KuCoin 5th Anniversary Carnival: Collect Gems to Open Chests and Buy BTC at a 90% Discount — Total Prize Pool of 1,000,000 USDT!

KuCoin 5th Anniversary Carnival: Collect Gems to Open Chests and Buy BTC at a 90% Discount — Total Prize Pool of 1,000,000 USDT!

2022/09/27 11:21:29

Dear KuCoin users,

In order to celebrate the KuCoin 5th Anniversary Carnival and give back to our users, KuCoin has launched the Collect Gems to Open Chests and Buy Coins at a Discount event. The event features a total prize pool of 1,000,000 USDT and offers BTC at up to 90% off!

Event Duration: 00:00:00, 09/28/2022 – 23:59:59, 10/04/2022 (UTC)

How to Participate: Users can register by entering the event page.

Event 1: Collects Gems, Open Chests, and Share in 800,000 USDT

What’s in the Chest and Gems?

Gem Type Basic Rewards Bonus Rewards
Ruby 30% discount on buying 10 USDT worth of KCS/ETH/BTC N/A
Emerald 40% discount on buying 30 USDT worth of KCS/ETH/BTC N/A
Sapphire 50% discount on buying 90 USDT worth of KCS/ETH/BTC N/A
Chest Rainbow Gem: 90% discount on buying 500 USDT worth of KCS/ETH/BTC Chance to drop KCC NFT, Windvane NFT and KCC Token airdrop rewards.

How to Open Chests?

Use 1 Ruby, 1 Emerald, and 1 Sapphire to open a Chest for a Rainbow Gem and bonus rewards.

How to Collect Gems?

1. Lucky Draw

1.1 Registered users will receive a lucky draw chance for every 100 USDT trading volume.

1.2 Participate in the lucky draw to obtain Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires. Users can also receive trading fee deduction coupons, trading fee rebate coupons, futures trial funds, KuCoin Earn rate-up coupons, Margin interest-free coupons, and more.

2. Limited Exchange

2.1 The Gem Exchange will open for a 2-hour period at 08:00, 12:00, 16:00, and 20:00 each day. Gems can be exchanged while stocks last.

2.2 Obtain gems by trading volume. The details are outlined below.

Gem Required Trading Volume
Ruby 1,000 USDT
Emerald 3,000 USDT
Sapphire 9,000 USDT

3. Receive Gems from friends

By entering the UIDs, Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires can be gifted to your friends.


1) Users looking to exchange gems and chests should subscribe to each coin type in time.

2) After successful subscription, ensure that there is sufficient USDT in your Trading Account. KuCoin will deduct the total USDT used to purchase coins from 12:00:00 - 14:00:00 UTC on the next day. Once the deduction is successful, KuCoin will immediately issue the purchased coins to your Main Account.

3) KuCoin will make several deductions attempts during this period. If the deduction still fails, this will be regarded as a waiver of the purchase subscription.

4) The number of coins issued will be determined in accordance with a price snapshot of the COIN/USDT trading pair at 08:00:00 (UTC) on the day of deduction.

Event 2: Share up to 100,000 USDT in the KCS Price Boost

During the event, users can receive KCS price boost chances by completing corresponding tasks. For each boost, the price of KCS will be increased by 0.005 - 0.02 USDT. After the event ends, users will receive a share of the prize pool equal to their price boost contributions.

Base prize pool = 5,000 USDT + 200 KCS * Current Price of KCS

Final prize pool share = 5,000 USDT + 200 KCS * Final Boosted Price of KCS

*The maximum Boosted Price of KCS is 500USDT. After reaching 500USDT, users can continue to complete tasks.

*Boosted Price of KCS is a virtual price assisted by users participating in activities and has no impact on the price of KCS in the market.

Event 3: Participate in the Trading Volume Contest and Earn a Share of 100,000 USDT

Once the event ends, the top 50 users by trading volume will earn a share of 100,000 USDT in accordance with their ranking. Trading volume consumed during Event 1 will not be counted for the purposes of this event.

Ranking Leaderboard Rewards
1 5,000USDT+ 5,000 Futures trading fee deduction coupon
2 4,000USDT+ 4,000 Futures trading fee deduction coupon
3 3,000USDT+ 3,000 Futures trading fee deduction coupon
4-8 2,000USDT+ 2,000 Futures trading fee deduction coupon
9-15 1,000USDT+ 1,000 Futures trading fee deduction coupon
16-25 800USDT+ 800 Futures trading fee deduction coupon
26-50 520USDT+ 520 Futures trading fee deduction coupon


1. The trading volume of unregistered users will not be counted.

2. The trading volume = (Spot+ Margin + Leverage Tokens + Robot) trading volume*1+ KuCoin Futures trading volume*0.3

3. The trading volume of registered users will be updated once every 5 minutes.

4. Rewards received from the lucky draw will be issued to your account within 24 hours and can be found in My Bonus. Rewards for Event 3 will be distributed within 10 working days after the event ends.

5. For users who want to participate in this event, they are not allowed to register for other events. If multiple events are joined at the same time, KuCoin will only distribute the reward with the highest value.

6. Liquidity providers are prohibited from participating in the event. Sub-accounts cannot participate in the event independently. The trading volume of master accounts and all sub-accounts will be treated as one for the purposes of this event.

7. KuCoin will strictly review and disqualify any participants found to be cheating during registration or participation.

8. KuCoin reserves the right to the final interpretation of the event.


The KuCoin Team

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