KuCoin AMA with Dreams Quest — The First Game Weaving in Dynamic NFTs Using Light, Music, and Imagery

2022/04/06 07:06:49

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Time: April 1, 2022, 05:00-06:17 (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the Dream Quest CEO and Lore Writers in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Project Introduction

Dreams Quest is a game and entertainment company producing a variety of products to create an immersive gaming experience. Dreams Quest game is an RPG 3D game providing users with a PVE quest-based immersive experience. It is also the first-ever game designed with a metaverse-based economy, designed on the core principles of Play and Earn and Free-to-Play, where every in-game asset is a dynamic NFT.

Official Website: https://dreams.quest/

Whitepaper: https://overview.dreams.quest/

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Steve Good— CEO of Dreams Quest

Steve has over 20 years of Fintech senior level experience in sales, client account management and operations having worked for IBM, Infosys, and Deloitte. He has also previously successfully exited a Fintech startup in London. With 7 years of experience in the blockchain industry, he has worked with over 75 projects offering his expertise in go-to-market strategy, tokenomics, and user acquisition. His achievements include becoming a best-selling author, ‘Be Left Behind’, teaching entrepreneurs at Draper University on sales, marketing and growth, and being covered by CNBC, Buzzfeed and Howto Geek.

Michael Weiss — Lore Writer of Dreams Quest

A former film executive and writer. He is best known for his work on Journey to the Center of the Earth, on which he collaborated with some of the other creators. He's written a lot of genre movies, including The Death Train, and I'll always know what you did last summer.

Richard Potter — Lore Writer of Dreams Quest

Richard Potter is a Writer, Producer, and Studio Executive with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. He has worked on both sides of the table as a studio executive and as a writer and producer. Richard leverages a wealth of knowledge from his executive days of producing and developing projects for studios to writing new scripts, creating content, and serving as a consultant to studios, producers, and distributors. A well-known industry leader, Richard prides himself on developing strong relationships and working collaboratively with writers, producers, and executives.

Q&A from KuCoin

Q: How did you explain the 2 different types of your experience, from being a writer to creating a DreamsQuest game

Michael: I'll say this, for movie writing, I am writing the narrative; I plot the moves from start to finish. For Dreams Quest, that's up to the player. We are creating a world, offering opportunities.

The player writes their own story, so that's a big difference. Movies, it's all planned out. In Dreams Quest, how many fun twists and turns can we make available? Then it's up to you, go!

Richard: One of the most amazing things we get to do in creating a game vs. writing a movie is creating opportunities for you, the player, to have experiences beyond anything you've ever seen.

In a movie, you're watching. In a game, it's all about your choices. We provide the world, and you get to decide what happens. That's really exciting for us to think about as we imagine new worlds.

Q: How and where do you get inspiration to write Dreams Quest?

Richard: Knowing that there really are no limits to what a player can do in the game is really inspirational to us. But on top of that, we have a spiritual element in this game which is something that hasn't been done before.

Michael: We're also trying to build some worlds that feel fresh. It's called Dreams Quest, and that's our goal. We can make this feel dream-like at times and offer visuals and stories that are something surprising.

So in terms of inspiration, we continue to challenge ourselves to think outside the box and use our imaginations. We make sure that it will surprise and challenge the user's minds, not just following traditional game rules and scenarios, making this a DreamsVerse.

Q: What are some of the challenges you come across during the process of writing and making the videos? How did you overcome them?

Michael: I think this is about movies and what's the challenges. For movies, one of the main challenges is making everything add up, a movie is like a puzzle, and it's got to fit together and come to a solid ending. For Dream Quest, it's a bit different. There are many moving parts that have to fit together but can twist and turn as the player goes along. So in building it, it's like 50 different puzzles at once. It's a 50 3D puzzles, putting them together, making sure they fit but are also really elastic.

And to be clear, Dream Quest is not a puzzle game. So building this that's the challenge. The game has a goal, of course. But your choices determine your experience.

Richard: When you are making a movie, you have to plan for your ending while when you're writing the beginning. But in the game, we don't know what the ending is. It is based on how you, the player, choose to play. What you do in the game determines the outcome.

Q: If Dreams Quest was made into a film, who would be your dream director?

Richard: I worked with Guillermo Del Toro a long time ago. I think he'd be amazing for this. I go back to Guillermo because of his imagination. Look at Pan Labyrinth, Devil's Backbone, and Mimic. He is a world builder. I wonder what someone like Stanley Kubric would do with it if here were alive.

