Louis Vuitton Drops High-end NFT Collection, De[id] v0.1 Web3 Profiles in Focus

2023/06/12 02:32:03

Date: June 2 - June 9, 2023

In this NFT recap, we'll delve into all the essential developments in the NFT space over the past week, ensuring you stay informed and up-to-date on the latest happenings. NFT is all about attention, and attention shifts quickly! There are many updates and excitement to share on this week’s NFT Market Recap. We hope you enjoy :) 👇

📈Market Overview

🔑Key Takeaways

  • The past week in the market witnessed notable developments across several NFT projects. Mutant Apes faced a considerable price reduction due to an airdrop farmer offloading many tokens. Both the Heavy Metal and Board Ape Kennel Club projects managed to pique interest by unveiling new features and developing their respective backstories.
  • Looking at the broader categories, the Game sector experienced the most significant growth over the past seven days, with a 6.7% increase, followed by PFPs at 4.2%. Meanwhile, Metaverse NFTs saw the most significant decrease, dropping 1.4%.
  • Trading Volume: NFT volumes remain on the rise this week, with most NFT sales taking place via Blend, indicating increased user familiarity and availability of collections.
  • Fluf (hiFLUF) saw the highest growth in floor price over the past seven days, with an increase of 18.0%, followed by Fidenza (hiFIDENZA) and Doodles (hiDOODLES), which grew by 16.0% and 13.0% respectively. On the other hand, The Sandbox Land and CoolCats experienced the most significant decreases in floor price, dropping by 10.0% and 12.0%, respectively.

🗞️Major NFT Headlines

  • SEC Files Lawsuits Against Binance US and Coinbase.
  • Louis Vuitton Makes a Splash with High-End NFT Drop "Treasure Trunks" Taking a Shot at Nike.
  • Fidenza #545 Fetches 625 ETH ($1.17M) in 5th Highest Sale Ever in ETH Terms.
  • Blur to Revamp Points System to Discourage Bid Farming and Reward Genuine Risk-Takers
  • Excitement Builds for Memeland‘s Ecosystem on the Upcoming Launch of ERC-20 and BRC-20 Tokens.
  • Yuga Releases Teaser Video Featuring HV-MTL and BAKC, Announces Launch of HV Viewer at garage.hv-mtl.com.
  • RTFKT Partners with Talent Agency CAA to Expand IP into Film and TV.
  • Prominent BAYC Trader and Blur Farmer Franklin Join NFT Inspect Council with Elenaa and Wale.
  • Mercedes NXT Launches Genesis Mint "Maschine".
  • Dust Labs Founder Frank DeGods Teases Exciting Features in de[id] v0.1: Unique Wallet Authentication, Twitter Integration, and Enhanced Web3 Profiles.

🚀De[id] v0.1: Reshaping the Web3 Landscape with Twitter Integration, and User-Centric Profiles

Key Takeaways

  • Degods and y00ts became more desirable to hold among Web 3 marketers as Dust Labs, the creator behind Blue-Chip NFT Degods and Y00ts, has launched de[id] v0.1, aiming to enhance user interaction and followings for its holders within the Web3 ecosystem.
  • The platform provides advanced wallet authentication for Ethereum, Polygon, and Bitcoin and introduces wallet delegation to improve security.
  • Twitter integration fosters community interaction with DeGods and y00ts NFT communities.
  • The upcoming de[id] v1.0 could offer a more personalized and user-centric web3 profile environment.
  • The launch of de[id] represents a shift towards prioritizing decentralization, security, and community engagement in online interactions.

This integration creates a streamlined experience for users to interact and engage with the NFT communities of DeGods and y00ts. It's a move that fosters a sense of community and adds a social aspect to the traditionally isolated domain of cryptocurrency and NFT trading. The feature is particularly advantageous for newcomers to the NFT space, who can now conveniently discover and connect with like-minded individuals and groups.

Looking forward to the promised v1.0 of de[id], Frank DeGods hinted at a more user-centric web3 profile environment. While the specifics of this development remain under wraps, it signals a shift towards prioritizing user experience and personalization within the Web3 environment. It could include customizable profiles, more efficient networking tools, or enhanced user security.

Overall, unveiling de[id] v0.1 from Dust Labs is a significant step in the continuous evolution of Web3 and the NFT landscape. It addresses some of the pressing concerns of the industry and paves the way for a more interconnected and user-centric digital ecosystem. The platform's integration of wallet authentication, Twitter connectivity, and the prospect of a more personalized Web3 profile environment offers a glimpse into the future of how users will navigate and interact within the Web3 space.

Ultimately, de[id] and its forthcoming updates reflect the shifting paradigms of online interaction, where decentralization, security, and community engagement are becoming increasingly important. It's a testament to Dust Labs' commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the Web3 ecosystem and creating a more accessible and secure environment for all users.

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