Join the KuCoin API Trading Carnival with GoodCrypto - Win 2 BTC + 500,000 USDT Prize Pool

2023/05/09 07:52:28

Dear KuCoin Users,

KuCoin, together with our official broker partner, GoodCrypto, a powerful all-in-one platform for cryptocurrency traders, is thrilled to announce the biggest API Trading Event of the year.

From May 5 to May 25, 2023, we invite all users to participate in our API Trading Carnival and grab a chance to share the 2 BTC + 500,000 USDT prize pool. Whether you trade through KuCoin's open API or use the trading bots provided by GoodCrypto, every qualified participant's trading performance during the tournament will be assessed daily and updated weekly.

Please click this link to get a full picture of the rules.

In addition to the official prize pool, our broker partner GoodCrypto offers dynamic benefits for users who join the activities through their trading and portfolio management APP with FREE access to the PRO trading tools and features available for all KuCoin users during the tournament. To explore more Kucoin Trading Bot strategies, please click here.

Any new users who sign up with the broker referral link will enjoy a VIP 2 coupon for 30 days with up to 30% discount on trading fees.

GoodCrypto is a powerful all-in-one platform for cryptocurrency traders, offering a range of advanced features to help traders manage portfolios, execute trades, and make informed decisions based on real-time data. Some of their unique trading toolkits include:

Algo Trading Bots

  • The Infinity Trailing bot automatically juggles Buy and Sell Trailing Stop orders, allowing traders to capture strong market movements up or down and capitalise on the volatility. To launch the bot, traders simply need to specify their preferred Trailing Distance for position entry and exit based on observed volatility. From there, the trading algorithm takes over, repeatedly sending Trailing Orders until it reaches the profit target or the trader manually stops the algorithm. Additionally, traders can set a PnL drawdown level to act as a Trailing Stop Loss for the bot.
  • The Grid Bot strategy thrives in flat markets and profits from in-range volatility. It captures frequent price movements by maintaining a buy-and-sell order grid. Once a buy or sell order fills, the bot places an opposite order one grid level above or below. The bot works until it hits its Take Profit target or Stop Loss condition. GoodCrypto offers Grid Bot options for trending markets as well. Long Grid is ideally suited for bullish markets, while Short Grid performs excellently under bearish market conditions.
  • The DCA Bot is a beginner-friendly bot that works on any trending market, allowing traders to accumulate assets over time or just trade profitably when volatility hits the market. It boosts trader’s chances of making a profit by averaging down trader entry price if the price moves against the trader and automatically adjusts take profit to reflect trader position's current size and entry price. The DCA bot by GoodCrypto is available in two modes:
    • Auto (TA Signal) - a fully-automated mode in which the algorithm relies on aggregated signals from 25 technical indicators, including 15 Moving Averages and 10 Oscillators, to pick an entry point. When the selected signal appears, the bot automatically enters a corresponding position. Once Take Profit is hit, the sequence repeats.
    • Manual - this mode gives traders complete control of when to enter the market. Once the position is opened, it will automatically place averaging orders, adjust traders, take profit, and stop loss. Use it to trade favourite ideas or accumulate coins at the best prices.

Trading Terminal

  • Multi-Exchange trading: Trade with a unified interface on both spot and futures markets, with advanced features available on over 35 exchanges.
  • Advanced Trailing Stop orders: This feature enables you to enter and exit positions quickly at the best prices, resulting in higher profits if you follow the trend for as long as possible.
  • Stop Loss and Take Profit combos: You can attach Take Profit, Stop Loss, or Trailing Order to each initial order you send, all at once, with one click, and without any balances frozen by pending orders. Additionally, the Timeout trigger for Stop Loss allows you to avoid exiting your position prematurely due to short-term price spikes.
  • Charting and technical indicators: GoodCrypto offers a comprehensive charting experience to help traders make informed decisions based on market data. With 45 technical indicators, and TradingView charting tools. You can analyze price action, identify trends, and measure market momentum to help you confidently execute trades. GoodCrypto also offers 15 and 30 seconds candles for more granular charting data to make quick decisions based on rapid market changes.

Portfolio Tracker

  • Unified crypto tracker: Track all trades and transactions
  • Portfolio overview: Follow the historical data on the performance of a trader's portfolio through an aggregated overview, providing the trader with a clear picture of the holdings with distribution by exchanges, wallets, and assets.
  • Auto-update trades & balances: Set trade transactions and balances to update automatically.
  • Real-time trading insights: See the live order books and trade history for all trading pairs, enabling traders to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Market Data

  • Market Explorer: With access to over 20,000 markets, GoodCrypto allows you to explore and analyze various trading options across 35+ crypto exchanges. The app organizes these markets by performance, making it easier to identify the most promising coins and tokens and the correct trade entry or exit moment.
  • Technical Analysis signals: this advanced tool uses market data to analyze each coin automatically based on 15 Moving Averages and 10 Oscillators, predicting further crypto price trends and assisting traders in making informed decisions regarding their trades on various timeframes.
  • Smart alerts: GoodCrypto offers a variety of alerts to keep you up-to-date with the market, monitor your portfolios, manage risks, and find profitable trading opportunities. From order execution and incoming transactions to sudden market moves, new exchange listings, DEX up-and-coming gems, price, volume, and technical indicators, the app ensures you never miss out on anything important.

Even if you do not have a GoodCrypto PRO subscription, all of the tools described above will be available to you when trading on Kucoin via GoodCrypto. Configure your KuCoin API key, add it to GoodCrypto, and enjoy seamless trading on the best crypto exchange through the cutting-edge trading platform right away!

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