Michael: I'll throw a curveball. I would love Doug Liman. There's a movie, a bit of a cult hit, Edge of Tomorrow. Other movies, too, Swingers. But Edge of Tomorrow, it's like a dream, the whole movie, you don't know what's real - you're fighting something that seems like it's unbeatable.

Q: I am from Bangladesh, and I'm 21 years old. I am a literature curator and also try hard to write a few. And I would really love to be a writer by profession. But sir, the problem is that I can't complete any of my stories properly, maybe because I am too impatient. So My question is for sir Richard Potter & sir Michael Weiss are you guys also ever faced this problem in your carrier? And what can I do to overcome this phase and shine my way?

Richard: Getting to the end of a story is not easy. When you are preparing to write, it’s important to spend time on your outline. The outline isn’t the fun part, but it’s where you figure out if you have a full story. If you don’t, that doesn’t mean giving up. It means you need to look for where in the outline there is either gap, or you took a wrong turn and didn’t leave yourself a way out or place to go. Look at your characters and think about what that character would do in the situation you created.

Michael: I teach writing at UCLA, and I have similar advice. Outline, it's the way to really feel out your story - so you don't get stuck. Visualize the ending write that out before you start then work toward it. It's hard, but at least it gives you a plan.

Steve: So, how do you guys overcome this? What advice can we give our community who aspires to write but gets stuck?

Michael: Talk it out with a friend or friends, don't be shy when you talk it out; sometimes that can free you up. Rather than just being by yourself, trying to have all the answers.

Richard: I treat my characters as if they were real people and try to imagine how they would get out of a situation. But Michael is also right. Don't be shy about asking people's opinions. Don't just ask people who will tell you everything is great. Go to people who will be honest even if it is not what you want to hear.

Free-Ask from KuCoin Community

Q: Your project name seems to be very interesting. Does it have any story behind it? Can you share us with the inspiration for approaching this name?

Steve: The idea/name really came from the idea that we are creating a game where you awaken in a dream. And you suddenly realize the dream is some sort of reality. You are in this spiritually awakened state. Nothing is familiar, and yet everything seems familiar. You are in a new place with a mission challenge and have to figure out who you are, why you are there, and your mission.

Richard: Everyone has experienced in their own dreams the feeling that they are suddenly in a situation and have to figure out what is happening. In lucid dreaming, you are aware that you are dreaming and have control of what you do. In this game, all of the elements of dream and reality are there. It is something no one has experienced in a concrete way before. It really is a Dreams Quest.

Q: Could you tell us what that spiritual element is in this game that hasn't been done before?

Richard: We'd love to, but we can't. We can't give that away at this point for the same reason they never reveal the plot of a Star Wars movie or Marvel movie.

Michael: We just want this game to have some emotions and thoughts to it, so it takes more than just strength to succeed. It might take something different for our obstacles.

Q: What interesting or unique aspects of the Dreams Quest lore do you think you would hook the players into the game?

Richard: There are transdimensional aspects to it. The physical locations are otherworldly environments that no one has ever experienced, and history that is mind-bending and fascinating.

Michael: We want you to feel like you are moving through a variety of worlds, not just one.

Q: What strategy will you implement to bring non-crypto-natives into your ecosystem? How do you keep a balance between developing the technology and improving your token's value?

Steve: The way we are building the game is to be mobile and to allow anyone to play

why should we limit who can participate? Think of any game; they all have a beautiful UI and are easy to use. The difference is that we need to do some educating so that non-crypto players can understand how to withdraw coins to KuCoin or trade their assets/items (NFTs) so that they can also gain value from their gameplay. A lot of that trading will be within the game at a marketplace or tavern anyway. But we also know that if a player does want to withdraw, we have to make it as easy as possible. Guys, feel free to comment on the game development aspects and how crypto doesn't really matter in that way.

Richard: When we are working, we care about making the game fun and challenging. If the game is fun, isn't that really for everyone?

Michael: Frankly, Richard and I are both out of the community. This has to be fun for us. We need people like us to want to play it.

Q: Can you list some killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

Steve: On the games side, we are doing a few really unique things. Let me share a couple. We see ourselves as the first game weaving in dynamic NFTs using light, sound, music, and imagery unlike any NFT game ever completed before. Also, as I hope you've seen, we are aiming to be the first game with an immersive storyline for gamers and build using blockchain. Finally, we have some unique ideas on the tech side around aggregating how all gamers play to affect how an individual player may be affected. Think of it as how a collective consciousness can affect each other. So if everyone is playing a certain way, then the game can adjust to affect everyone. It's something on the tech side we are looking into.

Richard: On the gameplay side, there is the spiritual element. There is a whole character element of gameplay that is completely new.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share, or do you want us to know?

Steve: You can find us on all our channels here.

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