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2021/04/30 10:18:49

When it comes to thinking of new and different ways to utilize a technology like blockchain, many people think about its application in supply chain management or as a digital currency. What is often overlooked is its potential in the ever-in-demand gaming industry, which is where The Crypto Prophecies comes into the picture.

They look to bring story-driven gameplay to the space with their price prediction game, utilizing NFTs that let players customize their characters.

What Is The Crypto Prophecies?

The Crypto Prophecies is a zero-sum price prediction game. Gameplay revolves around decentralized, peer to peer prediction matches where players go head to head by placing wagers and casting spells based on the outcome of the candle chart. The winner of the match receives a portion of the wagered tokens.

How Does The Crypto Prophecies Work?

In a match, each player wagers their tokens before going head to head with another player. The match revolves around predicting how each 10 second candle closes, with the winner getting to attack their opponent.

Players take control of ‘Prophets’ that can use ‘Magic Items’, which each take the form of NFTs. It is possible to then increase their skills by mixing and matching different Magic Items with Prophets of different tiers. It is possible to burn a certain amount of NFTs in order to receive a higher tier prophet. 

In addition to these game modes, a daily draw is also held. Each match earns a player a ticket based on amount wagered and other factors. This means that the more games a player plays, and the higher the wagers placed, the more chances a player has at winning in the daily prize draw. 

Who Created The Crypto Prophecies?

The Crypto Prophecies was founded by a team of three. They are Paul Lindsell, Sergey Sudakov, and Philipe Comini.

Paul Lindsell has over 20 years experience working in the Fintech/Finance industry. He also brings a background in gaming and blockchain, having held many leading roles, including at an algorithmic cryptocurrency trading platform.

Sergey Sudakov has eight years under his belt from his time working in software development. While previously working at Sky, The Times, Ford, and IBM, Sergey got his start with blockchain in 2017, where he has remained since.

Philipe Comini boasts over 15 years experience in the art and design space. This includes working in the gaming and blockchain industries, where he also worked as a founder of a FinTech-Gaming focused company.

What Is The TCP Token?

TCP is an ERC-20 token that will power and bring value to the ecosystem. It is used for payment, governance and more on the platform.

The tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • Private Sale: 33.3%
  • Liquidity: 30%
  • Ecosystem: 13.2%
  • Development: 12%
  • Founding Team: 9.5%
  • SHO: 2%

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What Is The TCP Token Used For?

The TCP token has numerous uses in the ecosystem. First and foremost, it is used as the wager when taking part in PvP game modes. Next, it is used for purchasing NFTs on the platform. TCP will be given as prizes for the daily draws too.

In addition, holders of the token can also gain access to special events and tournaments. Finally, it is used as the governance token, meaning holders will play a part in leading the project forward.

Closing Thoughts

The Crypto Prophecies combines gaming with crypto and NFTs, offering a more story-driven price prediction experience. While it is a simple profit-earning game on the surface, it also uses gamification to teach the fundamentals of reading candle charts - a must in the crypto world.

The concept is certainly very interesting, with a unique artstyle and story built around it. With interest in NFTs and blockchain gaming reaching new heights, The Crypto Prophecies may just be one of the best gaming experiences available in the space.

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