KuCoin Metaverse AMA With Mechaverse (MC) — Mechalize Everything & Metalize Everything

2022/09/02 15:49:16

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: September 2, 2022, 13:00 PM - 14:57 PM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the CDO of Mechaverse, Iwai Lincoln, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: https://mechaverse.cc

Whitepaper: https://docs.mechaverse.cc/mechaverse

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Iwai Lincoln — Mechaverse CDO

Q&A from KuCoin

Q: May you introduce yourself, the background of the Mechaverse project, and the characteristics of this GameFi?

Lincoln: My name is Iwai Lincoln. You can call me Lincoln! I'm the CDO of Mechaverse and was the CEO of SHOEI Asia, the third largest printing company in Japan, for five years. Since 2013, I have participated in the development and services of many well-known Japanese game companies such as Nintendo, SQUARE ENIX, BANDAI NAMCO, and From Software. Responsible for visual design and UI design, participated in developing "Final Fantasy," "Dark Souls," and other games.

Mechaverse is a Meta-Dimensional Strategy GameFi in the era of Web3 with the NFT authorization of many well-known Japanese IPs.

Take a sneak peek into the game!

Q: How is the game progressing so far? When will NFTs and games be released?

Lincoln: Mechaverse has been operating since 2021 and has won multiple financing rounds in more than a year. Now it is in the testing stage of the game demo version. In addition, Mechaverse's first evasion game 'Mecha Fight' was officially launched in mid-August.

I still remember that around late 2020 and early 2021, people were inside, the pandemic was still ongoing, and there wasn't much to do. People were creating NFT collections left and right. Anything you touched turned to gold. You had these whitelist giveaways. These groups called themselves play-to-earn experts who were minting NFTs without game-development experience. They didn't know how to develop a game, but that was the buzzword. The cool thing to say was: "We're an NFT group, and we're building a play-to-earn game." Now you're starting to see less and less of that. Most of the scammers are gone, and that's good. I think a lot of them got wiped out by the crypto crash.

We are still building our product, and we will launch the Genesis NFT in early September, and the Japanese Mecha Gacha will be officially launched in early and mid-September. The Mechaverse game will also be officially launched in mid-October.

Q: Any NFT issuance plan? What are the rights and interests of Mecha Genesis AstroBoy NFT?

Lincoln: In the next NFT issuance plan, we will release the Genesis AstroBoy NFT based on Ethereum 4907 protocol in early September 2022.

Our Genesis NFT collection will offer its holders a wide array of benefits both in the short and long term. Most notably, holders of a Genesis NFT will hold a 'golden ticket,' acting as a right of early access to the game, enjoying the airdrop of both $MC tokens and Mecha NFTs.

We will release 7,500 BSC-based NFTs for the game in October, which can enter the main game as heroes to participate in game entertainment. We will also conduct joint NFT sales with well-known communities and top IPs.

Q: Why did you start this project?

Lincoln: Our vision for Mechaverse is to build up a comprehensive Web3 & IP-metaverse entertainment gateway for all the ordinary users from the Web2 world and transform famous Web2 animation IPs to Web3 world individuals as much as possible. That is also where our slogan 'Mechalize everything & Metalize everything' came from. We keep establishing deeper cooperation with well-known IP authors, holders, and institutions worldwide to fulfill our vision. Besides, we provide a sustainable ecosystem of GameFi entertainment.

As a Japanese Web3 entertainment platform, Mechaverse will soon launch four (4) games, including the Auto Chess game, Battle Royale game, 3D Fighting game, and UFO Catcher. Our NFTs will be keys to experience and connect all those entertainment Game-Fis in Mechaverse Labs eco. First, of course, are the keys to earning. There are also more than three (3) new game productions in the design and development process.

Q: What does the economic model of Mechaverse look like?

Three (3) kinds of tokens exist in the Mechaverse ecosystem — $MC, $MM, and $MG.

$MC is our governance token, with a maximum supply of 200,000,000. Here’s the allocation:

Seed round: 3.3%

Institutional Round (A): 8%

Kucoin IEO: 3%

Team: 13%

Marketing: 5%

Play-to-Earn & Staking: 59.70%

IP Consultants: 3.5%

Advisor: 2.5%

Liquidity Pool: 2%

To better fulfill our committed vision, the token portion of all teams and seed rounds is locked. In particular, the team's part will be released linearly after 12 months.

The part of Play-to-Earn & Staking will occupy 55.95% as we think our community is the most valuable asset in our project.

$MM, on the other hand, is our game token. It is issued indefinitely, but the balance between production and consumption is the premise of game design, while its stability is the basis for normal operation.

Players can acquire NFT by holding NFT in the game world. Followed-up by official airdrops, grabbing from Gashapon Doll Machines, and buying mystery boxes through $MC.

