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2021/11/29 09:58:18

Imagine a world where you don’t have to travel to get your things done, you don’t have to go to school or work, or even to the extreme, board a spaceship to visit the moon or other planets.

You need not worry. Victoria VR has brought us a world where you can safely visit anywhere at any time that you feel like it. It has successfully blended the real world with the virtual world and added a financial aspect to make it more exciting and rewarding.

What is Victoria VR?

Victoria VR is an online metaverse, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with realistic graphics on an unrealistic engine powered by blockchain technology. Victoria VR is created and owned by its users and is the first blockchain-based MMORPG.

Victoria VR turns the world into a universal platform and an NFT paradise where you can experience travel, education, gaming, rest, entertainment, commerce, and eventually live. It has transformed the old narrative of the play-to-earn model into a never-ending live-to-earn model economy and rewards users and stakers.

A vast and ever-expanding decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) controls Victoria VR world with the native VR token used to govern it.

Victoria VR Token

As mentioned earlier, the Victoria VR ecosystem is run by its native VR token. Users use the VR token to buy all the ecosystem’s virtual items: land, resources, tickets, and NFTs.

There are several ways to acquire the VR token: the presale, trading, or mining by participating in quests, exploring the Victoria VR virtual world, participating in promotional giveaways, and so on. The VR token holders form the DAO, who play a role in the operations and future development of Victoria VR.

How does Victoria VR Work?

Victoria VR works by creating a virtual economy of its own. Traditional businesses find locations within the economy to sell and promote their virtual and real goods and services. The same way you own real estate in the real world is how you purchase VR land and create your virtual elements. With the easy to use builder tools, you can build anything of your imagination.

The other way is through the sale of NFTs. NFTs under Victoria VR are not just for aesthetic value or decorative purposes; they are functional. These are digital assets that represent a wide variety of items. Here you can create, sell or own your NFT, bringing highly coveted advantages. For example, they can produce more VR tokens for you when you sell them at a profit. In addition, in the Victoria VR world, you can modify, combine or entirely create new NFTs.

Users can trade NFT’s in the TheBigMarketVR, the biggest 3D marketplace for all NFT’s. The market has made NFT trade more ambitious like never seen before. In the market, all 2D NFTs are added in another dimension making them 3D. We also have the VR Gallery, a virtual gallery where you can explore other people’s art or publish your own.

For the fun lovers, you are not left out either. You can use Victoria VR to access the best professional and user-generated VR games and videos. Furthermore, as you have your fun in the Victoria VR world, you can earn more rewards that you will use to unlock more exciting features elsewhere within the VR world.

Stakers are equally not let out in Victoria VR. Users in this platform can stake their money and earn up to 18% per annum. Proceeds from staking can be used to buy land, houses NFTs making the cycle continue.

Victoria VR’s economy is never-ending and has a deflationary locking system. The system is self-sustainable because users earn tokens either through staking or engaging in activities on the platform and spend the same on the platform. More users in the platform mean demand for the VR Tokens while stakers lower the supply reaping big in the process.

Who are the Founders of Victoria VR?

Victoria VR was founded by CEO Ondřej Dobruský and COO Adam Bém. The CEO is a technological expert experienced in different fields; 16 years inventing new technologies, solutions, and applications, 11 years of leadership and dream team assembling, and eight years as a Gaming and Virtual Reality enthusiast and developer.

The COO Adam Bém is a tech entrepreneur, blockchain expert and virtual Reality propagator. He has more than five years of experience with strategic and project planning and blockchain technology. He has successfully led two technological projects with automated trading algorithm development and a cyber security team.

What Makes Victoria VR Unique?

The fully scalable and upgradeable platform in Victoria VR was made possible by a combination of several newly created technologies. It is also a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. VR token holders and VR landowners control Victoria VR. They take part in the policies that govern how the world behaves.

Additionally, Victoria VR has shifted the traditional model from the Play-2-Earn model into a Live-2-Earn model that creates a cyclic motivating economy with rewards to its users and stakers. We can also all agree that its graphics are second to none. They are realistically rendered with the latest unreal engine giving the ideal virtual reality experience.

Lastly, Victoria VR is a world on its own, attracting a wide range of users. Nearly everything available in the real world is available here, from business to leisure. So everybody has something to take part in.

Who are the Partners of Victoria VR

Right from birth, Victoria VR has forged partnerships, some with the market leaders in the gaming and the virtual reality industry.

Victoria VR recently raised $5.5m from Dominance Ventures, Non Fungible Fund, Wave Financial, Neon, DAOMaker, Altered Ventures and others to build their blockchain-enabled VR metaverse with embedded P2E mechanics and a U/X designed to onboard the next billion users.

Final Thoughts

Victoria VR has created for us a world within a world. With its robust ecosystem and the financial incentives advanced to its users, it is bound to attract more and more users. That eventually will foster a more profound connection in the virtual and the physical space.

With a taste of the effects of COVID-19, Victoria VR and similar platforms might just offer the possible solutions to such and related effects. You will be able to interact in this world even during the lockdown, get jobs, make connections and explore as much as you wish. As Victoria VR puts it, your imagination is the only limitation.

Last but not least, KuCoin will list Victoria VR (VR) as a KuCoin 16th spotlight on November 29. Let's wait and see it.

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