Metaverse ABCs: Ultra Changes the Paradigm of Game Publishing Platform

2021/12/17 11:04:38

The gaming industry is abundant with convenient ways for users to find and install new games, mods, and software through services made for digital content delivery, such as app stores. Steam, Apple, and Google Play Store are undoubtedly the most popular services in this space. Over the decades, the success and emergence of these platforms have laid the foundation for users’ demand for ease-of-use and seamless purchasing experiences that these platforms provide.

However, the widespread success of these services and platforms has led the gaming industry to be highly monopolized, where developers are finding it very hard to sell their upcoming games and software outside of these stores. They often fall victim to high commission fees and lose custody of their own customers and users.

Moreover, as the number of games exponentially increases within these platforms, the saturation and abundance of games are making it quite difficult for gamers and users to find the right kind of content. The existing system of the gaming industry is quite unfair because most of the money made goes to intermediaries such as app stores, social networks, and more.

Interestingly, the solution lies in blockchain technology. Ultra is an upcoming blockchain-based, first-class PC game publishing platform and marketplace that aims to break the distribution monopoly and empower both players and developers.

What Is Ultra?

Ultra is an emerging PC game publishing platform and marketplace that empowers players and developers by decentralizing the distribution process thanks to blockchain technology. Unlike Steam, the most popular PC game publishing platform, where developers have to pay a heavy tax by sharing 30% of the revenue earned and aren’t provided with any marketing tools, Ultra helps developers earn 21% more sales revenues and provides access to a range of new business and marketing tools.

Ultra enables developers with the flexibility of a rewarding custom-built platform without spending millions of dollars and years on research, development, and maintenance. By establishing their platform on blockchain technology, Ultra ensures that users on the platform can make instant nano-payments and benefit from features such as proof of ownership, transaction transparency, and more that allows Ultra to decentralize game publishing and provide more control to developers while also keeping gamers intrigued and financially incentivized.

Existing blockchain solutions for gaming ecosystems didn’t have the technology to handle the next-generation gaming ecosystem. The solutions were either too slow, unreliable or downright complex. Interestingly, Ultra developed an ecosystem that serves as a gaming ecosystem that developers can leverage to bolster their businesses and games and where players can continue having fun by playing these games and making a living.

Ultra’s blockchain serves as the perfect medium for the upcoming generation of gaming ecosystem thanks to its ease of use and reliability, low operational cost, no transaction fees, no onboarding fees, and most importantly, very high throughput.

How Does Ultra Work?

The Ultra ecosystem is based on a revolutionary turnkey blockchain solution that will initiate the birth of the next-generation gaming and entertainment industry. The Ultra blockchain protocol is based on EOSIO, a next-generation blockchain technology that can handle up to 100,000 transactions per second. The EOSIO blockchain also allows anyone to create accounts, allows the platform to be run without any transaction fee, and efficiently allocates resources.

Moreover, the Ultra blockchain is flexible, capable of inter-blockchain communication, and, most importantly, eco-friendly. With a transaction confirmation speed of three seconds, the Ultra protocol can efficiently handle an entire ecosystem.

The Ultra ecosystem is composed of the following:

· Ultra games: the platforms blockchain-powered games distribution platform.

· Ultra Games Dev Center: A self-services game developer platform where developers can manage and publish their games.

· Ultra NFT: An NFT marketplace.

· Ultra Wallet: Ultra’s very own cryptocurrency and NFT wallets with cross-chain asset swap capabilities.

· Ultra Authenticator: Ultra’s universal blockchain transaction manager.

· Ultra Cloud: Ultra’s software development kit for games and apps.

· Ultra Chronos: Ultra’s blockchain history database.

What is UOS Token?

UOS is the platform’s main utility token that users can use to purchase games, virtual items, NFTs, and services in the Ultra ecosystem. The UOS token empowers the Ultra ecosystem by enabling efficient and transparent value transfer between stakeholders, developers, influencers, and players. Additionally, users can stake their UOS tokens to gain rewards such as free games, swag, and exclusive content.

UOS/UST Price Chart on the Daily Timeframe | Source: KuCoin

UOS tokens are being traded for $1.4452 at the time of writing. Ranked 152th in the market, Ultra has a market cap of $408 million with an impressive daily trading volume of $1.35 million. Ultra tokens have a circulating supply of 283million $UOS tokens out of its total supply of 1 billion $UOS tokens.

If we look at the weekly price chart, the UOS token has finally come out of the consolidation and is up more than 67% this week alone. If you’re interested in getting your hands on UOS tokens, you can get them on the KuCoin exchange today.

Closing Thoughts

Ultra is a revolutionary platform that is on course to change the gaming industry with its ecosystem and decentralized game distribution platform. With current partnerships between Ultra and upcoming blockchain games such as The Sandbox, Ultra could serve as a monument for both the blockchain gaming industry and the PC gaming industry.

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