In our PvE mode, players can organize their heroes to fight the aliens on the invasion route. The winners will be rewarded with $MM!

In the PVP modes, there is more competition between players. Thus, the win rate will improve the player's ranking on the leaderboard. In addition, each player will receive a reward corresponding to their rank. To win, the players must be familiar with the hero system and explore and master it. In addition, players must understand their mech heroes' strengths and weaknesses, learn the best formation and make a strong team.

$MM is used for a series of consumptions such as purchasing NFT, purchasing equipment, upgrading NFT, and rising star NFT in the game. Therefore, our NFTs are mainly determined by $MM in the secondary marketplace, so you can understand $MC as used for purchasing our NFTs during the initial launch.

$MM, in addition, is the token for the p2e rewards, and you can use it for purchasing NFT, equipment, upgrading NFT, rising star NFT, and more.

$MG is the second game token for playing the mini-games Mecha Fight and Mecha Gacha. Players can grab an NFT by playing the gashapon machine. There are two (2) ways to obtain $MG: airdrops from active community users, and players can use $ MC to buy $MG.

So join our community activities and get $MG! It's more like the community tokens rewards to our loyal members, and players can also enjoy our games with their friends!

Auto Chess is one of the gameplays you can enjoy with your family and friends. Eight players compete on the same stage with different strategies and reasonable tactics. They will select heroes from a shared random card pool and build their battle camp. Heroes will perform fully automatic attacks, and players will achieve the ultimate victory through excellent strategies and games.

To showcase the main gameplay of the current card game development, along with other gameplays will be developed, kindly watch this promotional video.

Q: Introduce some of your token economic models in detail.

Lincoln: To reiterate, we have in-game tokens called $MM and $MG and the governance token $MC. The in-game and governance tokens reward players, enhance gameplay and build an economic platform for $MCs.

$MC allows players to swap between token types in-game as needed easily. Players earn in-game tokens when completing each mission. In addition, players spend in-game tokens on repairing or upgrading their NFTs according to their game strategy.

Our economic model can effectively prevent the occurrence of disturbances, and the supply of economic models and the use of available models are more advanced.

$MG is a game token for playing the mini-games Mecha Fight and Mecha Gacha. Players can grab NFT by playing the gashapon machine. There are two (2) ways to obtain $MG: airdrops from active community users, and players can use $MC to buy $MG.

For the healthy and long-term operation of the game, we hired highly-specialized experts to design an economic model.

Q: What are the highlights and differences between Mechaverse and other GameFi projects?


Our advantages include:

Genuine Japanese IP authorization.

An original economic model of NFT+3 tokens.

Well-made NFTs.

High-quality art style.

An excellent game team.

Diverse gameplay (gashapon doll machine, battle royale, auto chess, and card game).

We will develop a game series to support the game's value.

We will also set up an anime fans & authors party in November in Tokyo. Mecha Genesis NFT holders would have a chance to win the lottery rewards like anime IP original manuscript, Mechaverse PVC Figures, and meeting up with IP authors in person.

Free-Ask from KuCoin Community

Q: Do you have any Mechaverse Volunteer programs?

Lincoln: We have a volunteer program. To give full play to the enthusiasm and creativity of volunteers, bring vitality and greater influence to the Mechaverse community, and better count and allocate the reward that volunteers should receive, the core development team tries to propose a Mechaverse Community Volunteer Program. This pilot scheme will be continuously optimized and adjusted.

Kindly see our Medium Blog Post.

Interested? Apply now!

Q: Where can I get the latest updates about the Mechaverse project?

Lincoln: You can get the latest info on all our social media sites! Here are they:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/metamechaverse

Medium: https://medium.com/@Metamechaverse

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/MetaMechaverse

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/FY8maA4Ugt

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvvxdRZtx7RTAMfRMZbp-EQ

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mechaverse_war

Q: Which feature will you use to convince people that this is a genuine project, not a bubble?

Lincoln: The vesting period for the team will take twelve (12) months. This mechanism aligns the interests of the team and the community, and only the healthy development of the project can benefit both parties!

Q: Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community?

Lincoln: We always consider the community the most valuable asset in our project and value community advice. And $MG is the game token that we reward our loyal members. Join the community events and win the $MG

Q: Can we start playing your four (4) games with small investment? Will there be any discounts or benefits for early adopters?

Lincoln: Players can acquire NFT by holding NFT in the game world through following-up official airdrops, grabbing from gashapon doll machines, and buying mystery boxes; we will conduct a round of NFT sales with an estimated number of 7,500.

PvE: You can organize your heroes to fight the aliens on the invasion route. You will be rewarded with $MM if you can defeat these aliens.

The higher the level of difficulty, the greater the benefit.

The higher the hero’s level, the greater the benefit.

PvP: The more players know about Mecha Heroes, the more likely they will win and get rewards.

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