The declaration of the KuCoin group regarding the fraudulent use of the KuCoin brand by scammers

2020-08-19 18:07:05--

Dear KuCoin Users,

The KuCoin Group has received several reports from users that a website is using the KuCoin trademark to ask users to transfer digital assets to specific deposit addresses by operating false incentive activity on webpages.

The KuCoin Group hereby declares and clarifies:

1. “” is a fraudulent website;

2. “” has no relationship with the KuCoin Group, and the KuCoin Group has never authorized the platform to use the KuCoin trademark and other intellectual property;

3. Any user who transferred the digital assets to the public deposit address published on the “” website shall report to the police or relevant authority as soon as possible to recover the losses;

4. The KuCoin Group reminds all KuCoin users to be extra careful to avoid this type of scam:

a) In addition to the official KuCoin events, the KuCoin Group will not organize any form of activities on platforms other than the official platforms ( and without pertinent notification from the official KuCoin website;

b) Under no circumstances that the KuCoin Group will intend to disclose any deposit address and instruct users to transfer digital assets to the designated address.

The KuCoin Group