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How do I calculate the liquidation price on KuCoin Futures?
To maintain a position, traders are required to hold a margin equal to a certain percentage of the position value, known as the maintenance margin rate. If the position margin does not meet the requirements of the maintenance margin rate, the position will be liquidated and the maintenance margin will be lost. You can view the maintenance margin rate of a contract from Contract Specification.
Impact of Funding Rate on Position PNL
Unlike delivery contracts, perpetual contracts do not require delivery or liquidation on expiration, meaning that they can be held in perpetuity. As there is no delivery, a mechanism is needed to ensure that the contract price and spot price are consistent. This mechanism is the funding rate. Put simply, perpetual contracts use the funding rate to anchor the contract price to the spot price.
How do I set a take profit/stop loss through a stop order?
Stop orders are triggered when the specified trigger price is reached. When triggered, they will open a position through limit order or market order. Stop orders can be used to set a take profit/stop loss, which frees you up from having to keep an eye on the market. Stop orders require you to manually set the trigger type and price, order type and price, and order quantity.

Why Trade Futures on KuCoin?

Safe and Transparent
Through leading technology, we ensure that each transaction is safe, secure, and transparent. Our Insurance Fund protects the safety of each and every transaction of all our users.
Exceptional Trading Experience
High liquidity for both perpetual and delivery contracts. Users can control risk through our feature-rich order management and trading system. Our platform provides a wealth of features such as deposits, transfers, and withdrawals to meet all the high-performance needs.
High-Performance Order Matching Engine
In a high-volume market that can be highly volatile, we use advanced order-matching technology to ensure all our users enjoy the smoothest and most reliable trading experience in the industry.
Comprehensive Customer Support
Our professional customer support team provides 24/7 online customer service in over 20 languages to ensure customer issues can be solved quickly and effectively.

What Our Users Think

From Indonesia
I joined in KuCoin Futures telegram group, there are so many events everyday, the group is friendly and helpful for me. Thanks KuCoin Futures Team.
From Indonesia
I traded at KuCoin futures at the beginning with 10$ only, and made a lot of money by short my positions when the market falls. I always recommend it to my friends, as well get many recommend rewards frequently.
From España
Abro mis posiciones"long"desde que estoy respaldado en usdt, en caso de caída de precio, el valor del soporte permanece Y mis posiciones cortas en los contratos BTC, pues si el precio sube mi respaldo, aumenta de precio y aleja mas mi precio de liquidacion Creo que esta tactica puede ser util para otros usuarios de KuCoin futures!
From Nigeria
My journey with KuCoin Futures has really been a lovely one. Most important to me is the realistic volumes. The prices are not manipulated and the liquidation prices are the most realistic, because KuCoin Futures doesn’t hunt or manipulate to my disadvantages.
From Korea
쿠멕스는 라이트 버전과 프로버전으로 나뉘어져 있어서 저같은 초보가 접근하기 편한 거 같습니다. 앞으로도 유동성을 확보해서 더 좋은 마진 거래 할 수 있도록 해주세요.
From Russia
Мой друг посоветовал мне торговать контрактами на KuCoin, это правда очень хороший опыт. Даже для таких новичков как я, очень легко начать. Плюс ко всему, KuCoin очень надежная платформа, я им верю

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What are the trading fees for KuCoin Futures?
The trading fees for KuCoin Futures are tiered based on your trading volume. To check your fee tier, look for the Trading Fees tab under Account Details. For instance, a VIP Lv. 0 Account incurs a flat 0.02% maker fee or a 0.06% taker fee on each futures trade. Interested in lower fees? Increase your KuCoin VIP Level for more fee privileges. For a comprehensive breakdown and how-to, check out the KuCoin Fee Structure.
How do I use the KuCoin Futures Calculator?
Refer to the Distribution Guide for more information on how to use the KuCoin Futures Calculator to quickly evaluate the estimated profits, liquidation prices, and closing prices of your open positions.
How do I check the profit and loss details for each of my futures trades?
Futures profit and losses are divided into two parts: unrealized PNL and realized PNL. Unrealized PNL is the floating PNL of an open position. The unrealized PNL of each open position can be easily viewed in the tab for the given position. Realized PNL is PNL that has been settled, which has already been added to or deducted from the user's balance. Realized PNL can be viewed under PNL History in your Futures Account.
How do I set up the KuCoin Futures API?
In your account, go to API Management. Under Futures API, click Create API. You will need to configure your security settings such as Google 2FA verification. Click here for more information.
How long can contracts be held for on KuCoin?
Contracts on KuCoin are divided into perpetual and delivery ones. Unless a liquidation is triggered, users can hold contracts on KuCoin for as long as they like. For delivery contracts, there will usually be a specific delivery date. Users can hold the delivery contracts for as long as they like prior to the delivery date.
What can I do to manage risks when trading futures?
KuCoin provides comprehensive risk management to help traders control loss and lock in profits. For example, set take profit and stop loss when holding orders or opening positions. Our high-quality position closing models help prevent situations in which user positions could carry negative balances. Refer to Risk Management for more information on how to control risks related to futures trading.
How does leverage work in KuCoin Futures?
KuCoin provides users with 0.1x to 100x leverage. Your leverage setting will also affect the margin required for opening a position. Different risk limits may also affect the maximum amount of leverage you can apply. Click here for more information.
How do I set up a Futures Trading Bot of my own?
You can access Trading Bot from the Home of the KuCoin mobile app or from the top navigation bar of the KuCoin website, then choose Futures Grid. Select the underlying asset you would like to trade and set the parameters, then start executing your strategy.
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