career Market report sheds light on important factors hindering the development of the decentralized industry and the potential that female professionals bear for accelerating its adoption. Click here to download the full report.

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